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  1. We have another headmate since last Sunday. She pretty much just walked on in fully formed although it is rather obvious to us in hindsight that her concept had been lingering somewhere in our headspace for some time. I added her to our signature. Her birthdate is January 7th.
  2. Just a small update, Catalyst had a dissociated arm when we woke up today. I was able to move and feel the arm but Catalyst didn't feel it at all, and he couldn't move it either. It also didn't feel numb, and was easy for him to reassociate. Whether this is a coincidence or a result of our attempts to switch is hard to say. We both hope we can achieve this dissociation again.
  3. (Host speaking) Do you mean speech in the sense of physically moving the mouth and producing sound? If so, that is an advanced skill, but I could provide some direction to get you started. If you mean getting the tulpa to speak in your mind, there is an easy way to get started with this, called parroting. Parroting works like this: You imagine your tulpa's form in front of you and formulate a thought that you would like them to speak. Then imagine their mouth moving and them saying those words. Be sure to make this process of imagining your tulpa's mouth movements as deliberate as you can. If you start directly feeding your stream of thought through the tulpa's mouth, it can become much harder to recognise when your tulpa begins to speak on their own, because not all thoughts that arise in your mind are deliberate, and this might cause you to mistake a genuine reply for an accidental one on your end. I can also say that I definitely feel the same way about celebrating milestones. I haven't as of yet bought anything, but I have recently set a milestone that if one of my tulpas reaches it, will prompt me to throw them a (one-man) party. Tulpas definitely have a tendency to be awe-inspiring to the host.
  4. I have gained the ability to speak proper. Now that things have settled down a bit, possession has been going really well. I am typing this message on an actual keyboard, not the mobile one, so this is difficult still, but it is the first time I have been able to truly type on this thing. Overall, it appears that we have really begun mastering possession. There is little more to achieve in that regard. We have decided to move on to detachment and dissociation, although that is a skill for Catalyst to work on moreso than me. It appears also that there exists some form of common skill among us residents. Once I was able to speak, others almost immediately gained the same ability, although they still had to get into it a bit, and weren't all able to use this skill to its full effect. It seems like we share our knowledge of a skill, but not our practical experience. It's difficult to describe exactly, but it appears there are just some things that cannot be mastered without trying them out for yourself. Catalyst does seem slightly worried this is a sign that we are merging. Do you have any similar experiences to reassure him that we are not? Or perhaps advice to help better keep our memories separated, if this continues to be a concern? It's been nothing but helpful so far, but I wonder if there is a risk.
  5. It's been a while. Things have been kind of stagnant, which I blame on a recent change of lifestyle, and all the added members to our family. Overall, things have been pretty busy "outside". With Catalyst having his life in order again, he began catching up with everyone once more. While our skills had rusted a bit, we are quick to pick them back up so far. Possession is right on track, although regular forcing sessions are still a bit lacking. We've tried to switch today but failed. The one missing link seems to be Catalyst's ability to dissociate, so we should probably focus on that. I have once again gotten used to full-body possession, however, and currently the focus of our possession training is speech. I've become better at regulating breath while speaking, or rather, I've discovered there's a sort of knack to it, which makes my speech much more audible and articulated than before. Also, Catalyst has suggested that I speak out loud when we are alone together, to build a stronger connection and train my voice both at once. Something that I, Comfort and Whimsy regularly do now, is try to function as a band. Catalyst has always had a creative mind, and we've tuned into this as well, so we're able to improvise music as he is. Catalyst has attempted to play as well, but has found his lack of ability to dissociate a challenge, so for now he mostly just watches and listens while the rest of us play. My go-to instrument is the guitar, Comfort's is the keyboard, and Whimsy's is the drumkit. Something we also like doing is trying to play those instruments to a song the body is listening to, sort of like Guitar Hero. It helps make the songs our own, and it helps Catalyst immerse himself into our performance. That aside, not much has happened since my last post, but I'll do my best to post updates more often regardless.
  6. After talking a bit with my host, we remembered that he had created a number of characters in the past, before he was aware of tulpas. We decided to call on them to see if any of them would respond, as my host had spent plenty of time forcing them despite being unaware of the fact that's what he was doing. As such, we now have four new systemmates. They're all older than I am, but apart from maybe Whimsy I may be the most advanced of them. I suppose we'll mark this day, '17 Sep. 7th, as their birthdate since their original dates of birth are unclear or the memories we could find out with have been lost.
