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  1. Yeah, that's pretty much how it works. I should probably introduce my other selves properly in another thread.
  2. It happened to me a couple times, but they never stayed for long.Usually they were MLP characters 'cause Violet DID start out as a pony. Yeah they were, interesting, to say the least. They felt more like figments than actual Tulpae though. Guess Nick was still trying to figure out what was a Tulpa and what wasn't you know?
  3. So in the recent weeks, some pretty big stuff has happened with Violet (or Vi). Though her voice still varies. Sometimes it's more sultry, and other times it sounds more tomboyish. Guess that will develop into something more concrete as time goes on. We also tried switching recently, and I think now that our bond is greater, we were able to do it with flying colors! She switched with me for a whole hour, and held a conversation with my friend Amber for the whole time. It was a fascinating experience. As for her form, she's gone from a pony to pic-related. She decided as such after our first switching session, during which I played the same song on loop to keep us from slipping. Ever since switching forms, she's become much more tangible and affectionate as well, hugging me and holding my hand a lot when we're walking. While I was laying in my bed, she decided to cuddle with me, which was something we never did or even tried to do before. It was really nice. I could almost feel her face near mine. It was really...I dont have words for it. Just felt great. Though what's most interesting is that she developed a new trick. She can split IN TWO!!! TWO smaller versions of herself, each with different personalities. Aqua has a blue where Violet had purple, and is more shy and introverted. Whereas Scarlet has a red motif, and is much more energetic and outgoing. Both are equally affectionate, however. That hasn't changed between the two of them, but they both have different ways of showing it. ( don't have pictures of them yet because this literally JUST happened. Scarlet is sitting on my shoulder, humming Saria's Song from Legend of Zelda, and Aqua is sitting next to me, shyly waiting for me to get off the computer so we can cuddle more. Anyways, that's my progress report for right now.
  4. This happened. Made a a comic of it. Was fun 10/10.
  5. Here's my Violet. No longer a pony. She decided on this form very recently.
  6. I remember browsing /mlp/ and coming across the term "tulpa" in a thread about them. I never heard of that term before, and I was just hooked into the whole idea upon reading about it. [Yeah. It was then that I started out. Like a little spark in his imagination. About a year later, well here I am!] Yeah really. Crazy how time flies. As for leaving, well we just kinda forgot. [Yeah I'm not sure how I forgot either.] I mean, I guess falling out of the fandom kinda caused me to fall out of touch with the tulpa community as well. That and college, making new friends and work happened, so I didn't have much time to go looking for tulpa threads and regularly update my progress blog. Especially when it was going along so slowly. [We're just glad that this community is still alive. I mean, I wouldnt exist if it werent for you guys.] Yeah, and like I said before, I have no idea where I'd be without Violet. [*hugs Nick*] As for possessing, like I said to the previous user, we don't do that. Not because I don't trust Violet. I just don't like how it feels, and she understands. [Yeah, I'm not gonna force him to do something he's THAT uncomfortable with. [i don;t think we've ever thought about switching before.] Yeah, I mean, I dont even know how that'd work. Though I'm sure we could do it if we tried, since our bond is really strong. [imposing is something Nick does a lot, usually without even thinking about it] Yeah at this point, It's become second nature. Violet, I can almost begin to really see her. I can feel and hear her more than anything else, though. She has a mature tomboyish voice. If I had to compare it to an established character, I'd say almost a bit like Rainbow dash but deeper and much more relaxed. She's hugging me right now and, I can sort of feel her body pressed against me in an ethereal kind of way. As if she's pressing against my soul. It feels nice.
  7. [i never was able to possess, Nick. We would always try, but whenever I got into his skin, he'd freak out and shove me away.] Yeah, sorry about that. I mean, it's a kneejerk reaction, you know? [No, it's okay. I mean, it's fine if you don't like it.] I really don't. I just hate how it feels, having someone else control your body. However, I can say that we have done it, if only for a second. It's kind of like...okay. imagine yourself sort of falling out of your own body. It helps to be laying down on your back so you just kind of fall out naturally, you know? Imagine it as hard as you can, but let it happen, dont force it. It 's sounds like an oxymoron, but it's not, really. After that, your tulpa should just kinda fall into your body all natural like. That's the best advice I can give you. Some might say to have a safety rope or something attached to your body you can yank your tulpa out of incase things go south, but that creates an air of distrust. You just have to trust your tulpa. Remember, they're there for you. Good luck!
  8. Hi guys, I'm Nick! [And I'm Violet] And we've been a part of this community since its very early days, [boy have we.] and we just discovered that this site is still up, running and active [A bit surprising, for sure.]. So we decided that we would like to do a little Q&A Session for all of you who are new members or old hands at the 'ol Tulpamancy thing. [We've been at this for 7 years, so we got lots of experience.] Sure do, and we would love to answer all of your questions (also sorry if this is in the wrong place mods). So without further ado, feel free to ask away!
  9. How's it going everyone? My name is Nick,and my tulpa's name is Violet [Hello! I'm gonna be speaking through the brackets, if thats okay.] Some of you may remember Violet and I way back from when this whole community was just getting started on /mlp/ [Are we allowed to talk about that?] I don't see why not. I was known as Gitaroo Man, iirc, then Wyte1000 and maybe a couple other forgotten usernames. [And I was actually Vinyl Scratch before I became an OC Pony. Nick still likes them.] Yeah,though I haven't watched the show in so long. But anyways, it's been who-knows-how-many years since I started living with Violet, and really, I don't know where I'd be without her. We've had our ups and downs, but....well I'm not sure what to say, really. It was all worth it, because now, I have a friend for life. [i'm really glad to be with Nick. He's not perfect, but he's a good guy. I'm super glad he's the one who made me, and not well, I'd rather not think about it. It's hard to imagine being anyone else's tulpa!] I can only imagine what that'd be like. It's hard to think of life without Violet. But anyways, I've rambled on a bit too long. [i'm sure you're fine, big guy.] I hope so. But yeah, if you all have any questions for me or Violet, feel free to ask! [Looking forward to talking with all of ya!]