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  1. Jade and Kyri are both the same sex as me.
  2. it was 4 am and we were sleep deprived Me: Where do pigs come from? Kyri:......Your mothers anus. Me: *stares off into space*
  3. Kyri likes to go through my memories and laugh her ass off at them, while Dash and Jade do stupid things in the mindscape.
  4. My tulpas eat whatever I eat. Kyri: My favorite food is noodles! Jade: I like chocolate Dash: Fish!!
  5. Me: *laughing at this picture: * Kyri: That snake has a neck boner.
  6. *I had just finished eating and the trash can was outside drying because dad had washed it* Me: Crap, where do I put this paper plate? Kyri: Sacrifice it to Satan.
  7. Me: I'm tired Kyri: Then go to bed you uneducated asshat! (she was joking) Jade: Ooooh, burn. Me: *uncontrollable laughter because I wasn't expecting Kyri to say something like that*
  8. Not sure if this should go on Tulpa Art, but anyways, basically you let your tulpa(s) draw something by possession, then you post it here. Kyri drew herself on my 3ds, linked it because its pretty huge - My other tulpas cant possess yet, sadly.
  9. Kyri really wanted to try this, so-
  10. I told my mom the other day, she is pretty much obsessed with the capabilities of the human mind, so she said is was cool. She also said God was her tulpa.
  11. I cry way too much over just about anything, and most of the time Kyri helps me calm down and stop crying within seconds.
  12. "If there's too many people in your way, just knock them down and drag them in a corner. They can be your own personal bitch pile"- Kyri "Would it be possible for someone to fit a violin up their butt without injuries?" - Jade "Sometimes you just have to catch what life throws at you. But if life hands you lemons, squeeze them in life's eyes!" -Kyri
  13. Jade once put strawberries and salami on a boat...... Also once I was in class, and Kyri just randomly appeared crystal clear in front of me and used her powers to turn the entire room green.....
  14. I was crying yesterday, and Kyri randomly told me I was pretty and I was a good person. It was so sweet.