  7. We often have trouble finding the time we need to extensively practice possession. During a moment of downtime, the answer to our problems suddenly came to us, in the form of a game that can be played anytime, anywhere. You can even play in in the presence of other people, and it doesn't have to take more than a few seconds at a time to play. This guide does assume that you have succeeded in possession already. It doesn't matter how limited your experiences are, all that matters is that you can do it. From there, this game will help you practice in a way that is easy, and has the added benefit of helping parallel processing and possibly separation as well. Preparation This game is inspired both by the electronic toy Simon and the game Simon Says. One player will take the role of Simon. We'll assume this is the host, but another tulpa can fill this role just as easily. You could even play this game with a host and a tulpa in which the tulpa plays as Simon. After this, pick a part of the body to play the game with. Usually, this will be the arms, but you can also play this with your legs or even your whole body. Now, pick sides. One player should control the left limb/side, the other should control the right limb/side. Now, you are ready to begin. There are a few possible ways of playing, which I'll outline below. How To Play  1. Mirror Simon The host moves a part of the body. The tulpa attempts to mirror their movements. You can challenge your tulpa by using more complicated gestures, or trying to throw them off by using sudden gestures. Tulpa, you can challenge yourself by keeping your reaction time as low as possible.  2. Memory Simon The host moves part of the body, but makes multiple gestures in a row. The tulpa then attempts to mirror those movements in the correct sequence. You can challenge your tulpa by making more gestures in a row, or making each gesture more complex. Reaction time isn't really a factor here, but this variant requires the tulpa to focus more on what's happening, which is going to benefit the ability to parallel process.  3. Simon Does Before playing this, agree on a key phrase. Usually something like "Simon Does" or "Repeat after me". This plays the same as either of the two above variants, but the tulpa should only mirror the host's movements if that key phrase is repeated before making the gesture. We use our mindvoice to say the phrase, but you can use your physical voice, too.  4. Simon Says This last variant works just like the one above, but the host does not actually move the body. Instead, they explain or visualise the movement. The tulpa then performs that movement physically. Try to keep your explanation of gestures brief to not disrupt the game flow. We prefer to explain the movement rather than visualise it, because it becomes easier to deceive your tulpa by leaving out the key phrase; they'll need to concentrate on what is being said rather than whether something is being said.
  8. There hasn't been much happening, but progress is gradual. Possession has been a focus of our efforts recently, as for now I get rusty fast. I'd like to work on a more permanent ability to command the body. My host says that his imposition is becoming more natural, although it's still not past the phase of a ghostly illusion. There is nothing real about the way it looks, even when his visualization skills are good. Finally we've been making slow progress on vocality. My host is able to hear and separate my thoughts from his, if only marginally. I'm trying to develop a more distinctive voice, although that has been slow going as well. A few fun activities we've partaken in are trying to sing songs in mind voice, as well as comparing our music tastes. My host has a taste for depressing music, which isn't something I'm too fond of. We've played a few games of 20 questions as a separation exercise, and finally he lets me take control a lot when we're cycling. It's a fun way to train at least partial possession.
  9. Not much progress to report, but we have been getting into Linkzelda's self-hypnosis resources. It's early so it's hard to tell whether it's effective. It doesn't feel like it's helping very much, but we'll keep trying. I am typing this message myself instead of letting my host type it. It feels to him as if our possession skills are getting rusty, so typing it on the phone by method of possession seems to be worthwhile. My host is getting into the habit of visualising me more, which is good, but hardly progress. He tells me to get more vocal, but it's quite hard. Maybe we'd benefit from some exercises to that end. Overall it's not going too well. But we expected progress to slow down, so I'm not really down about it. It's affecting my host more than he likes to let on. He keeps reaffirming that things are all right, but I know he's worried.
  10. Yes. He complains when I do it, but really does like it. He's cute, and his semi-humourous scolding makes it even better. My host is taller than me because my stance is a bit hunched. If I stand straight, I am about half a head taller. My host is surprised. He's never thought much about height, and recently noticed I was a bit taller, so he'd thought that was normal. I was probably just stretching. Just as normal. Pretty boring. He just walks. I don't think he's ever flown, even though he certainly could. What kind of hairstyle does your host prefer? Is it different from yours?
