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  1. So uhm ... hello, I'm SomeRandomTulpamancer (or Jalex but that name was already in use) and I've been on this site since about mid 2017. I tried creating a tulpa then, but I failed because of motivation issues, and generally my bad state at the time. (btw sorry if my english is bad, my native Language is german). That was because well I have Depression and well, it was pretty bad at the time , but now it improved and I decided that creating a tulpa might help. (Just to be clear I'm not expecting her to cure my depression but the general Discipline and Willpower necessary to do this is probably going to help getting my routine up and running) So today I started forcing Mi and well I created a little Room in my Mind and put a Pedestal with a Giant Egg in the Middle , because I decided to not give her a form so that she can decide it from the ground up later on. I gave a little introductory speech and well talked for quite a while. I talked about what kind of person she might become, and about the general state of affairs in my life. After the forcing session ended I tried passive forcing by narration but, I forgot doing that a lot. But I narrated for about 3 hours today which is the general guideline I've read in most Guides . I'm intend on forcing again in about half an hour and the go to bed for today. Well that was the first day of that journey of us, I hope that I'll get some sign from her soon, but until then I can only keep on forcing. So bye (or atleast till' tomorrow)
  2. So uhm I'm someRandomTulpamancer , a few years ago I stumbled upon tulpas and this community, but mostly didn't post anything . So now I've returned and intend to start with my tulpa in a few days . So yeah ,
  3. Well, I`m currently playing Frostpunk and some other city builder games . There are definetely too few good city builder games.
  4. 1675 divide it by 5 you get 335
  5. Mass Effect , except Andromeda -.- The next Person who Posts only Plays indie games.