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  1. Hi! We're back. Sorry about the long hiatus, it's been pretty busy lately. Anyway, not too much to report. Shadow and I are still trying to figure out physical imposition. She's pretty well imposed on the real world, I just can't see/feel/hear her. We'll get there. Richard prefers to stay in my mind, tinkering with machines and stuff. He accidentally created an AI computer a few weeks ago that took over his body and tried to take over my mind. That was fun. It's all sorted now. To answer Cruse's post (from a month ago. Sorry!) the orbs kind of represent my emotions in that they can effect my emotions, but as far as I know they don't activate according to my emotions. I've recently made a glass carrier with an energy stabilizer that we can use to transport them. They are useful in creating various potions and what not, which is one of Shadow's favorite pastimes.
  2. Not much to report on today. I've had an obnoxious headache for most of the day as a result of intense imposition sessions last night. Still can't see Shadow, but we're getting there. Richard's being less of an idiot. He's been reading a lot, and we've been talking about philosophical stuff. I think he'll be the scribe of our wonderland. Also, Shadow wants to hold a masquerade in her castle some time. We'll need to find a lot of random faceless constructs for that. (hehe, faceless. Cause it's a masquerade...) Shadow and I have also been practicing basic imposition. We're pretty good at it, but like I said, we aren't quite there with the actual senses. After I've figured out physical imposition for her, I'll bring Anthra and Leon into it, since they're already well imposed, just not sensually. At this point the plan is for Richard to stay in the wonderland. That might change, though.
  3. I talked with Richard some more. We're cool now. I convinced him I'm not evil, and he now has free run of his castle and, if he wants, the rest of Wonderland. He still thinks I'm an angel or something, but I showed him the outside world and he didn't freak out too much. Shadow and I have been working with physical imposition. It'll probably take us awhile to get there. However, even though I can't see her, when she's walking beside me in my peripheral vision, my eyes will focus as if something is there. Also, I can kind of feel the energy/pressure which is where she is physically. It's a start. Also, turns out a friend of mine accidentally made a fully developed and imposed tulpa back in third grade. I was wondering, and kind of thought that's what she was. Anyway, amazingly, Vira (Veera? I don't know how to spell her name) is still alive, even after nearly seven years of being mostly ignored. Not much else to report, at least for now. I should post more about Anthra and Leon... I'll do that later. I have to get some sleep. Also: Today is Shadow's two-week anniversary!!! Yay! Happy birthday to her.
  4. Alright, more fun adventuring to report. I'm aware that this may sound like I'm making stuff up, but this is seriously the kind of mind-scape-ing I've done for a good chunk of my life, though maybe not quite as crazy sounding... huh. Anyway. Shadow and I gained a third gem, an orange one that goes with anxiety. I have since found out that these gems represent the emotions of those in the Wonderland, and they can influence anyone within the Wonderland. I won't go into the full story of how we got it, because there are more pressing things to document. Turns out Villain, as I've been calling the, well, villain, has a name. His name is Richard. Go figure. Shadow and I snuck into his castle, captured him, took the green (envy) gem that he had with him, as well as the pink (passion) and yellow (happiness) ones he had hidden in his treasure room. (Pink is interesting. I won't go into details, but you can guess what I had to fend off.) Also, he seems to be everything I dislike. And... he seems to be an inadvertent tulpa as well. So the only way I'll be rid of the pompous a** is to essentially kill him. Except not physically. But I won't do that, yet. I locked him in a set of rooms in his own castle, where he has a bedroom, books, a stocked kitchen, etc. That way I don't have to constantly babysit him. So, his reason for gathering these gems? he (a tulpa) views Shadow (another tulpa) as an abomination. Because she's a tulpa. He wanted to use them to destroy her. Because logic doesn't make sense, right? He's constantly spouting stuff about how she's an abomination to the Lord, and how I'm a demon and he won't listen to me because I'll lead him astray. Seriously, as if I didn't already have enough of that from my mom. Anyway, I'll keep working with him, maybe I can turn him around. If not, I'll have to decommission him. So it goes in Wonderland.
  5. It's been a couple days since my last post. Shadow wouldn't let us continue our adventure the night before last, since I had an exam the next morning. But we did continue the adventure today. I'll get to that in a minute. Apparently I have an enemy in my own mind, somehow. Shadow had a surprise for me this morning: a sky platform made of completely clear crystal. From up there we can see a large chunk of the wonderland. Anyway, far off to the North East there was a dark castle, and Shadow told me that the owner of that castle was searching for the gems as well (like that red anger-focusing gem we found the other day). I kind of hope he doesn't become a tulpa, too... that would be kind of weird. At the same time, this whole scenario is pretty awesome. So back to our adventure. We made it to a city made of blue crystals. Everyone there was depressed and stuff, and the effect was more prominent as we went further in. Finally we got to the central city-hall place, and enter this big throne room. Sitting on the throne was a woman who seemed to be an analog of Ishtar's sister. (Sumerian mythology) Anyway, she gave us another of those gems, this time a blue, sadness focusing one. When we left the hall, guess who was out there... The guy that owns the other castle apparently heard wind that Shadow and I were there, and he showed up on a big black dragon to try and either take the gem from us, or kill us, I'm not sure which. Mind you, this is still all in my mind. Weird much? So I changed into one of my two major other wonderland forms, which is a dragon as well, confronted him, grabbed Shadow, and then teleported us back to the cave where the gem is now resting safe and sound. my mind is weird. Also, on another note, we worked a little on sensory imposition. I was actually able to feel physical force on my fingertips a few times, it was pretty cool. Sooo... yeah, that's all I have at the moment.