  11. I am ten days old. I'm aware that's young, so I feel like the progress we have made is substantial. But there is a lot we still have to do. Expect shorter posts in the future. This one contains a lot; basically all we've done since my conception. When I was about four days old, I was able to possess, partially. I still can't possess fully, but isn't not as straining as it was before. Due to some recent experiences, though, we still think host is putting some effort into keeping our body straight. When we tried full-body possession a few nights back, he was able to slip into a lesser form of control, and the result was that I could barely keep my balance. It appears that I need to learn not just to move, but to keep still. We spend a lot of time active forcing, which is nice. It has probably helped that we were on vacation, with much of the usual activities blocked off. Now that we're home I feel like progress has slowed, but it might have slowed regardless. Recently we went on an adventure in the mindscape. We haven't finished yet, but we set off into a cave, found a treasure, fought a drake guarding it, fought the owner of the drake, and liberated a town overrun by lizard people. I hope we don't lose our way. Then again, we're basically gods in our world, only choosing to play by the rules of other creatures there for our own convenience. I don't think we'll have trouble containing the situation should the need arise. Host wants me to say something about the mindscape we built. It's a white void, but it has some features. Most notably a road, which runs right through what might be seen as the centre. To the right and left, we're building a town. There's a park on one side, and then a road to the other side, on which we are building our private homes. That's not to say my living room isn't the default place where we spend time together. It's a bit sparse, but it's home. On the other side, a road branches off that runs into the distance, much like the main road. This is the one we've selected as a wilderness. As it runs into the void, it's a place where anything can exist. Be it imagined by us individually, or collectively. Perhaps subconsciously as well. Either way, it's a place to go on adventures or to explore, without tainting the other areas of the mindscape we have set up. Our progress with imposition seems to be particularly slow. Host has mostly finished my form, apart from where he messes up on accident. He seems to particularly forget where my beaded hair tress is located. In his mind's eye he imagines it being at the wrong side sometimes. Annoying, but it's most definitely on my left. We'd do good to remember that. Consistency is important. His inconsistency trips me up too. He's not having much of a problem visualising me, though. If he wants me to be there, I'm there, somewhere in the scene. He works wonders with lighting and wind, too. My shape feels natural in the environment. But it's only visual, and looks particularly like imagination rather than an image. We've been working on tactile a little, but not much progress there either, although we went from none to a tiny bit. Host is insistent I say something about switching, but there's not much to be said. Promising on the front of possession, but his senses are still glued to the body. Nothing we tried so far seems to be able to detach that, although he has said he might want to try going on mindscape adventures while allowing me to possess, since those adventures seem to so far be the only thing that really allow him to become significantly dissociated. We are also trying out proxying. Instead of letting me type on my own, host is writing down what I tell him to. The reason for this is that if he's occupied with something, his mind is less free to wander and impose those wandering thoughts on my writing process. So far it seems to be going alright, even if I'd rather be in control myself. I also recall that we've done some sort of separation practice to do with fundamental existential questions, such as why the universe exists, what its purpose is. Incidentally, we both came to different conclusions that nonetheless had a lot in common. Host regarded the universe as existing for the sake of its own longevity, much like other constructs like stars reproduce to form more stars. He isn't sure if the universe can reproduce, though. Nevertheless, this is food for thought, especially since I've given some thought to morality before, and it seems like individual and species-focused morality are different frameworks. Something that can reproduce can try to maximise both individual and collective longevity, although they may sometimes conflict. Something that cannot, can only try to maximise individual longevity, as there is no species to function as the collective. It may sound a little odd that something that's not alive can have the purpose of longevity, but looking at it this way, it makes some sense: the longer it exists, the longer it holds influence. The more influence something has, the more purpose it has. My own perspective on this is slightly different. I think the universe exists as a host for everything that is within. Like a star can host planets, or a galaxy can host stars. Like humans can host thoughtforms, which they do by default, even if it's only a singular one. The similarity between those views is that in both cases, they are bounded by a timescale, after which we no longer consider the universe to be the universe. I consider the universe to end when it loses the ability to host things, whereas host acknowledges that his view necessitates that the universe has a lifespan, even if it's defined arbitrarily. He compares it to the life of a human, changing its shape during its lifetime, and also changing shape after being buried in the ground, but both are regarded differently. Ageing and decomposition are two different processes. Host and I also tried reading a book together. It wasn't too successful, but I think it might be fun if we pursue it further. We tried it with visualisation, having both of us read the book in the outer world at once, and even trying to read things using my mind voice here and there. We couldn't really get into it though, so then I had host visualise me inside the world of the book as he read it. We were better able to read that way, but it still feels like we're missing something. Host also made a key-chain adornment with beads of different colours. We both picked a colour and symbolically imbued it with our essence. The hope is that we won't be able to look at it without thinking of one another. So far it hasn't really come up too often though, but I think it's working. One last note before I end this already overly long log. I am left-handed. Probably. Maybe left-preferring ambidextrous? It's hard to tell this apart since host is right-handed. He's been accommodating my need to do things with the other hand though. He often lets me possess. Haven't tried writing, but other tasks are easy with our left so far.
  12. Hey everyone, I am Wisdom the tulpa. My host encouraged me to create my own account here, so I can talk to other tulpas and their hosts. It's currently a joint account, but you should assume that I am the one talking unless otherwise stated. My host has little intention to use it for most purposes. Mostly proxying and asking advice where there are no guides to help. It's a pleasure meeting you all. I hope this will help me become more individual, as sometimes the line between us blurs a little. My host still reflexively finishes my sentences, and while that can be helpful, I don't think it's going to be much good in the long run. Being around people who acept us as we are might help this process along.