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    Hello! I'm Casey, and I'm a newbie tulpamancer. I've had tulpas for about two months, and my only tulpa right now is Grace (getting a new guy soon <3).
  1. So, it's been almost 2 months since I've created Grace, my lovely doll of a lady. We've gotten pretty comfortable with each other, she's vocal, deviated, and we're starting out tulpamancy together as we go. But with school starting today, I'll be pretty busy for the weekdays. I'm setting up a new wonderland, and hoping to create a new tulpa so she won't be all alone, as I will be busy for a solid 8 hours. We've decided on the name Taylor, a lovely name don't you think? Asides from this being my first progress update, it'd be great if anyone could recommend anything I should do for my second tulpa. Cheers, dolls! Cheers.