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  1. Well, have you asked them what they think about you having intercourse with them so often? Do they all enjoy it? This is not something we can answer for you, you should ask them that yourself.
  2. I definitely wouldn't rule out it being your tulpa, I started working on L two days ago, got headpressures yesterday, she got vocal today. But also keep in mind that you definitely shouldn't expect something like us, though! We're still baffled by how fast that went.
  3. I've heard this being thrown around here and there, and I'm interested. I regularly take a drug that can be of use to younger people with autism, which is what I use it for. However, it's mainly used as an antipsychotic. Is it true that antipscyhotics can surpress tulpas? How severe is it? Is it safe to create a tulpa while taking them? I take tree times less than is needed for (adolescent) Schizophrenia patients. Does that still cause trouble or no? I really want to be sure before I make the decision to create a tulpa or not.
  4. What do you mean by an easier way to access your subconscious? It might just be because I'm new here but I don't really get what you're trying to say.
  5. I just noticed that I made a typo, I wanted to say "when they get vocal" but I missed that last word. So it looks like we're on the same page here c: With "phase" I mean "something that I am interested in, but only for a limited amount of time". Kind of like how you get bored of a videogame after a while and stop playing it. Not phase that relates to an identity, as that can be harmful. I see tulpamancy as an interest, not part of my identity. I pretty much agree with this here. That last part scares me a bit, to be honest! It's like losing something you had for a long time and can't think back to how it used to be. I know it's irrational and I shouldn't be thinking like that, but I can't help it.
  6. Good thing I both write and daydream a lot. Thanks to everyone who has responded thus far. There are moments where I heavily lean towards creating the tulpa I've had my eyes on for two months now, but at the same time there are moments of doubt. Have I thought this through? Am I jumping to conclusions too early? Will I be able to adapt to a new person inside my head? Will I be responsible? Am I too young to decide things like this? (I still am in my mid-teens. Although I must admit a lot of people see me as more mature and level-headed.) At one hand, I feel like I've found my passion, I always had great interest into psychological stuff and plurality opens up a whole new world. Especially with how it is rarely touched upon by studies. I'm so fascinated by how you can shape your brain into a lot of different things. And how little we know about psychology in general. Prior to this, I wanted to go to art college, but now? I'm not sure anymore. On the other hand though... what if this is a phase I'll regret after a while? I tend to drop things after a couple of years. What if plurality is one of those things? How hard is it to adapt to a new systemmate if you were a singlet before that? I understand it must not be that hard if you already are plural. Life is a lot more simple as a singlet and I don't know if I can handle the burden of keeping this secret. I guess I'll never know if I don't try. But this is a change I can't reverse. I have a very small and tight group of friends, two of them I'm not sure they understand plurality as a whole, the other two I'm fairly sure they're okay with it. At least there's that.
  7. That's nice to hear, I probably would go crazy having to talk to someone all the time. At least that's how I see it. Experience might change that but I'm still not 100% sure if I even want to create a tulpa. So what I'm getting from this is that forcing is a very personal thing, I get that within the first few weeks it should be as much as possible. After they get it's whatever you decide to roll with? Oh, that would require a lot of modifying of my wonderland, for some reason I can't summon things out of thin air. I need to create a spot where I can get those things first. For example I needed to have a fridge in my hut before I could acquire food. Slaying beasts might be a lot of fun, but would require me to get a "summoning" spot first. My house is very small and cramped already and I don't think I can easily expand it. It's pretty cemented into my mind already. It's not easy for me to change things that I already have placed there. I'm getting better at visualizing my other senses besides vision. Feeling is the one I still need the most work with. I've got hot and cold down, which I noticed at random because it started raining out of nowhere yesterday. I had no control over this and at one point I saw a lightning flash. It was pretty freaky! Oh! A discord. I don't think I can join though, since I kind of want my connections with tulpamancy and other communities be minimal. At least for now. ...that's a very good point. See, I don't really believe you *have* to visualize a form to have roleplaying turn into parroting. As a lot of people force without visualizing sometimes. That's also nice to hear! I hope that's also the case for me c:
  8. So uh, hey! I'm new here. I've been stalking these forums for around two months now. I'm not sure if I want to create a tulpa because of the impact that can have on my life, so here are a few questions that might convince me to create one or not. If your tulpa wants to front a lot, but can't because of some reason, how do you work that out? I don't even know how I would switch without being private somewhere. As I feel like people would immediately notice something off when I would do it in public. Thing is, I am not often in a private space. I heard that tulpas might want their own IRL friends, what if I am not able to get them friends because I can't switch in public? Is your wonderland perspective first person or third person? If first person, do you have a form that your tulpa can see? (Just to note: I have been creating a wonderland just for myself, which is going nicely so far. I'm a very visual person, everything almost looks vivid and life-like. Just a tad darker. I mostly look from first person, but I can move the "camera" to third person. The first time I did this surprised me, as I apparently have a different form than I have in real life. I am not surprised by what form I took though, it's an avatar I have for myself in a few other places. Is this normal?) To more introverted hosts: with a fully developed tulpa, do you get any alone-time? A time where they won't talk to you at all. I feel like a life-long companion would be great... but only if they can leave me alone for a while. Is there a minimum time you need to spend daily active forcing? I've been working on my wonderland mostly just before I go to sleep, this takes around half an hour, if I spend that amount of time forcing, would that be enough? Does passive forcing have an impact on this? I feel like I would be able to passive force a lot, but not do active forcing as much. Do you ever get tired of each other? I know arguments can be solved. But I'm talking about things getting old between you, like a married couple. How do you solve that? You can't just divorce like a marriage in some cases. Do any of your friends know? How did you introduce them to tulpamancy? (And to younger tulpamancers like me who still live with their parents, how did you introduce them to your parents? If you did at all.) How does blending feel? Does forcing get boring after a while? To tulpamancers that have a tulpa the same gender as them (more specifically female tulpamancers with female tulpas. You don't see those here often!), do you have trouble figuring out your mindvoices? And lastly, I might have unintentionally been creating a tulpa already. I have come up with a personality for her, and I have started roleplaying what her responses might be to different situations whenever I come across one. Can roleplaying like that turn into parroting? I think that's everything, sorry for cramming everything into one topic. I hope that's alright?
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