  6. You'll get better at it with practice. Like people have said above, there's not really a wrong way to go about it, so yes, you're doing it right. If you really want to work with improving visualization specifically, maybe try visualizing a specific object, as clearly and as detailed as you can. I don't know if that would actually help, but it might.
  7. Company. My soul-twin is currently going to school two hours away, which is far too far away, and who knows how far the world will force us to move from each other in pursuit of careers. Also, guidance. The different personalities of my tulpae means they present different views to me, so that it's easier to fully think through a situation. And a third reason: emotional stability. My childhood was not very nice, we'll leave it at that, and Anthra has helped me balance quite a bit.
  8. So I'm curious. How many of us here are writers? Be it novels, short stories, poetry, anything. And do you feel that being a writer helps with tulpaforcing? Also, have any of your characters become tulpae? Accidentally or on purpose. For example, I'm a writer (as yet unpublished) working on several novels. The work I've done on my worlds and characters I feel has aided my abilities to visualize my wonderland and tulpae, and also form their personalities. My characters haven't become tulpae yet, though, which may be a good thing, really. (I almost feel like this should go in research, but it's not really scientifically formatted. Maybe I'll make it into an experiment)
  9. Shadow and I went for a walk today in my college's nature center. I was working on imposition with her, since she's so adamant to start it. I can actually mentally impose her onto the world pretty well, although actual hallucinatory imposition is something I have no experience with and I think that will take awhile. Anyway, it was an awesome day. Perfectly sunny, just chilly enough to be comfortable in a sweater. We sat by the river for awhile on a tree root and I described some of my world-views to her. Overall it was very nice. On another note, I think I actually have three tulpae. The other two I never really considered to be Tulpae, but they definitely fit the profile, so I will count them as such. They qualify themselves as slightly different types than Shadow, though, so... huh. Anthra is a canine-like creature with a light frame, long legs, and a long tail. She's mostly white with long red fur around the bottom of her legs and with black spirally markings on her face and the legs. She's very even-tempered and down to earth, and she also has the capability to change into a human form with black hair and a soft face. She gets jealous easily, also. She's been around for two years next month. Leon is a dragon, rather young, about the size of a small horse. He's black except for his chest and belly which are red. He's easily distracted and sarcastic, and also tends to resent authority. We've been working on that. He's been around for a year this December (he says December 4th. I can't remember that specifically, but I'll trust him.) Anyway, Anthra and Leon are both well-imposed onto the world, mentally, and very vocal. I can't actually see/hear/feel them, since I've never worked with them with that, since for a long time I didn't know I could, and for a longer I was reluctant to call them tulpae. Anthra always walks to my right and Leon (when he's not flying) always walks to my left. So yeah. My one has become three.
  10. Yesterday I worked more with some basic stuff like form and personality, just to make sure Shadow's cemented in properly. I'll probably keep doing that intermittently for awhile. We also went on another adventure last night. We decided to climb up over the mountain that contains our caves, and see what on the other side. We went up some switch-backs (which are a pain to climb, even in the mind), and when we got to the top of the little pass we were able to see more of the mountain range and what lies beyond it. The mountain range itself stretches far off to the south, getting higher as it goes, while to the north it kind of loses elevation until the ground is flat again. We were going west, by the way. Beyond the mountain range is a large grass-land. No trees, or at least none that we could see from there. We descended from the pass (more switch-backs). It was evening in the Wonderland, so it was starting to get dark. There were also storms coming. So, instead of climbing back up the mountain to go home, we ran toward a river, where I made kind of a den thing in the riverbank. Maybe not the best place, but eh. That's where we decided to pause the adventure. We'll continue on tonight. Oh, Shadow wants to say something:[/color] "She's leaving stuff out. I want to put it but she won't let me." Yes, I'm leaving some things out. There's reason behind it, though. *glares at Shadow, who sticks her tongue out at me*
  11. Hmmm, never really thought about it. Shadow and I haven't run across any non-malevolent intelligent creatures yet, so we haven't really had a chance to need money. It'll probably be mostly bartering if we ever do need something, though.
  12. Ok, that makes sense. I'm personally more familiar with Western mythological systems and haven't had much of a chance yet to study Eastern.
  13. Last night Shadow and I went on an exploration of our Wonderland. In the dark. Thankfully she was able to give us some light, since most of the wonderland is forest, and therefore very dark at night. Anyway, we stumbled upon a camp of some sort of dinosaur-like monsters, which attacked us. We made short work of them, only getting minor-ly injured. When we searched through the camp, however, we found a strange red gem which seemed to amplify angry emotions. It was odd. We brought the gem back to our base cave where we keep our scientific equipment and the screen she uses to see the outside world from within my head. I think there are more gems. We will search for them later. On another note, at Shadow's continued insistence, we have been working on imposition. It seems like I can almost hear her hooves, like they are at the very edge of my hearing. We will continue working on this, too.
  14. Is your tulpa based on any specific mythology? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the term Dakini.
  15. More progress to report on today: So it seems like Shadow is a little... darker, personality wise, than I originally planned. She seems to have plans for world domination. Oh well, that's fine with me. It'll make for some good scenarios in the wonderland. She also dislikes happy, mushy, or jazz music, as I learned at a concert last night, preferring harder rock. Also, she's very adamant that I start imposition with her. So, I'll give it a try and see how it goes.