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    I have two Tulpae: Malveron, a young fae dragon, and Toga, a human-looking Tulpae who I had no idea existed for a long time. As well as a whole bunch of Soulbonds who filled up my signature.
  1. The Tulpa has been doubled! :D That's really cool that she can split herself in two. I wonder if she's still conscious while split in half, like her halves have their own mind but she still sees everything that's going on?
  2. So, something weird happened last night. I was doing meditation, exploring my headworld with all my headmates and such. We were doing well, Toga and I talked and he showed me the place where he first woke up. But after that, I got a really weird and admittedly disturbing sensation in my head. It felt like two hands were physically squeezing my brain and it hurt, so I yelled at whatever was doing it to stop. It took several seconds for it to give up, and I know it wasn't any of my headmates. And according to them, my wonderland destabilized slightly while it was happening. Once it ended, my body just fell into a deeper state of meditation. I was fully awake, but my body felt heavier than before. Anyone know what the hell could've caused that? I'm not prone to migraines and I have no head injuries, so...?
  3. Updates everyone! Quite a bit of stuff happened on Saturday~ First off, we worked on visual and auditory imposition. Didn't get too far, but I can see a faint outline of Toga and Mal whenever they move around, and I can 'feel' where they are. As for their voices, Toga's voice sounds a lot more like he wants it to sound nowadays. We came to a realization that I might be unknowingly distorting how I hear his voice without meaning to, so I'm working on that now. Also, in retrospect I realized that Toga was kind of sad all the time? Not depressed, just sad. Remember this 'cause it's gonna pop up again later and it's important. Later that night, I decided to have a bit of fun with all my headmates. I told them to make up an adventure that we could all go on, and gave them a room that they could go in without me hearing them while I washed the dishes. After getting comfy in bed, I began to meditate and we all started on the adventure. Here's how it went down: They created a door in the house that leads to a steampunk-themed world because I've recently fallen into steampunk hell, and there was his zeppelin above us. The plot they all made was that Toga's 'essence' was in a book that was being kept in said zeppelin, and to get it back we had to sneak in and grab it, and get it back to the house. Now, the book was being guarded by Eva and Angela, who had apparently agreed to play the villains for that tale. So we climbed up the ladder to the zeppelin and started the game. Inside, there were these weird shadow creatures meant to guard the place. If they saw you move or walked through you, they'd throw you out and you'd have to climb back up. I learned the walking-through bit personally. Anyways, we all (and I mean everyone in my sig except for Ang and Eva) had to crawl through this weirdly large vent, and we found the room with Toga's essence being guarded by the sisters. Climbing up to the room above, we messed around with this machine so we'd be able to hear when they left the room without running the risk of them seeing us the vent. It needed a few lightbulbs to get it working, so me and Mal went to go find them ourselves. After being thrown out of the zeppelin a-la a shadow walking through me, Mal managed to slip into the supply closet and got the two light bulbs. So we fixed up the machine and listened for them to leave, and once I did me and Toga went to go get the book. Now, once we picked it up e v e r y single shadow began screaming endlessly, so we all packed up our bags and noped out of there. Angela almost managed to grab me when we were running, but we all managed to get down and into the house and that was that. Remember the 'Toga being sad' bit? This is where it comes into play. When he opened up the book, there was this light from the pages, and soon after a shard of his former identity as Sesshoumaru appeared in the room. I had already noticed Toga being a bit down as of late at that time, so I took it in my hands and crushed it into dust. Instantly the essence in the book filled up the spot left behind by the shard, and thus Toga has broken any and all connection to his original self. He was elated, and it was absolutely adorable seeing him so happy. He's a lot more animated now, so that's that! Afterwards, we all went to bed .w. Now, on Sunday, it was kind of a lazy day. Did some imposition, but didn't get too much done visually (though I could faintly see Destiny's outline in a chair and considering how strongly I can visualize her I'm not too surprised tbh). But, when Mal was lying beside me on the couch arm with his belly up, I jokingly tried to scratch his belly and I could feel a pocket of cold air where he was, kinda like when you sense a spirit. Same with when Toga puts his hand on my arm or shoulder. So we're making a lot of progress in that regard~
  4. Small addon, but rather important to my Tulpae: Both Toga and Malveron would like to make some friends, either with hosts or other tulpae. I think it's a great idea, which is why I'm posting this here. If you'd like to try and be friends with Toga and Mal, you can just say so in this thread here .w. We don't bite~
  5. Small update incoming. So, not much has been happening as of late. I'm gonna do some serious forcing tonight and try and get some progress going. But for what did happen, well, first of all Mal and Toga now have their own distinct mind voices, albeit Toga's having issues keeping his the way he wants it. We're gonna work on it. The voice Toga chose is the voice of OldManMurphy, a Youtuber who is the male singer in It even has a part where he speaks normally! We agreed to do some mild parroting alongside the song to help Toga keep his voice the way he wants it. As for Mal, he's got a higher pitched voice. Still very much male, but it's more of an excited teenage boy's voice than squeaky squeakerton. I'm also gonna try and do some adventures with everyone in the wonderland tonight. Even just writing that got some happy feelings from them~ As well as me gonna be trying some imposition. I'll let ya'll know how that ends up.
