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  1. Hey, I need to post something here...
  2. I'm quite busy, I decided I didn't really have enough time to keep up with a progress report. Though, I guess I should probably copy/paste that into there. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, that I am actually making a large series of music about my adventures in my wonderland called City In The Subconscious. I'm pretty exited for it. I already finished the first song in about three hours: https://soundcloud.com/douglas-the-awesome-official/wonder "Congrats on the progress, I've never heard of someone who could do visualization, but had next to no control over it. Very strange, but interes
  3. Hey, I'm back! Sorry that I went inactive for a while. I've been so absorbed in other stuff that I completely forgot about this place, which I find funny since I'm still active in tulpamancy. Anyway, great news, I finally started successfully visualizing for the first time a few days ago, after trying as hard as I possibly could ever since the beginning of last summer! Before then, I literally could not maintain even the most basic image, but I figured out how to fix it. I think it's only a personal solution though. I simply whipped out a notebook, put on some choice songs that I r
  4. Dooooo dooo doodoododododododoododoooooodoodoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tracey eyes
  5. Did I make a post about how my Discord bot has a random dad joke generator yet?
  6. I'll make a what? My friend keeps telling me to hack the FCC. Python really is not the best language for that though XD
  7. "A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that is constructed using public wires — usually the Internet — to connect remote users or regional offices to a company's private, internal network." So... do what? DISCLAIMER: I'm a programmer, not a network engineer. I have no idea how the crap internet works.
  8. I always type just as jsut, and it really bugs me...
  9. The coolest part about making electronic music is that if somebody ever doubts your insanity, you can prove it leaving no room whatsoever for disbelief. My music is so freaking weird. Have you ever noticed that the word weird is spelled weird? Shouldn't it be wierd?
  10. This is a screenshot I took of me synthesizing a single trumpet: This is what I do all day. It's fun. (And yes, I use Linux, not Windows or Crapple)
  11. So, with Tulpas, we can train our brains to see our tulpas, both with imposition and visualization. Do you think we could do the same with sounds? I think we can, but I don't know how we would do it. I am super interested in this for three reasons: 1. I am a rogue musician. I am interested in anything music, no matter how insane. 2. Famous musicians like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven (I can't remember which ones) have records that show that it is quite likely that they had Chromesthesia. I am really struggling melodically and I have been for a long time, and I think this may be
  12. This thread keeps ramping up in popularity...
  13. IT'S OVER 9000 Oh wait, it isn't... IT'S UNDER 9000
  14. About six to eight hours. Most people take a large amount of time making songs to make sure they sound good, and that's their downfall. I only spent a 6-12 hours per song at first unlike most, and my songs were terrible at first. BUT, I was making significantly more music than the people who spent multiple weeks (or maybe even months) per song, so I improved at a phenomenal rate. That is why I can make decent songs in just a few hours, even with just three years of experience, though it's more like one year because the first two years was wandering around blindly because I wasn't allowed
  15. Shameful. Actually, not really because I'm doing it as well. Here's a cowbell-only song I made: https://soundcloud.com/douglas-the-awesome-official/i-am-the-cowbell-king I was challenged to make an entire song using nothing but a single cowbell sample. Somehow, it turned into a pretty... interesting... but strangely good song.
  16. Another unrelated post because I really need the bathroom right now so I don't want to spend the time reading but I want to post right now
  17. I'm too lazy to read what you guys have been saying because I have a headache, so I'll just put a completely unrelated post here.
  18. Wow, three posts ago must be some kind of new language or something
  19. How can you like school? It's literally seven forced daily hours where you don't have a reason to live. More like overhyped prison camp.
  20. Our school was having a very important assembly. I was told that if you have no school spirit if you skip it. So I decided the honest thing to do would be to skip the assembly. Wouldn't want to give anybody any wrong ideas.
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