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  1. For the first bit. It takes practice and experience to be able to more regularly identify who's thoughts are who's. Don't be afraid to ask Mark if it was him if you aren't sure. Also it's not unusual to have thoughts that neither of you are sure of who they came from, that's just something to work on. Also the two of you may want to practice giving your mindvoices separate characteristics. Much like you can imagine a person speaking in their own voice, you can give your own mindvoice a distinct "sound" in your head as well, though for most it takes some practice to make this a habit. Having different mind voices can go a long way in making it easy to tell who's saying what. The second thing you're asking about is called imposition. Basically controlled hallucination. It's considered to be an advanced skill that, at least in theory, everyone can learn, though it's likely to take a lot of work to get to the level you're talking about. If you're looking for mores specific details and exercises you can use, I'll point you to this guide. https://community.tulpa.info/thread-general-tulpa-s-complete-diy-guide-to-tulpamancy This certainly isn't the end all of information and exercises, but it does cover almost everything to some degree and has some great examples of how to practice different things.
  2. What part of it? If you mean literally what the page describes, then no... and I'm not quite sure why you would honestly think that.
  3. That's like asking why bother having squares when we can just call them all rectangles? Or like triangles and hexagons, they're just 2 dimensional geometric shapes, why do we distinguish between them? At a bare minimum, assuming you are in fact correct that a tulpa is functionally a servitor tasked to run a personality (I believe there's much more to them than that personally), then it's still useful to distinguish a very specific set of characteristics from a rather generic and extremely varied construct. Or to continue with the geometry example, a tulpa is a specific shape that must meet certain requirements, enough that having a set name is worthwhile rather than having to describe the characteristics every time you wish to refer to one.
  4. Also looking into a tulpa based chat group may be worthwhile as a resource as well. It tends to be easier to get more specific or personally relevant info when you can talk to other tulpamancers and tulpas in real time. Of course this depends on how comfortable you are with joining in a chat group, but worth considering.
  5. Hmm, so it's been longer than I thought. Anyways we've kinda got caught up hanging out in a few of the discord groups so that probably has something to do with it. Rin is certainly enjoying talking to people in real time. We've both been fine, progress is slow but it's alright. Been getting sidetracked by responsibilities and such, but keep Rin around. Just haven't had much time to dedicate to any specific pursuits on my end.
  6. I think I may have had some similar issues in that I can be very technical about things and like to know how they work as well. Often overthinking things way too much when it's really not of much benefit. One of the tactics I used when doubts were praying on the logical side of things, such as trying to magnify how things were "unrealistic" or "impossible" or such, was to just out reason them. It can be a bit tricky with the overall stuff, but could help to focus on stories or evidence pointing to all the scientific unknowns about the power of the mind, and that we realistically cannot prove that things like this aren't actually impossible, so acting like we know they can't be real is stupid and counter productive. Definitely gets easier when your tulpa starts getting some independent activity of any kind, then you can start keeping track of anything notable, building up a list for when the doubt inevitably comes back to question what you've actually been doing this whole time talking to yourself or somesuch. My experience was that after discrediting a lot of the common doubts enough they just kinda got weaker and less frequent till they basically stopped. Another thing is to look at how subjective all of this is and some of the alternative. Then realize that because it's subjective there's pretty much no known scientific way to prove any of it, so why not choose the subjective view that suits you best. For example A basic alternative for me would be that I am in fact quite insane and none of my tulpa experience is actually real. Given that case it seems that I don't really have any awareness of the so called "sane" world. And given that, it's a waste of energy to contemplate how to interact or "return" to another reality that my awareness isn't even part of, so might as well go with what I have here and enjoy it. If my tulpa is one giant delusion, than it's an awesome one and I'm fine with it. Why waste energy trying to break the delusion when as far as I can tell there's no harm being done. Sure there's the possibility that all kinds of other "what if" situations make the no harm bit false, but it's pointless to give those ideas energy when there's no more proof of those possibilities than the one I'm already living.