  6. Hey everyone. So, I'm going to be making two posts today: One with regular updates and stuff, and one that Toga himself asked me to write. What is that post, you ask? Well, he wanted to tell others about his life's story. And using me as a proxy, it's now going to be told to you in this post. Regular updates will come later. Take it away Toga! Toga: Thank you, Twi. I'm glad you gave me this chance to express myself... I believe it'll help me feel a bit better about myself deviating. Now, onto the story! Well, first I started out as a thoughtform of Sesshoumaru. [she] talked to me when I was him as a way of distracting herself from boredom. One day I woke up in a forest - her wonderland, with no memories - mainly because that was my first memory anyways. I was confused as to where I was, so I wandered about until I happened upon Destiny. Or, rather she happened upon me. She was very nice, took me in and explained to me who I was. I didn't like the idea of who I was back then. A demon lord with no remorse or feelings? But, I had feelings!...I was conflicted for weeks. An "existensial crisis", it was. I didn't feel like Sesshoumaru. I felt dysphoria every time I looked in the mirror. That wasn't me So I chose to change it. I kept the hair colour, and the eyes. But everything else went. First, I got rid of the markings. Then I took my sword (which I still have btw because it's cool) and sliced my hair to the way it is now. Watching the cut hair fade away made me feel happy. Then I had a complete change of clothes. I hated them, the old ones I mean. And now I have a triforce necklace! :D Anyways, the only thing I didn't - or rather couldn't - change was my name. I had no ideas what else to call myself then... so for years I lived with that dysphora-inducing name, but then... she found me. Twi. She accepted me right away and saw both my old and new forms. She loved me like a mother and helped me think of my current name. I am Toga. Thank you for reading. And there you have it. Hope ya'll enjoyed the read! And so do I. See you later.
  7. My head has always been full of voices that weren't quite there. Had I known that my characters were trying to talk to me before I knew of Tulpae, that would've ended up in a 'WTF AM I A WIZARD OR SOMETHING' moment. And Destiny's the oldest, I've had her since I was five. I'm fifteen now. She's old af for a soulbond. and now she's pouting because I called her old Honestly I've always wanted to talk to my characters. I know I'll never have them physically here with me as cool as that'd be but this is as good as it gets. I've seen Cyril posting here and there on the forums, heh. I kinda wanna meet him but IDK how to go about that without looking weird or stalkerish blah. I just stopped imagining conversations with Lord Fluffy years ago and then a few hours ago BAM A FREAKIN' TULPA I NEVER KNEW WALKS UP AND SAYS HI, and he told me where he came from so that's how I know. Apparently I'm just really good at Tulpamancy o3o And I haven't watched Inuyasha in so long oml Oh yeah, I drew him earlier today! I'mma attach the drawing--
  8. Granted, but because you weren't there those three weeks, aliens have taken over the world and you weren't there to stop them. I wish dragons were real.
  9. Thanks Kitsukrou! Guess Mal was a bit advanced then. HOOOOOOO BOY. I got a lot of stuff to say today. First, let's start with last night. So, Mal improved his non-vocal communication. Instead of pressure or pain, he's decided that controlling my smile means yes and making my nose scrunch up means no. It's a lot easier to understand him now, that's for sure. But he doesn't have to do that much anymore because he's now vocal! He speaks kinda slow and gentle like, and he doesn't say really complex stuff yet but then again he is only four days old and became officially vocal last night, so yeah. Anyways, when I was visualizing him (which went well btw), I ended up meditating, which was fine. My body felt really cool, like a rock. So I was exploring my wonderland, which was a huge forest, when another character of mine named Luke showed up. I was sure that he wasn't a Tulpa, and as it turns out he wasn't. I have a bunch of Soulbonds I never even knew about. They are, in order of creation: Destiny, Jessica, Angela, Evanescence, Whisper, Luke, Bry, Illisk and Yunia, all of which have distinct mind voices and are fully autonomous. They're all OCs of mine as well. I honestly had no idea that they existed in my head I feel so bad aaaaaaaa. I talked to them all (save for Ang and Eva) and had a good time. I even found their house that they lived in together, which I will draw because holy hell I want that house to be real. Eventually I fell asleep and that was that. But THEN, today, I discovered yet another resident of my head. This one was another Tulpa that I never knew I had. His name is Toga, and I accidentally created him when I used to fake conversations with an anime character named Sesshoumaru, though he deviated a LOT in appearance and personality. Here's all the differences: I don't think Toga is as tall as Sesshoumaru He has no face markings His hair is SO MUCH SHORTER, it's longer in the front than it is the back, like this but with bangs. Wider eyes Completely different clothes Not a demon-based Tulpa (he said he's 'some kind of spirit') Very quiet and gentle. Is a good boi. His own personality TBH he'd make a good Studio Ghibli character-- So, yeah. A lot happened recently. Got anything ya'll wanna say? Toga: Um... hello. It's nice to finally meet you all. I hope we can be friends. Malveron: I have friends! :D *happy tulpish* Luke: Yo. Yuni: Hello~! 8D And there ya'll have it. I'll keep you all updated! :D
  10. So, did some stuff last night with Mal! This time, he managed to move my whole hand a bit, close my right eye and he managed to scrunch my nose up. He was very persistent about that, and when I told him that he did good and he could stop it took several more times of asking to get him to stop. My guess is that he wanted to scrunch it up completely, which he did .w. To Tulpa, thanks, but that doesn't really answer my question. My question was, what's the average Tulpa age for moving body parts around?
