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  1. That's awesome! Congratulations to both of you. Keep up the good work!
  2. Late morning. I used to have a tulpa, but I think he turned into a sleeping marmot (I can't wake him up in the morning, even if I call him every minute). "Hey Vādin-chan, if you're awake, wiggle the fingers of my left hand!" Finally, an answer! "No, I won't do that. You have to learn to hear me properly."
  3. Now, I'm trying to stay relaxed and not nervous about Vādin-chan's absence. That would be stupid of me, isn't it? He's just asleep, managing somehow not to be awoken by my voice yelling every five minutes : "Hey Vād, are you awake now? Still asleep? Can you hear me? Hellooooo? Mushi-mushi? Are you there?" (Anxiety from my part doesn't affect him or his situation at all, did I discover, so I could technically allow myself to be anxious... Not yet. Maybe soon.)
  4. Hi Az and N! In the future, it will be worse. You don't want to watch what happens to those infortunate people who selected the wrong parameters on their teleportation portal.
  5. Hello! Good morning y'all (yes, it's morning here in the French mountains). Vādin the Brave Painkilling Knight is still asleep, I suppose he recovers from his previous sleepless night. How is everyone?
  6. An obviously non-lucid dream in which I was practicing open-eyed visualization/imposition, and discovered that it worked perfectly through mirrors. I was able to impose a black sleeping cat, stable and clear as day. Then I saw Vādin-chan running ahead of me in hypnopompic stage. Then I awoke.
  7. Zia

    Bear's Angels

    Welcome back !!! Angels hugs and bear hugs are the best ! Virtual maybe, but so real.
  8. Hello, what a bunch of interesting conversations ! Day 2 of "Mute days" experiment (3 days without talking to each other in mind voice). Nothing particular to report. Impressions, that are still not clear vizualisation but good intuition of position and aspect of V as he accompanies me throughout the day (they happen all the same when we can talk). One blurry hypnagogic picture as I was laying on the grass, half asleep in the sun (he was beside me), of him in a hammock. I had a short lucid dream last night in which I yelled for Vādin-chan, and searched for him, but he didn't pop in. I awoke in the end of the dream and everything was silent. Vādin-chan was apparently asleep all that time, and he can sleep like a log! Next time I'd better ask the dream to carry me to Vādin. How's your day?
  9. Hello SC, hello Loxy ! Hug the little one for us !
  10. The experiment is Vādin's idea, I was a bit reluctant about it but this first day went well. No real visualization/imposition breakthrough, but feelings of presence (not imposed presence, essence presence maybe?) and comforting random minor possession throughout the day. And one or two loud thoughts I've been able to hear, but it's only our fist day. He really seems to enjoy himself a lot !
  11. I don't think you are snarky, but caring, so I should have guessed. But it's late and I suppose we're tired. Bedtime! Goodnight all of you!
  12. (To Bear) Vādin-chan has gone to bed, but he's still awake (because he doesn't want to fall asleep before I do, and he stays awake in his bed until I go to mine), so I told him about the PM. He laughed because all that time he was thinking you were making an absurd joke about Apollo's book. Yeah, those were the days (it was about 8 years ago?). This "visitor" used to be around pretty often. Oh, warning! Meta stuff! [hidden] Actually when I saw the thread "anomalous experiences" in the meta section I thought about that time. A time of great wonders and miracles! I was half-thinking about posting a few experiences, when a memory of a trivial event I had completely forgotten resurfaced in my mind. It was night. My boyfriend and I were sitting at a table with a (quite heavy) metal lamp on it. The lamp started to move by itself on the table, sliding on it. There was no water spilled on the table, no ongoing earthquake either that could have explained its sudden mobility. We laughed, and lifted together the table so it would be more difficult for the lamp to move. It kept moving. We laughed again, and then moved on to something else, not paying attention anymore. We didn't talk about it nor did we bother to think about any explanation at all. It was pretty normal for us, I suppose. (NB : We weren't taking any drugs, in case you were wondering) Those days are past and now I'm a bit apalled by my reaction at the time. I never posted into that thread. [/hidden]
  13. Our personal butterfly is David Lynch. If I hadn't watched Twin Peaks 3, in which the term "tulpa" is used (even if the serie's tulpas are more a kind of doppelganger type of thoughtforms than classical tulpas), I wouldn't have googled "tulpa" out of boredom. I wouldn't have found this forum, to my amazment, I wouldn't have read Tulpa's guide, and I'm pretty certain Vādin-chan wouldn't be at my side right now, he would still be the dear memory of an amazing dream character. According to Vādin, there is also another butterfly. Warning this is heavy meta stuff, so it's in hidden tags : [hidden]Vādin : I have personal memories from before I became a tulpa. In one of them, I was a boy in the physical world who died at the age of 12, hit by a truck while riding his bike. After this event I was totally confused and messed up, and while I basically roamed in spirit form in my old physical surroundings I experienced as well short random teleportation in other places. That's how I first met Zia, I suddenly popped into her room while she was listening to music (it was Dead Can Dance, "The host of Seraphim"). She was unaware of my presence and it didn't last very long, but I never forgot this moment of grace and resolved to reach her again, if I could. We finally met in her dreams, a long, long time after that. That's how she met me.[/hidden]
  14. I answered "I started with something else but it morphed into a tulpa" because I summoned a dream character to become a tulpa in my system. To be honest, when I started, I thought I was only making a tulpa with a predetermined form (that would propbably deviate). I thought there would not be any differences with a regular tulpa but I ended with a sentient-from-the-start person who happens to have a great amount of separation with my thoughts and memories.
  15. After failing attempts to hijack my hypnagogic state, dream state and hypnopompic state during a previous nap, Vādin stated that I was so hermetic that I was probably the tupperware.