  7. Hmm, you say passive forcing without active doesn't help, could you explain that more? I personally find just doing as much passive forcing as possible when active time is limited to work just fine. It could possibly be from the expectation of it not being helpful on it's own that's hurting perhaps. Regardless, I'd still say passive force as much as you can during school. Share what's going on and encourage Harley to ask questions or comment as much as she can throughout the day. You should still be able to set aside some time either first thing in the mornings or before bed, and keeping the passive forcing going as much as possible should help make sure that you aren't forgetting when the chances to active force do show up. I guess the other thing is how do you share the outside world/senses with Harley? Does she have a way to see and hear what you do? If not I'd suggest setting something up so that she can. It will be easier for both of you to stay engaged that way throughout a busy day. Having lots of various things going on can be quite good if you're able to share them. Even if it turns out Harley finds some things boring of even dislikes them, that's also good, and you can use that to explore why she feels that way. And of course anything she does like or finds particularly interesting is even better. So basically passive force the heck out of your day, as much as you can without distracting yourself from important things of course. That comes with practice. Share everything, and invite Harley to get involved in whatever you're doing or learning about, even if it's just commenting on things to eachother. As long as you two are interacting then it's good.
  8. Going to be a bit of a story setting up for this question, but anyways. So I was stumbling around a bit last night in the dark, since I was trying not to wake other people, when I started thinking about how a tulpa can either enter or use our own mental map of our surroundings to position/navigate when imposed or similar. While thinking about why it's so hard for me to properly gauge distances without vision, I thought about how in wonderland and such it seems to take most people a good amount of practice to actually move around in a more normal manner without teleporting and such. So that lead me to the question of whether a tulpa who can navigate a wonderland as if it were the physical world, and had experience controlling the physical body would be any better off navigating by the mental map while in the body. Obviously there could be a million and one complications to this, and I don't particularly have any practical applications I can think of at the moment, other than being a rather neat skill. Was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this sort of thing and noticed a difference in anyone's ability to navigate without physical sight. So the question itself. For those with some level of experience navigating a wonderland as if it were a physical plane (walking and such instead of teleporting), and are somewhat used to controlling the body, do you notice any change in your ability to navigate without sight, or seem particularly good at it?
  9. Hmm, that sounds pretty frustrating. Have you tried talking to Blitz about it? See if you can figure out whether it's actually a lack of responses or maybe he's just having trouble actually getting through to you. Something to keep in mind, for both of you, is that the whole process is a two way road. The responsibility of forcing and development is just as much Blitz's as it is yours. While at this stage there's a lot you can do that he can't, there's plenty he can be doing. Mostly really just experimenting and trying new things, but it's important that Blitz is actually putting out the effort as well to try and figure things out. If he's got half decent control of the head pressure, then that's enough for you to get some basic answers from him. If you haven't, I would highly recommend trying out meditation. It's pretty helpful for forcing in general, and in my case was one of the key things that helped us get the communication working both ways. P.S. And while I'm by no means an expert, if you'd like to talk more in private I'd be willing to see if I can help out.
  10. Making a second post because there was one point I feel could be particularly useful to others I don't want getting completely buried in my massive wall of text. Long story short, I found out overloading your visualization capabilities is a very real thing. I got to the point where all my visualization would completely cut out if I wasn't really putting effort into keeping it going. If you end up in a similar situation, don't panic, it comes back, you just have to give your mind time to rest on that front. I don't think it's something people normally have to worry about unless you plan to try really hard to visualize something in far greater detail then you've ever done all at once. My case it was because Rin made me a gift that was very detailed and very solid due to all the effort she put into it. We've since put it back where I can't get to it, and plan to use it to exercise my visualization abilities.