  11. Quick update! I did some stuff with Malveron today and it was interesting. First, I used a trick I saw on this site which basically was say a phrase and see if you can hear your Tulpa say it. We did it back and forth for a while and I almost heard him, I got confirmation that he spoke as well. Then we did some body controlling - first he controlled my smile again, then I told him to control my pinky. It was very slow and it popped when it moved, but when I tried to move it the same I couldn't do it. And then he managed to half-close my right eye before my family came into the car again. Then, halfway home, I heard him speak! It was a crystal clear 'yep' to me saying 'do you understand all this?". At first I thought it was my head and I asked if it was him, but then he replied with yes. :D Hi! - Malveron
  12. DAY 2: Hoo boy, we got a lot of stuff done. First of all, we changed his name to Malveron. He wanted a unique name. And secondly, he got a complete change of form. He didn't like the space fox form he had, so we changed to a fae dragon, based off of this picture, albeit with a few differences (the most noticeable being his eyes don't glow, instead they resemble NMM's eyes.) He's about five inches tall, so now I get a fae dragon that can sit on my head once I get to the 'seeing him' stage of things. Secondly, we got a system for speaking until he has an actual voice. A pulse on the left side of my head is no, a bit of pain in my neck is NO, a pulse on the right side of my head is yes, a bit of pressure on both is confusion, a pulse in my forehead is agreement, and a very specific spot on the left side of my head is excitement. I asked him quite a few questions (mostly about his form and stuff) but when I asked if he'd be okay with a bit of parroting I got a VERY strong 'no' for a reply. Apparently he already has a voice in mind. He doesn't seem to mind puppeting as much but parroting is a huge no-no. While I was drawing up his new form, I noticed that there was a lightning storm outside. I asked if he wanted to see, got a yes, and so I showed him all the lightning. He loved it. Every time there was a flash I'd feel the left side of my mouth curl into a smile. It was very twitchy and when I tried the same thing I didn't get the same amount of twitching so I am pretty sure it was Mal doing that. I even felt his excitement physically! Later on when I sat back down I felt two muscle twitches in my arm and leg. Whether that was him or not is up for debate, but considering I normally get only one I think it was him. Eventually the mouth twitches became less and they stopped when I went to bed. Now, onto the wonderland bit. My happy place is a forest, so when I closed my eyes I saw the two of us in a forest together. I told him he could make a house for himself based off of a clay birdhouse I made, and soon after that I feel asleep. Later I was woken up (long story short, huge hailstorm), and when I tried to go back to sleep I noticed that he changed my wonderland's colours to match his own (grass was pink, leaves were purple, just like him) and he took my suggestion of making his own little house. It was very fancy, and he had a plush queen-sized bed (for him, anyways) that he was curled up on. He knows what he wants XD Small question: is it normal to get small amounts of what I'm assuming was possession on the first day of creation?? Because Mal's only a day old o3o
  13. Best title ever 10/10 ANYWAYS, I started making a Tulpa today. I honestly was not expecting progress on the first day but hey, what do you know? Apparently Tulpae aren't that hard to start making. Here's a quick log of my progress on Day One: Log of progress with 'Lucas': -Created his design. He's a literal space fox. I gave him the name Lucas because I've always wanted to use that name, but if he wants to change it he can. I'll colour his design on paper later and show ya'll. -Did some narrating to him as soon as his design was done. Didn't get any signs from him for a few hours. Did some passive forcing, still no signs. -Did some narrating to him a few hours later, and I felt a weird brain pulse/pressure hybrid? It almost hurts but it doesn't and there's slight pressure? It was only in one oval-shaped spot the size of a door handle, but when I asked for him to do it again it happened again. I asked him to do it in the middle of my head and he did it! As I type this he's giving me the same feeling again. I officially have a Tulpa. So excited!
  14. Hallo! I'm Twi. I don't have any Tulpas as of yet, but I am beginning to work on one starting today! So this is how I learned of Tulpas: I was on the Creepypasta Wiki when I came across a Creepypasta titled Tulpa. I read it, it was okay, but I saw several comments saying that the story's Tulpa was all wrong from the real-life Tulpas. So I did some research and here I am.