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  1. Hi. Welcome to my progress report. Its probably pretty boring, but I think it could help me when I'm working on my tulpa. Anyways, here goes. Oct 15 I wanted to start earlier, on the weekend but I had relatives over and I never really had the time or the place where I could work calmly. So I never "truly" started until today. I did imagine that my tulpa was already with me, how she would maybe react in certain situations and how she would want me to act. Anyways, that went well, and today I put on my music ( Archie - Pony up podcast. Oh yeah!) and worked for an hour, 8:00pm to 9:00pm, and I think that is going to be my working hours. I wanted my tulpa to be (you guessed it) a pony. See the attachment for the general idea of what she looks like. I found that I would visualize the front left hoof first, and then, once that was done, I moved onto the tail. The tail was somewhat hard to do. I found that while thinking about the curl, I couldn't really visualize it staying curled, it was always unfurl. So I thought about it being pulled straight, and then it would snap back into place, and that worked. I worked on the mane next, and so far that has been the most difficult. I wanted to imagine it being curled, like the tail, but split into eight different parts. I found that eight was to much, so I moved to four. I had a lot of trouble visualizing them to be apart, and I just couldn't do it. So I moved them together and got something like in the picture. Throughout the whole process, I had a headache in the upper part of my head, but now that its done, I can feel it lessen and go farther towards the back of my head. I read a few other progress reports, and I was thinking of a name, and for some reason I kept think about a name from a previous thread Anyways, I went with Holly. It feels like the right name, and I can only hope that it was my tulpa that wanted it. Well. Thats about it. Sorry for the wall of text and thanks for reading!