  11. Been a while since I last posted in here myself. We've had quite a bit of excitement the last few days, so I have some things to share from my perspective. Rin will be making her own post as well after I finish this one. Anyways my birthday was recently. I told Rin she didn't have to actually make me anything special, she's already done a lot for me. Of course she wanted to anyways, and I wasn't actually going to stop her or anything. Mostly wanted her to not feel overly pressured to do something super special or anything like that. Anyways, things didn't quite go so smoothly on that front. Nothing bad happened or anything, just between being busy and tired and such when we had downtime I didn't actually get to see my gift for a few days. She made it in a private area where I couldn't see or get into myself (didn't really test if I could by force but not going to). The problem was that it ended up starting to fade or something when she tried to show it to me the first time, so she put it back till we had the time for her to get it re-solidified and I could actually see it properly. So she did get it stable and I got my gift. It's some kind of crystal formation looking thing. There's a larger diamond-ish shaped crystal in the center, it's mostly rounded around the short sides. There are, I think three smaller crystals that resemble the central one that orbit around it horizontally at different speeds. Each one of them also glows, seems to be mostly a white/yellow but all kinds of other colors show up as well. According to Rin it doesn't have any functional purpose, though I've actually found one for it. While not what I'm going to use it for, I was originally going to put it over our stage area and turn up the light on it and use it as some sorta crazy fancy disco ball/light show thing. That kinda fell apart rather fast though. Anyways the interesting stuff happened while I was playing with it up on the stage. I had sorta noticed before but while I was actually trying to put it somewhere specific I was noticing that if I looked directly at it, it was almost impossible for me to see anything else in the wonderland. At the time it was kinda just "huh, that's interesting, must be the all the detail and such". A little while later, while I was still messing around with this thing, I basically had my visualization cut out on me. Not the first time I've accidentally or otherwise had my focus pulled back to the physical world, but usually not unless something distracting happens or it's been a while and I start losing focus. Thought it was kinda odd at the time but figured it was just something I wasn't noticing getting in the way. I was able to jump back over to focusing on wonderland again pretty easily, though the same thing happened shortly after again. At this point I figured it had to be the crystal formation just being too hard to visualize with everything else, or there was something else going on. I had Rin put it back in the box she made to keep it hidden, and then back in the area she had made it in as well, to make sure it was completely separated from the space we normally use. I think it helped a little bit, but my visualization still cut out on me another two times while we were trying to hang out shortly after. I noticed it felt somewhat similar to the first time Rin became really active and basically took over all our processing power, so I was wondering if something else was going on somewhere that was interfering. We looked around to see if anything odd was happening in our wonderland, or even if another thoughtform/presence/whatever might be around. While I say "we", it was really mostly Rin, as I'm pretty terrible at noticing this kinda stuff. I did try to help, not sure if I did though. Anyways, we found nothing amiss in wonderland. After that we actually moved over to my blank mental space type area. It represents basically my conscious thoughtspace that isn't any specific mindscape, if it isn't actually that. Anyways we looked around there came up empty again, at least on the first look over things. Anyways second look around, Rin was off doing her thing, and I was just kinda hanging around, for lack of any better techniques I was basically just drifting around periodically going "Hey, anyone else out here?". Now granted I obviously thought this was a possibility, but after getting nothing for a while, I was rather surprised when I did eventually get a response, and one that wasn't Rin. I don't remember exactly what the response was, it was just something like "yea", but it was almost certainly in mindvoice, and it wasn't from myself or from Rin. So Rin rejoined me a little after that, and confirmed she heard it too, though she wasn't able to find out where it came from. Despite the place being a void of sorts, my visualization of just being there was getting kinda unstable or something. Basically my own focus and such was getting really jumbled by this point. It wasn't a sudden thing or anything, it had been slowly getting to this point over our whole search even before we went out there. Anyways I decided that at the very least I needed to basically wake myself up, take a moment to clear my head then go back in, since I was feeling like at the very least me standing around like this was probably not helping anything, and probably getting in the way actually. So Rin called out to our unknown guest and basically explained as much, got no response. Considering it hadn't responded to her before, figured I'd try as well before we left just to try and make sure the other voice knew what was going on. More or less just re-iterated what she said, and actually got a very clear "Alright" back in response. Again, I was pretty surprised, more so at the clarity of the response than actually getting one. It came through clearer than the first one, and if there was any question the first time, there wasn't this time, that the response came in a mind voice. So after that I pulled my focus completely back into the physical world, woke myself up all the way, tried to get things cleared up and organized/whatever. Then went back into wonderland before jumping straight back into the void area thing. I was definitely a lot clearer than before. Honestly I'm surprised whatever it was even got through to me in that