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  1. I am Christian but don’t take the Bible word for word. I believe God created the Universe by starting the Big Bang and that science is how the universe ended up how it was. Think of it like starting a fire. The Universe. You don’t miraculously get a fire without something to start it. Maybe God used forces in the universe to create us, ex. Evolution being a tool to create the various organisms.I questioned religion a while because of evolution until I thought why the Big Bang happened in the first place. I asked Sally {my tulpa} about religion and she thinks that each of the religions share
  2. 3-15-14-7-18-1-20-21-12-1-20-9-15-14-19
  3. I've been talking with my tulpa for a few weeks, she's vocal and has a form. Her name is Sally, we sometimes talk about our day, and go into the wonderland, but I want Sally to really experience the real world through possession, i asked her about it, and she thought that would be a good idea. Problem is we don't really know how to go about it. Any Tips?
  4. . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... ........ 8-9=hi Figure out why
  5. You do, but you can only play guitar in a soundproof room so no one can can hear you I wish I could save the earth
  6. They do, but no one has a way to determine successful learning I.wish I could terraform the solar system
  7. Wish granted, but the cheese is stuck to the plastic You know that one day, you will get to the cheese, this thought fills you with DETERMINATION I wish etch a sketches grew on trees
  8. You do, but doors will never close again I wish I had infinite protection
  9. I'm going to e F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  10. Oh, you're right. Sorry not being able to help
  11. Same, blind trust isn't healthy, even if you are in the same body. Why does he have to obey you?
  12. I try to imagine my mind eye like a painting, start with some simple objects, like a chair or a table, sorry if this doesn't help, I wish I could explain better
  13. "The post sentence has one hundred and five words, oh how long I will spend typing this sentence which must have more than one hundred and five words in the sentence that I am now currently presently writing now, I need to lengthen this post that must exceed and go over one hundred and five words, yes you are right, grammar has left the building and this post shall exceed the previous post by at least one word, I will not be able to count this so I will count the lines or something, maybe it would be good if there was a word counter in or on the post, how will I be able to do this, how will wi
  14. Xdfxfdxdgx(75:43/4476($),),)7(45.;,(7,).454;565(,(,5,6(6,6(6?6?(,(,(4:4:4:4;$8$8$8$8)6;4:4;5(6?(.4gyghgfdrffxdfgcddrguhuvfdefyhugtfrfy Try and beat this randomness 23-9-12-12
  15. "Great, now I need a way to get more than fifty five words in a single, long, coherent string of letters, how am I going to do that, you ask, then you get a reply that fifty six minus forty minus some other number equaling the answer to the reply you get word count, oh look, this is losing coherency, or sense, is it possible for a sentence to lose sense and still be a sentence, or is it then a tense?"
  16. Cool, I want to try this, question Does the tulpa create your symbol first or Vic's versa?
  17. " I do not know what you are talking about with sarcasm quotes, Douglas."
  18. Whoops, I misread the number 136
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