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  1. I searched my old posts and found this
  2. What does that have to do with kindness?
  3. Most will tell you some variation of this: that as long as you can conceptualize an idea, and rationalize it to yourself using logic, to the point you truthfully believe it on a conscious and other-than-conscious level, then it is possible to have it in a tulpa. All you need is the reasoning as to why it's possible.
  4. does h stand for homestuck please say yes oh god
  5. Oh I figured you picked this up on your day to day experience talking to people in real life
  6. Where do you kids even come up with this stuff Moderator Edit: Removed reaction image ~Kiahdaj
  7. And not putting pencils in your face increases your risk of being mauled by a lion
  8. What did you mean by that then, mr member of the imaginary friends club?
  9. sex is not a necessity, nor is masturbation. It is as compelling as any habit, but it is not a need.
  10. Likely a large sum of money should you sell it