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  1. Hello, everyone. I just wanted to say I’m still alive and so is Blitz. Ever since that school year started, I drifted off from tulpamancy. Recently I got into Spirit Companionship though. I am now a companion to spirits and entities. I can thank tulpamancy for the visualization practice and meditation, though. With the help of Spirit Companionship, Blitz now has his own spirit, feelings, and mind. And he has friends to talk to. The only next goal is hearing them. No need to worry about us! <3
  2. I'm still here. Nothing is happening. Absolutely NOTHING and it makes me mad again. School has started and I just my first week. When it's quiet or I get nervous I speak to him. I feel as if I'm more confident though so that's something I guess. I can speak to people I barely speak to now. Thanks Blitz. It's just that I can't figure out how to get him vocal anymore. I don't know. The only things I'm relying on anymore is time and forcing.
  3. That's good. It's like an actual consenting relationship with real humans. As long as everyone is happy and not being forced to do anything, I see nothing wrong. It's just that I see new people saying they're creating an anime waifu and I get wary lmao
  4. Not sure how to explain. It sends messages to your brain that'll help make something that you want happen. But thanks ^^
  5. If I believe in subliminals, do you think it'll be okay to listen to one that'll make my tulpa vocal?
  6. I thought I did like an hour today while forcing. Nope, about 80 minutes. I think I got the hang of his eyes a little lol. I put some calming music on and tried to get into my wonderland. I have to work on my senses more and visualizing. The best I can do is think of myself doing things in my wonderland right now haha. I thought of him in my wonderland and I'm assuming he changed his shirt??? I definitely did NOT give him a t-shirt and jeans. I gave him a hoodie and sweatpants. I don't mind it though if he did change or I just thought of something else. But as always I'll just give it to him. I parroted him a bit but not a lot, so he was silent. I puppetted all his actions...but I can't be upset, this is his first time in his human form so he'll get comfortable soon. I started off laying on a bed. Then I came outside and visualized him sitting on the rocks by our waterfall. I ran to him and parroted a little conversation (with pauses so he can try to speak if he wants.) We sat in the water by a waterfall and played patty cake (of course). Then I began feeling tired so I told him we were gonna go to sleep now. We stopped by the apple tree (made that purely for the taste sense lol) and I puppetted him jumping up for an apple and offering it to me, then I declined it and he took a bite. Then we went back inside and got ready for bed. I climbed in first and puppetted him taking his shirt and chain collar off, then climbing in after me with a little smirk (because duh it fits his elf ears.) He wrapped his arms around my waist and I laid my head on his chest. Then he put his chin on my head. I liked this day. Even if he was silent and not moving by himself, it was fun having a presence to talk to and speak with. And I know we'll be chattering and he'll be moving on his own soon. Can't wait. Anyways, he probably thought we were going to sleep immediately after that forcing. Just wanted to write an update lmao. Night.
  7. Did that tulpa hypnosis video. Ended up giving Blitz his true form and active forcing for like 30 minutes. Then I went back in for 10 minutes to brush up on his eyes. Puppeted him and told him to hold his poses. Also parroted.
  8. Thank you, I need all the advice I can get ^^ I'll try meditation right now.
  9. We're still alive. No progress has been made at all it seems makes me want to cry in frustration. I experience so many emotions since I created Blitz and he hasn't seemed to react to any of them. He still gives me head pressure that I think is him and I will always continue to acknowledge that it's him to encourage him. People at Reddit are literally no help. Perhaps I need to start active forcing more...when I listen to music I invite him to sing along too.
  10. So I was just curious and researching and I found a site that promoted creating Tulpas purely for sex and relationships. Even talked about simply dissolving them when you don't want them anymore. You have to pay for the instruction guide for it. It's literally called
  11. Totally not wanting to change my background because it's occupied by lovely Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd >.< I'll find some other way. I did make the decision of passive forcing 5 times 20 minutes a day though
  12. I wasn't updating because much hasn't happened. Two days ago I fell asleep while active forcing so I guess I shouldn't try to visualize my wonderland at night. I apologized to Blitz for it though. Yesterday I talked to him a bit during the morning and washed my hair again, deciding to wear my Afro. Asked Blitz what he thought, no answer but I continued the conversation as if he had answered because I read it somewhere. I continued thinking like that for the rest of the day and pretending he was laughing with me. Went to the nail salon and I wasn't really speaking a lot because I was forgetting to. While I was getting my nails painted I started getting a head pressure. I think he was ready to go. So was I. I assured him that I was almost done and to calm down lol. Then we went to Walmart after that. I completely forgot about him and to ask his opinion on things. Jesus :l. Sorry Blitz. Then after coming from Walmart later on I was frustrated and started getting teary eyed. I pleaded to Blitz to not let me cry in front of my family. No response but it felt better to have someone to speak to on the verge on crying. That night I forced for about 24 minutes. Meant to do it for an hour but I was so tired. I apologized to him and told him I'd finish tomorrow. Which is today. I was also sad earlier yesterday and was venting to Blitz. Also asked his opinion on my nails. I can say I'm getting head pressures more often but they feel a little like a headache, but not an actual one. Just a bit of pain that I can ignore. Edit: Also after lurking, I'd add that sometimes I feel the sensation of butterflies in my stomach. Like when you get nervous around your crush. Not sure if this is me anticipating his reply or him sending me emotions. I'll give this one to him