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  1. Does anyone have a tulpa that came to you instead of being created? I'd like to hear people's stories about walk-ins. How you met, how your connection is, theories on origins, etc. Also, not sure if they can be considered tulpa if they're not created from yourself.
  2. I've felt very similar a few times. Aside from trying to ignore anxiety about negative thoughts I think something good to do is get on a schedule. Set aside a certain time of the day specifically to forcing. Set up alarms and timers if you're really bad at staying to a schedule. Don't worry too much though, I think the most that will happen from not focusing enough is Zeryx will take more time to develop.
  3. Hello and thank you for asking! It's a little difficult for Key to communicate with anyone else at the moment. Generally we have communication through nonverbal means. Currently we're both trying to take it easy on my day off.
  4. Hello. I'm shifty and you can call my tupper Key. We have a rather complicated origin but more or less he's been with me for a little over 2 years. Between depression and life I wasn't always the most active forcer so we're still not very far along. It varies though. Some days he's pretty active others I can't even feel him. I've known about tulpa for well over 4 years at this point and have always been learning and reading about them. Originally I toyed with the idea to make one about around the time I first learned about them but never went through with it for whatever reason. With Key i
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