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    I (Garrett, the Host) am male. Gender is undisclosed because Lilly is female, and this is a shared account between us. At least, it will be for when we make enough progress for me to proxy for Lilly, or to switch or possess.
  1. Okay, so, I'm worried. I haven't mentioned it up until now because I was hoping it was a temporary thing. Lilly and I were both exhausted, so we were just using head pressures to talk. Front for yes, back for no. I asked her if she wanted to exist, because I hadn't thought about if she wanted to up until then. I got a firm no. I have not been able to talk to or even have head pressures from her since. That was the night of my last post. I'm starting to get really worried.
  2. I mean, that's not true. At all. People hear other voices in their head all the time. At least, I do. I don't know about others.
  3. I know it's only been a day since I posted this progress report, but I think this warrants at least a small progress report. Just letting everybody know, and I'm not sure about this, because I'm still parrot paranoid lol, but I think Lilly actually started a conversation with me instead of waiting for me to ask a question. It wasn't much, just kind of a "Hi, how you doing," conversation, but still, just wanted to let everybody know. *EDIT: I forgot to mention that I also get some of her emotions on my face occasionally. During some conversations, even if I'm not particularly happy, I get a small sense of happiness and a twitch of a smile on my face. My wonderland is a huge island with a forest in the middle, a cove, and ocean all around it (duh, it's an island lol), and all the water is crystal clear. When I went swimming in the ocean with her and met a bunch of manta-rays, which of course I created, I kept getting twitches of a smile on my face repeatedly even though I wasn't particularly happy. I assume this came from Lilly.
  4. Okay, so, first progress report. I created Lilly a few days ago, and while most people have to wait a week to a month before their tulpa becomes vocal, I believe Lilly is already vocal. She does not, however, talk very much. Her form is a red energy orb, because I wanted her to be able to pick her own later. She doesn't talk much, as she's so new, but hopefully with how much forcing I've been doing (Passively forcing literally the entire day every day since I created her, and actively forcing for as long as I can manage to stay focused/awake before I go to sleep) she'll progress quickly. Back to her not talking much, she literally only talks when I ask a question, and I think a lot of her responses are parroted by me, but I know that at least some are her. I'll post another update when more progress is made.
  5. Ey, hope to see Cyril again soon, he's pretty funny, but yeah, he does deserve a break. Hope you guys continue making good progress :D
  6. I know there are so many posts about this, but I'm still so paranoid about it, sorry xD so basically, I created Lilly just a few days ago, but I feel like I can hear her already. Problem is, it feels like it's me responding to myself instead of her responding. People say you can't parrot without deliberately doing it, but my mind tends to say things, sometimes in different voices, that I don't want it to. And, I asked Lilly once, "Am I parroting?" and the response was, "Yeah, duh." In her distinct mind voice. With her form. But I didn't get the sense that she was teasing. So, I may be paranoid, I may be parroting, I really can't tell. I guess I just want somebody to confirm or at least say it's probable, or the opposite, and that I'm most likely not parroting. I guess I'm just paranoid lol, sorry. (Also, I'm not sure this thread is supposed to go here, let me know if I should put it somewhere else?)
  7. I don't know if my last reply actually posted, so, I'm just gonna say, if you want to give them as realistic an experience as you possibly can, you'll want to get into switching so they can have periods of time in the real world. Of course, I don't know how difficult this is, since Lilly isn't actually sentient yet, but hopefully she will be soon and we'll get to learn together :D