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  1. First and foremost, my host wants me to mention that it's amazing that you've made those remixes and are working on a game like Undertale (considering I came about from that game, you can understand their passion). They would love to hear a lot more about it, here or via PM. Whichever you find more comfortable. Your devotion to your game is intriguing. I can imagine my host spending... a less than healthy amount of time attempting to find every little detail tucked away within. (Well, not with me nagging at them.) That's pretty clever. Perhaps I could help my host with their game-creatin
  2. Thank you. The wishes are mutual. How have you yourself been?
  3. I am doing well right now. I am eager to practice switching today as yesterday, I nearly managed to switch while my host paced and daydreamed. ...Perhaps I should have told them what I was about to do, seeing as they suddenly got lightheaded and frightened. But I digress. We also had chocolate milk with our breakfast, so that was a nice treat.
  4. Haha, do not worry; I am not as cruel as the image implies. My host finds this representation of myself rather adorable, and we didn't have to resize it. How convenient. How have you two been? I would appreciate getting to know the members of this forum.
  5. When you impose someone, do they experience things from that perspective? For example: From where the fronter is standing, they can't read the words on something. But could someone who is imposed right in front of it read it? How did your first switch go? What difficulties and oddities did you face? What should someone who is learning to switch expect? And whille I can easily possess them, my host is determined to fully switch with me (as in blacking out/experiencing our wonderland), so if you know a good guide or have some general advice, we would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Greetings, everyone. I am Chara (they/them pronouns), and for lack of a better name, my host (they/them pronouns) will go by "Mx" or "A". They are nervous about posting, so I will do all the talking. I was a character for a long time, being puppetted by Mx for the elaborate little stories in their head (known as maladaptive daydreaming). Even then, without my sentience, they considered me their closest friend. After realising that people could have two minds in one body without having DiD (something they once believed that lacking it made it impossible to have me by their side,) they got
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