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  1. A thought occurred to me earlier--silly, I know, to 'tulpafy' lyrics to a song. The original and tulpafied lyrics go like this: (Original) "hey KT, don't you know this ones for you, cause your the bravest hooker that i have ever knew. I think back to the traperton and what we did to survive, and it makes me think that i miss your face, f**k i hope you're still alive" Tulpafied Hey Yuli, don't you know this ones for you, cause your the greatest tulpa that I have ever knew. I think about the wonderland and how we became friends, and it makes me think that I miss your form, heck I hope
  2. I was standing by a road in the city at night and 'summoned' Yulia to stand by me; we both looked at each other, knowing what was to come next. A(n empty) yellow convertible car strolls next to us and we get in to drive to night club. We then order drinks at the bar and trying to impress Yulia, I attempt to tip the bartender... which goes terribly wrong. I rub the one dollar bills in my hands thinking they would become one hundred dollar bills, but to my surprise, and disappointment, they remain unchanged. The bartender looks at me, confused, while I look back, with a 'this normally works' loo
  3. Celeste is such a damn good game. We loved the story all of the way through.
  4. Ohhhh, how could anyone be more excited? I am a little late to the party though.
  5. Her youtube was taken down seemingly a while ago and I found a reddit post saying how 'dissapointed' and 'saddened' people are about something that she did. I am so confused. Did she murder a tulpa? Join or lead a cult?? It must have been something quite serious if all of her accounts were removed. Right??? What did she do? Why is she off of youtube? Please, I must know. I am very concerned.
  6. Well if that's how it is calculated then I have no problem with that method at all.
  7. I guess the reason I originally made it 1 vote per person was because if someone voted on 2 things it would look like 2 different people voting which seemed even less accurate to me. But I can see why other people would prefer the alternative of multiple votes.
  8. Yeah I see, I more meant it to be something serious and or debilitating. Possibly long term.
  9. Ah, I see. That makes sense, I guess I just couldn't read between the lines. At first I assumed it was because of his alternate world experiments that messed him up so much.
  10. Yeah, sorry I didn't elaborate further! It was definetly more of an awkward lie, I have such a terrible way with words that I am laughing about it now. I feel that she suspects something even though she has spoke nothing of it since. I feel that she would have been fine with it, as much as a normal person could be that is. I just didn't want her to know in the heat of the moment, but I definetly want to tell at least most of my family eventually. At least, when I am more secure and used to having a tulpa. She isn't completely developed yet! I have told my greatest friend in some detail and he
  11. It's funny that you mention that because the other day my mom (who knows nothing of tulpas) told me about that story and the guy got scared because lincoln confronted him in his dreams and asked him to keep holding the conferences. Then I told her about tulpamancy (being a tibetan practice) and she asked me if I had one. I lied and said no. hahahaha
  12. It's kind of unrelated but once i saw fluorite (6+ gems) I could not look at her without thinking of a multiple system.
  13. I've been hearing how many tulpamancers have varying conditions (especially asperger's) and I wanted to see what kind of results this would bring. I have asperger's.
  14. Hey, I listened to the fede-lass episode and maybe I missed it or you didn't mention it, but why do so many people hate him?
  15. Thanks to everyone for the replies, I had a hunch that that was the case, I just like sceond opinions. Also, to Karl, I find it interesting that you mentioned hypogagnia. Being a common phenomenon among tulpamancers I think it's pretty cool that I've never had hypogagnia in my life until tulpamancy. As a side note, head pressures and body pressures have become much more powerful and common in my dreams after tulpamancy as well.
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