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    The net-name's Sock Cottonwell.

    I have some nice folk in my head who I like talking to.

    I'm digging deep in to my heart, hoping to understand more about myself, and the life I lead.


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  1. Requesting permanent ban. No worries, it's nothing to do with you guys, but I have to make some life changes, and cutting ties here is part of it. Peace to you all.
  2. I got lucky, it seems. I was having some issues with depersonalization for a while, and got prescribed Abilify and Xanax. It had little to no effect on my thought folk, while helping to decrease my symptoms. Weird when skimming through this account.
  3. Depersonalized [video=youtube] Depersonalization, that's apparently what I've been suffering from for all this time. Greets again folks. I only just started coming back by, and felt the need to give an update to the few people who were keeping up with this. After all, my log is kind of messy, and there was a ton of confusing events I went through over the past few years. I'm recovering though, and by that I mean I' actually taking medication and seeing a specialist for my particular set of issues. It was high time I did that: One bad habit I had was hiding things and trying to dea
  4. It was about time I did another Wall like this. It's Midori this time around. Also more Yoko.
  5. http://pocketmirror-project.tumblr.com/ Pocket Mirror...honestly just posting this in the thread is a huge spoiler for the game, but I feel it is worthwhile to go through.
  6. "I call him Papa, cuz that's what he is to me." ~ Yoko She started calling me that before I actually accepted being called that. It took some time and adjustment.
  7. Now that's a sizeable guide. Intimidating, even. I'll have to read this in chunks and post later on. Just had to comment on the size of the thing, though.
  8. https://s19.postimg.org/edhnpi86b/UTomo_Beast.png[/img] Revisiting another older sketch from the thread. This one is of Tomo and a big gentle monster. Cliche, I know, but still charming.
  9. When it comes to my decreased posting, frankly, I was waiting for things to cool down, both on the board and in myself. Some issues with the forum months back made it nearly unbrowsable for me, and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth each time I tried to come back. I was annoyed just being here, so I decided to leave for a while and come back only when I felt comfortable enough with the board's atmosphere to really put in my word about the phenomenon. That, and frankly, I've been sick and had to take care of that before I could really do anything of worth community-wise, or even tulpa-w
  10. Looks like the broken links were only a temporary thing. Liira's back to being her lovely self again~. To be serious, I haven't given too much thought to imgur, if felt a bit too heavy and bloated, and wanted something light and simple. Maybe I'm misguided in there, though. Postimg.org seems pretty reliable, but I also thought the same thing about dumpyourphoto.com Also, I just realized that this thread is little over a year old now. Groovy~!
  11. [align=center] I took one of my older sketches and played around with it. This was the result. It's been a long time since I did artwork of Moetron anyway.[/align]
  12. [align=center] Wanted to draw Liira so I did.[/align]
  13. There was a time when I was of a similar mind to this. Where I got the idea in my head that because my tup responded to my sexual addictions with desire to participate, that she was some mind of evil being. But I thankfully soon learned just how daft such an idea is. Tulpa are made from you. They are designed, built up, and made out of the intangible stuff that makes you you. As such, they can and will inherit habits, vices, addiction, etc that you have. This doesn't happen 100% of the time, but it does happen often enough. I've seen tups who have aggressive hosts become aggressive. I
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