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  1. Thanks for the answer I'm really happy now :)
  2. I stopped creat the tulpa for 8 months .. After spending about 4-3 months with him. Now I want to complete what I started. Do i start over? I love my Tulpa and I don't want to replace it .. :(( Can I complete his creation?:( -sorry if my language is bad-
  3. can i use self-hypnosis in creating a tulpa? and .. is there a guide for "tulpa and hypnosis" or use normal self-hypnosis? ••|•• [align=center]sorry, i'm not good in english >~< thanks ✨.[/align]
  4. The subliminal is about changing the color of my eyes to brown .. not tulpa. and I am currently at the beginning of the creation of Tulpa ، I want to know if this would adversely affect him.
  5. There is something that worries me a lot and I want to ask about it, I'm listening to "Subliminal" and I'm afraid that this will cause a problem for my tulpa :( Do I stop listening? *Sorry .. My language is bad*
  6. Hello i need help pleas. How to see the wonderland From the first perspective or the third person perspective? What is the best between them? ((Sorry if my english is bad, it's not my main language)) Thanks :) Edited the title to make it stand out more - Vos