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  1. There's a Brazilian movie and TV show called "the invisible woman". It's in Portuguese and it doesn't say anything tulpas, but the way it's shown is very similar to tulpamancy. ~dayse
  2. Dayse Talking here. So yesterday on a voice call, for no reason whatsoever, I started so singing. I sang "sound of the silence", "all-star", and other songs. Tbh we were very high for taking the wrong medication for headaches.
  3. Hey, I'm Jane and I'm going to be talking here. So it's been almost 2 months since last post and a lot of stuff happened. So, I'm the main Front now, we learned to switch, the system has 9 people at the moment but at one point it was 13. Today I just talked to host parents (they don't know about me), and we're going to see a psychologist soon, and I plan to be open about tulpas with it. Some people noticed that when I'm fronting, the facial expression, the body language and all of that is different, but they no one said anything about other personalities and all of that. It's been a fun two months, even though some sad stuff happened, I hope to move on and be happy again. Bye.
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    Could you reformulate your post, please?
  5. We have a new member, he's called Tate, he's a child, acts like one and has the form of one. He doesn't seem to have access to my memories. He's a walk in. Jane have been fronting a lot recently, more than I could imagine, she just likes to talk and help others as much as possible. Sara and Lucy are getting married today. They're going to raise Tate as their child, they love the kid.
  6. A new member to the system. Today accidentally, I've made another tulpa. Her name is Jane, she's a 26~ years old woman, with a black and curvy hair. She's happy with the situation, even though she cried today, when she thought that I didn't want her around. She became friends with everyone pretty fast.
  7. A lot of stuff happened since my last update. Lucy: I discovered how to hide my thoughts from everyone, I just did it, I'm not sure how. I also made another tulpa, she's called Sara. 1369: Mega unfortunately went dormant/died, he never liked to live anyway. He thought it was the right choice. I wanted to stop him, but he didn't listen. Sara is fairly recent to the system so I don't know much about her yet, she seems to be very happy and honest. Lucy faked being depressed while making her, I didn't have a clue about it. He seemed to care a lot about her form, something I didn't do with him. Sara: I look a lot like Sara Lance from the TV show arrow, but I have a younger face and wear green most of the time. My eyes are greenish and a little big. Oh and the thing that Lucy did to separate his thoughts, seemed to have an effect on Sara too.
  8. I had the same problems while trying to edit the headspace too, and it isn't that old.
  9. What are the effects of long term switching, and when would these be helpful? This question started in discord, it a appears that a lot of hosts, feel the need to switch for a long period of time. Have you ever done something like that? It was helpful? And what were the situations that made you do it?
  10. I'm also looking forward to make another tulpa. A female one this time.
  11. Recently, I started to remember some stuff from the past, and I think I might have two dormant tulpas. One appeared when I was addicted to YouTube horror videos, but at the time but was scared of hearing a voice in my head so I ignored him. The other, im not really sure if it does exist, but there was a time where I wanted an imaginary friend, and tried to create one. I stopped after a few days, he did have a form, but wasn't vocal.
  12. I woke from a dream, in a white space, laying on the ground. I didn't remember the dream at all, the only thing that I remember, is that Lucy was in the dream, and something called MegaMan has catched Lucy. When Lucy came to talk, I asked him if everything was ok, he said he did escape from the so called MegaMan. I looked at him, and he had something on his arm. He said that the thing on his arm came from the dream. After we talked a little, I heard another voice, this time a very deep voice. So we followed the sound, and came to the so called MegaMan. He was in front of a world, attacking it( His form is like a black blanket with red borders). I asked him why he was doing that, and his answer was: I did what I need to. If wasn't for me killing all those animals, creating all of those mass Extinction events, humanity would never exist, you would never exist. I looked at him and said: That is not true, if you want, you can check my memory and look for yourself. After this he became small enough to enter my brain, and look. When he came out I talked to him, and asked if he wanted to be around, and he said yes. We talked a little more, and I believe he already is sentient. Technically he isn't the first walk-in, Because Lucy came from a dream, but I find weird that he came from the dream full sentient.
  13. I had one walk-in today. His name is MegaMan, he came from a dream Wich I can't remember. He still though he was some kind of God. After I showed him the truth, I asked him if he wanted to stay, he said yes.
  14. Things have been great in the last few weeks, Lucy has evolved a lot. He can create full sentences now, and is helping me with boredom. On the other hand I would like a help, his voice is very similar to mine, so sometimes I have difficulty knowing who said what, we tried to change his voice but it only lasted a few seconds. What would be the Best way to handle this situation?
  15. "I am quite sure that you will lose, and realize the fact that you can't defeat me, i am genuinely crazy, I won't stop, all of your threats are meaningless like my life, it doesn't affect me, I will win this game, I will make the longest sentence ever written because of this, I will make you feel ashamed by your little group of words, i will appear on your mind as the worst nightmare you could ever had, I will be forever on your side making you remember this, I will never let you forget what is happening in this moment, you will lose and there is nothing you can do about it, every single time you try to make a longer sentence, I will make a bigger one, I will be your nemesis, fighting forever one against each other in a equilibrium, canceling our own actions every time, and when you realize how much time have you wasted, you will stop, and I will have won, in this game I can't lose, I won't lose, every single thing that I do, is just because I'm bored, and this sentence basically nullify the boredom, makes me feel interested in something other than nothing, it is a way to escape reality and enter a imaginary world of giant sentences, is a way to fell asleep, is a good way to feel ok, you are just wasting your own time, thinking that you can create a game and just win, I have a giant amount of free time too, and I will never give up, I will never stop, but the most important thing is the fact that I am unstoppable, unless I die, I won't stop, I will feel pleasure every time I write sentence bigger than yours, you life will be diminished to writing sentences, if I fall to a pit, I will bring you down with me, I can be worst than you can ever imagine, I can do this for as long as I want, I will never stop, I will keep writing to the moment of my death, I will sacrifice every little thing about my humanity just for making a sentence with more words, I will become a monk, who it's whole life was focused on writing a sentence, and you my friend, as you said, will be forever forgotten in your own memory with nothing more to do, i on the other side, will be rich and famous, changing the future to a better one, focused on sentences, focused on the enlightenment of everyone, a future where peace is possible, were you can be happy knowing the fact that you cannot win this game, a future were life is good and sentences are written all the Time, sentences are the only thing that will matter when in a revolutionary act, I change the world, all of the people will study about it, will learn how to do it, but rest assured that no one is better than me in the matter of writing sentences as a waste of time, I can write so much that they will consider me a God amongst humans, I will be praised, and as time passes people will realize that waste of time, is just a waste of time, it's not productive by any means, when this happens, another revolution begins to take place, the productivity revolution, humanity will create money again, someone will create socialism too, and the human kind will get back tothe same boring old stuff that it was used to, but at least I would have left a mark in the history." Weird how this sentence turned out but it is ok I guess. I'm enjoying this, it's quite an effective way to learn more about English.