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  1. She went vocal in about a week, definitely in the fast end. Verbal communication has always been our greatest strength.
  2. It's certainly been a while. We are still around, just not much to report. Communication comes easily enough, though it's still a rare thing for her to speak without being spoken to. Our progress was largely derailed due to an extremely stressful real life situation, but with any luck, that will soon pass. She's been patient and supportive throughout. The sound of her mindvoice still drifts and varies somewhat, but not by a lot. It's getting to be more consistent. Progress may have slowed lately, but it's still happening.
  3. Gotta share some synthwave. Love that 80s sounding retro goodness. [video=youtube]
  4. 144 bottles of beer on the wall, 144 bottles of beer...
  5. I hesitate to call it our wonderland, since my tulpa, Jennifer, made it all herself and I've yet to really see it. It's more like her wonderland. It's an old school TRON-like world containing 3 cities, which themselves contain arenas where you can watch 1 on 1 fights. She says she likes wandering the streets and watching the matches. Hopefully I'll get good enough at visualizing one day to explore it with her.
  6. We are the same way in that I can't feel emotion from my tulpa, but she can feel mine. It's apparently a bit unusual for a tulpa to become vocal before that, but it's good to know we aren't the only ones in that situation. As for passive forcing, I think your belief towards it, and indeed belief regarding tulpas in general, plays a large part in it. I created my tulpa using passive narration almost entirely. I believed it would work. I'm not sure how you could change your belief towards something, but maybe my success story will help convince you that there is value in stand-alone passive forcing.
  7. For what it's worth, I can "lock" myself out of my body as well, no tulpa required. (Think hypnosis, without having to be hypnotized, I guess. I don't fully understand it myself) I tell myself that I can't move the body, and just like that, I can't. Not saying your tulpa isn't locking you out, but that a tulpa isn't necessarily required for this.
  8. Nice to have you here Nick, Thalia. :)
  9. Day 16 General update. We went to an art museum at her request. We enjoyed it. We got sushi the next day, also at her request. She enjoyed it more than I did... But it wasn't bad. (I've never tried it before.) As an idea to try and improve her vocal skills, I suggested she try narrating to me on the drive home from work yesterday. She did, and spoke more than she ever had before. Her voice started to take on more qualities, instead of being indistinct and monotone. She's been more fluent ever since. The sound of her voice varies, but has character more often than is monotone, unless I'm distracted. Her mind voice can be very strong now and she gets better every day, it's impressive. We both take an interest in full imposition, and hold it as a long term goal. She seems pretty determined to make me hear her sooner or later, and I have no reason to doubt she will. After all, she figured out how to talk all by herself. We've found that pink noise and focused conversation also helps her voice a lot. She's grown by leaps and bounds so far, and although I've read that progress tends to slow as time goes on, I can't even imagine how far she will have come by the end of the month. Also, she's changed her dress and shoes to blue. Not exactly surprising. My visualization attempts are progressing slowly, but they are progressing.
  10. I don't know what to make of this but ever since trying this once, I've found that all I have to do is randomly tell myself that, for example, my right arm is now limp, and it will immediately fall limp and useless until I say otherwise. Or that I can't talk until I tell myself otherwise, or move at all, etc. I can make myself unable to push through imagined objects this way. (Possible application to touch imposition? Maybe.) If anything, it's fun. Am I just weird or does anyone else find this to be the case?
  11. I didn't ask Jennifer to surprise me, but after looking at this thread, she asked "Do you want me to surprise you?" Now, given that she can almost never say anything without me saying something to her first so far, I found this to be fairly surprising. So, nicely done there.
  12. Looks like we got ANOTHER winner folks!
  13. Congratulations to all of our forum winners!
  14. Welcome Guiomar, I hope you and your tulpa have a long and great relationship together. "Hi Guiomar, I also hope you two have a lot of success and a great time here!" - Jennifer