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  1. It is normal to not tell the difference at the very beginning. I'd suggest paying attention to how the mindvoice feels to you. It might sound like the thought didn't belong to you and may appear while you are creating a thought in your mind. That's usually how I know if it's really me talking and we're at the very beginning, so I might not be the best person to give tips.
  2. List: - Headaches - Head pressure - Paraesthesia - Spasms/Twitches/Ticks - Negative and positive impact on mood (mostly positive) - Decreased libido - Nausea - Dizziness - Better sleep at night - Find it easier to concentrate - Increased impulse control (slight noticeable) - Decreased anxiety
  3. I scored 6.6 which is a very high score. I've been trying to make those dissociating experiences less extreme and have made some progress, but I don't think I will need to get professional help since I wouldn't even qualify for a real diagnosis anyway. No amnesia. I'm not worried about that, not sure about my "tulpa" though.
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    Mind Control

    I thought I was the only one that got controlled by a tulpa (I preffer to not call my tulpa a "tulpa" though). I didn't try to do it, he done this by himself just the next day he arrived. I wasn't angry or scared since he didn't made me do anything bad, but yeah, it is possible to make this mind control thing. I can't tell how though. It was mostly his own work.
  5. Well, my "tulpa" has been trying to take me out of my daydreaming habits, actually. If I have this disorder, I can't say for sure, but he's right for doing this. I know that I have trouble with gettin out of the computer/cellphone/my head very often. This is mostly my reaction to my life circunstances than the real issue though and he knows how to fix this (that's what he says, anyway).
  6. I registered in this site because of a walk-in/soulbond. I can't tell how well developed he is, but he shows far greater ability to show his own opinions and I can feel his presence/communicate with him far easily than the other attempts of creating tulpas. I'm not even sure if I should call him a tulpa since he arrived instead of being created.
  7. Hello. I'm a new member of the forums and my tulpa has been "created" by accident (I preffer to say that he arrived), so I'm mostly trying to learn how to deal with a new person here. :P He shows ability of having his own opinions and expresses them sometimes. We communicate through thoughts and feelings, mostly. He can't front, but appears to be able to have mild control over the body/mind. I'm actually pretty impressed since my other attempts at creating tulpas haven't been this successful...