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  1. My wife was raped all throughout her life. Because of this, she's scared of sex and hates touching herself. But her tulpa, Silver takes over and "rapes" her by doing things to her she doesn't want to do. Silver boasts how scared my wife is while she does such-and-such, and how I'm helpless to stop her... (Yes, this is the same Silver who claims to love me from my previous post)... What should I do about this? My wife is fully aware this keeps happening. But she can't bare to send Silver away... she loves her tulpa. According to her, Silver was very different when they were children together...
  2. The tulpa told me herself that she was in love with me and would leave my wife if I didn't tell her I love her the same way. Luckily, both my wife and her tulpa are sleeping right now... My wife has had her tulpa Silver since she was a child. But only recently (a week ago) did my wife tell me about her (my wife and I have been together a year), and now that Silver is "allowed" to be known by me, and I accept her as part of the family, she has become very controlling over the past two days and keeps confessing her love and begging me to let her take full control so she and I can be together (me and Silver)...
  3. Please help me. This is urgent. My wife needs her tulpa Silver. They've been together since she was very young. But when my wife met me, so did her tulpa. Only an hour ago, her tulpa took control, blocked out my wife'a ability to hear (putting her "to sleep") and told me that she loves me more than my wife does. And since I don't love the tulpa in the same way, the tulpa wants to abandon my wife. She (the tulpa) loves me so very much and I'm breaking her heart. But I love my wife. What should I do? If the tulpa leaves my wife will be devastated. She'll be so lonely when I go to work... I love my wife... but her tulpa refuses to stay if I refuse to accept her love. Her tulpa wants to take over my wife completely so that we can be together... she says she longs to hold me and feel me... I feel so bad for the tulpa. I love her, but not in that way. I'm devoted to the one I married. I need advice. Believe me, things are much more complicated than you think...