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  1. Several days ago was a first time Vestochkah helped me to make a dream lucid. She chose quite extreme method for it, and it was not very pleasant experience for me :) But what's done is done, and she get her first point in our game of lucidity. 2:1, me leading.
  2. Sorry, not sure, what radio show do you mean? I began to see references to tulpa phenomenon in many different places on (russian) internet. And for me it looks like they popularizing tulpa movement more and more. One man even said that "tulpa is mainstream already". That's a bit disturbing for me, because tulpae are sensible and I think it's not good to create them just for fun. So, in article I put my thoughts of it, as an introduction.
  3. Why, we found this approach just fun... and useful enough too. Everyone is different. Hours are very flexible in this method. Just an estimate, and always could be changed, depending on tulpa's progress in certain area. Form/personality and all other stuff in the article are just an examples of possible disciplines/topics. In fact, you have to decide for yourself what to do and what not to do. Every school has it's own program. Narration is just one of the natural things you do with a tulpa. This couldn't be "learned", it's your thoughts about tulpa and thoughts towards tulpa. They are always there. See no point to put attention for something like that. Yeah, many others consider tulpamancers as schizo, why we should disappoint them? :) That was just a joke, dont take it seriously ;) Not now, sorry... But I'm keeping it in mind.
  4. For those who understands Russian, there's a guide describing so called "gymnasium student" method of tulpa creation. Working link: here The main idea is to treat tulpa as your own student in gymnasium. Then to organize all stuff, she got to learn/practice, in 3 levels: grade, disciplines for each grade and topics for each discipline. The whole tulpa's training process is considering as a "game of school", with tests, exams and score system. It is necessary for the tulpa to pass a test in every topic, and to pass exam in every discipline to make a progress. Introduced score system takes a role of feedback, which allows you to put extra flexibility to estimated hours per each topic and discipline. Also, an attempt to completely rid off "slaveholder" terminology of "forcing", "host" etc. Instead of that, all process is describing in positive terms of "learning", "teacher" and so on. Full English translation is possibly to come in future.
  5. madrezaan

    Tulpa and Drugs

    I found direct effect of marijuana not very useful for forcing. It's boosting imagination greatly, but also lowering concentration almost to zero... In result, we have wild, uncontrollable imagination which is not good at all, because only small part of images and thoughts are actually about tulpa. In addition, there are so many things happening in your mind, so you just cannot remember most of them. I like post-effect though. In following 1-2 days, mind is very clear, concentration is decent, but imagination is still heightened. So, I found that forcing sessions are more effective in after days: at least visualization is much clearer than usual.
  6. It's interesting... "Luna" really means "Moon" in Russian, and in Ukrainian "Luna" also means "sounds" (a verb in present simple).
  7. Definitely Yes! Censorship makes our lives so booooring.... :)
  8. So, we have some progress and can interact in body language now. It's still not enough for real discussions, and we're hardly working on Vestochkah's voice, imaginary, then hallucinatory. She's currently able to speak separate words and sometimes phrases in mindvoice, but I'm often doubting was it really she or just my own thoughts. There is also an intrigue with other entities passing my mind. I noticed 2 forms that are **very** different from what we designed for Vestochkah. Since she is shapeshifter and could take many forms, it's very hard to say, are "different" forms just reflecting her other side or they are completely different creatures. This is the topic to be discussed after Vestochkah's voice will become clear.
  9. Thanks! You were not far from truth, Russian is my native language as for ~50% of Ukrainian folks :)
  10. Vestochkah passed exams in Accessories and Appearance, and we've started to work on perceptibility. I'm already feeling touch in wonderland quite good, so we're also working on imaginary voice in parallel. Recently it was a month since our forcing sessions began. In that day, during the session, she presented me very blissful sensations over the whole my body. Was very impressing experience. Also, had few unsuccessful sessions, when I even didn't saw any form. Maybe it was simply caused by tiredness.
  11. Well we are dreaming primarily for ourselves of course. And you are right, when you thinking by yourself, you can still count forgotten dream as your dream. But when it is dialog with other being (even with tulpa), you cannot tell that it's really your dream, because you actually doesn't have any proof of it at the moment. And also, reminiscences of feelings could be false: you can feel something without actual experience (i.e. imaginary hug or just desire to hug), and then "remember" it as a fact like something happened (i.e. real hug).
  12. Anyway, if you don't remember a lucid dream, it just doesn't counts. Same like if you made a poem, but didn't write it down and forgot it completely. Then it doesn't counts as your poem :)
  13. I'm wondering about the same question... Lucid dream is always very bright and vivid experience, which is hard to forget if you had it. There are 2 possible post-lucid scenarios: 1) you're waking up from lucid dream or 2) you're loosing lucidity and dream becomes "usual", then you're waking up too. In first scenario, you'll surely remember it. In second case, "usual" dream will be very bright as a post effect of lucidity, so you most likely will remember it too.