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  1. It want it to be a conscious decision/trigger. It can be anything from turning a switch off and on (visualizing pressing a button) to saying a verbal command to other things. Same when you want to turn the servitor off. I like to neutralize it, another sensation can be fine too for start, but the final result should be neutralizing.
  2. 1- Actually you aren't trying to impose pain in here, you are just trying to impose the sense you are trying to rewrite it with, so even assuming what you said is true, you don't have to feel pain to do it. 2- That's why an on and off option, pain is important but sometimes it's just needless suffering.
  3. Basically overriding the sense with something else or nothing at all just as you would do with other stuff, this time though, it is pain. Now turning that into a servitor so that as little manual work as possible is required, and that you can turn it off and on for periods of time without much concentration or effort on your part.
  4. Any one got any ideas on how to do this? The basic idea seems to be something like using imposition to override the sense of pain and creating a servitor with an on and off switch on that.
  5. There was this user that actually had experience with creating advanced servitors but is apparently no longer active, they created various servitors including memory manipulation and thought manipulation too. No longer active though. They also created this tutorial: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-misc-servitor-creation-guide
  6. Advanced servitors like ones that do advanced tasks, like memory manipulation, doing calculations and similar stuff. But those are fine too.