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  1. That's good and I hope your wife is doing okay after that decision. I am curious, though, I thought a tulpa could only take over their host's body with the host's consent? So how could Silver do as she please?
  2. A thanks to everyone who answered. I tried visualizing my tulpa earlier, and although the result currently looks fuzzy, the tulpa doesn't seem unhappy with his appearance. As far as I'm concerned (since I'm not entirely sure whether he reacted on his own, or if I controlled him to some degree) he even tried out his wings
  3. I have a general concept of my tulpa, however, I read that tulpae are NOT demons or whatever other monster. Now here's my concern: the tulpa appearance I'm working on has demon horns, a tail, and drippy, hole-ridden wings (which would not hinder the tulpa in flight) and I am wondering if that is a bad thing. Would it somehow offend the tulpa? Or do I have a green light to my original concept? If needed, I am willing to attach a sketch, though be warned that it was originally meant as vent art (TW: sketched blood vomiting and lined intestines, nothing majorly gross, though)