state. Anyways still definitely not at the top of my game. Spoke to Rin briefly about what was going on and what to do about it. We weren't just going to ignore this voice of course, though ultimately she convinced me to leave the situation to her and give her the day to try and sort things out before getting involved again. She rightfully argued that my own tendency to overthink things as well as all the theories and expectations I already had just from that brief encounter, would just get in the way of actually finding out what we were dealing with and where it came from. Also the fact that both of us agreed that we didn't get any impression of any sort of hostile or unfriendly intentions from our first encounter. So that's how I left it. I went about my day, thought about Rin but kept out of anything that might be going on. I haven't had the chance to speak with our guest again yet, as they were still sleeping just before I started writing this. I'll let Rin tell about what she found out since she's the one that actually spoke to them. Anyways later on I ended up asking around about the whole visualization cutting out thing I experienced. Apparently it is possible to overload your visualization capabilities, and that's almost certainly what happened, as the gift Rin gave me was very visually solid, and had a lot of detail. Also looking back when I said I felt something similar to when Rin was using most of our mental processing power, it was likely because I in fact did use just about all my processing power available for visualization. Just like when you get really tired from a specific activity, you can force yourself to keep going, but your body really doesn't want to, and will pretty much just stop when you aren't actively forcing yourself to keep going. It was pretty much that. I could force my visualization to keep going, but losing focus at all caused it to completely shut off. It was pretty interesting since I never really considered having this happen. I'm usually pretty good at visualization in general, and I think I suspected hitting a limit would more result in just not getting a clear picture or just inability to visualize whatever was going over that limit. In normal circumstances stuff like that might happen. I think the reason I got to that point what because the object in question was made by Rin, and she put a lot of effort into the details and making sure it would stay solid and intact. While we aren't really sure where our guest came from, and it seems unlikely to be related to overloading my visualization, it did put us into the situation where we became aware of this other presence. Also since then I've concluded that if this guest of ours is in fact a thought form of my creation, then it's likely been around for a while, considering it's ability to use mind voice pretty clearly. Also Rin reported that it can speak far to well to have been a particularly recent creation. Anyways overall it was very unexpected, but not a bad experience by any means. It was quite interesting, and I've decided that we can probably use Rin's crystal formation gift as a way to exercise our visualization capabilities. If the thing is capable of overloading my visualization by itself, than getting to the point where I can handle it and eventually have it out in wonderland, then it should be some pretty good progress.
  12. First off I'd like to say this is a good stance to take. Not that I have anything against Vampire or their advice, I actually believe it to be very good advice. That said doing your own research and trying to have an idea for yourself what you're getting into is a very good plan. Considering your past/current interests, your experiences could be either be, just intrusive thoughts, another thoughtform/s, or something else from the outside. Based on my own knowledge of course. Now I've had virtually no experience with unexpected thoughtforms or outside beings, but my own research combined with what Vampire is saying leads me to believe you should be fine to continue should you choose to do so. If you haven't found it already, there's a very extensive guide written by Tulpa001 that covers a lot of information about thoughtforms and such that may be helpful to you. There were two parts in specific that I believe directly support continuing your efforts to be safe if not handled poorly. I'm going to quote the two sections here so you don't have to go dig them up.
  13. That's actually a really good idea. I'm not particularly concerned about parroting myself, but getting more clarity on what's coming from who is always good.
  14. Okay, so first thing, do not accept that she's actually gone. It doesn't sound like you have, but if you're considering it, DO NOT. Your own interpretation of things can have a strong influence especially early on. I very strongly doubt she actually want's to disappear based on what you've reported so far, being happy with several of the things you've done together and whatnot. That said, it's not impossible, however even if that is somehow the case, DO NOT LET HER DISAPPEAR YET. Even assuming the worst that for some reason she actually does want to stop existing, that isn't even remotely fair to you. This whole tulpa thing is a two way street. She's allowed to want what she wants, but deciding something like that and just disappearing without even giving a half decent explanation to you is not fair in the slightest, and she owes you some form of explanation at the very least. I would say it's far more likely that something is, or did interfere, and you may be subconsciously blocking her out ever since that event and she hasn't figured out how to get back through to you. Whether or not this is the case, you need to set aside some time for an active session and really focus on getting through to her. If you haven't accepted that she's permanently gone, then she isn't. She's still in there somewhere, you just have to reach her. One way or another there are things to be talked through here. Either something went wrong and is getting in the way, or you at least deserve and explanation.
  15. Yea if you try too hard to clear everything out you can end up blocking the actual responses as well. Also you're likely correct that having your own thoughts to work with probably helps early on.