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  1. Heard somewhere around here about a guy that had a friend that before drawing something, always had it all completely visualized and the friend only had to draw the lines he was already seeing, I guess it's possible. It would be an interesting experiment to see how consistent imposition is, I mean, if it's a stable image or you just think it is, and then when you try to draw it, it is either out of proportions or there are different perspectives or anything like that.
  2. He is, but as weird as what he say is, it does make sense. But I do think that belief is relevant even for them, it's something hard to prove though.
  3. Why would the hallucination remain if your brain doesn't have any connection to it's origin anymore? While that is true, there is a thought I once read from Pinkamena, about how closely tulpaforcing resembles to building your belief and even believing you believe in tulpae, rather than creating or building someone. The fact is that no one that believed that tulpae were impossible to exist would ever even try to tulpaforce, because it would be pointless, unless he does think that it might be possible. I mean that there are levels of belief, from "impossible" to "possible" to "plausible
  4. Maybe he's not a tulpa, just some other identity? I mean how deep is his personality anyway? If you ask him a question and he answers honestly, would that be an answer that you expected or an unexpected one? Because if everything he says is either a lie or an expected answer based only on his deceiving nature, then he most likely is an impersonation of your concept of lie. What he actually besides that, I don't know. How do you get rid of it? Maybe you could try seeking the opposing one? The guy that always tells the truth and never changes? You would end up like that riddle of two guys and tw
  5. If none of what was said above works, try spinning yourself in an opposing direction to the object. Or try to make the whole mindscape spin in the same direction of the thing that you are trying to stop thinking it's spinning. If everything is spinning, then it's the same as if none of it is, right?
  6. If the emotional abscence is cause by a traumatic experience, your tulpa should be able to experience emotions you couldn't feel because of your trauma. If you were born without X emotions, you should only be able to simulate them. You would have to look for papers regarding "treatment" of psychopaths to know, though.
  7. That's why belief is a key in the matter. If a host lost all memory regarding his tulpa, would he even be able to hear his tulpa again? Or if the host's memory from the tulpa is "erased", so is the tulpa? Or maybe the tulpa would still exist, but would be unable to reach the host, and then would most likely fade away? What would even happen if a tulpa erases her own memory from the host, if it's even possible? My answer to all that would be: The tulpa would either not exist/not be able to (she would stay conscious of herself and you, but not be able to communicate or "do" anything at all de
  8. Back. Going to see what nootropil (piracetam) does to me. Any recommendations, like, how much should I take? Forgot mentioning, it's 800mg per capsule.
  9. Oh no, I'm saying I'll have to repeat a lot of things, like I had to do last time. What is a consciousness if not a thought pattern? Active dissipation, yes. Ignoring a tulpa is a passive dissipation. But the natural process of thoughts, as it is with a building, is to difuse/corrose itself with time, unless you are constantly repairing it. Thoughts, unless you use a lot of them, won't be just as solid as cement. Even a building, without repairs to it's structure, will eventually collapse. Yet the tulpa can only have so much power as the hosts gives to her. How
  10. You could, you know, try to replicate everything we think that happens while we interact with our tulpas. The better thing I imagine would be to try the Ping-Pong technique and see how it goes.
  11. I hate discussing in a forum. I'm going to law school, so I'm that internet guy that loves to argue, but it is just painful to do this in a forum, specially because every post is a huge wall of text. And again, I just posted this because a lot of people seemed too much sure about some stuff regarding switching. I already stated that I might be wrong and that's my opinion, anyway, I'm going to answer you untill I get bored, because I said it in the first line of this thread, I didn't made it because I wanted to discuss the subject, I made this thread more or less to state my opinion and put som
  12. If you care enough to reply, why don't you also read the thread? I said already that I'm trying to prove one or another, and that I'd like people to help me prove it. What I don't want is people jumping to conclusions. Again, already said it. 2 differences that I notice. One that seems obvious: Origin. The host is born and grow independantly of any other consciousness. He's born with the body and the creation of his consciousness is attached to the body's reactions to the outside world. A tulpa, in the other hand, is created by second-hand experiences, memories and beliefs originated b
  13. Blah blah. People don't know tulpae and most people don't think that the voices in their heads can be created intentionally, but rather that they were created accidentally. It could help, but it would be really hard.
  14. As far as possession goes, Oguigi said: "The connection of a host new to tulpamancing with the body is ridiculously strong", which means that the one that stays the longest in the body will most likely have more power over the other regarding possession, so if someone doesn't want to be possessed he will not. But of course, even believing in this makes the host resistance stronger, so of course belief is a strong factor here. But I'm not into censoring knowledge, what I am saying is: "Hold your horses". We don't know yet. I want to prove it. So try too if you want it to be proved or don't i
  15. Never said there are big differences, I'm just saying we shouldn't fully consider that there aren't (which seems to be the most frequent approach) since they might exist. And the purpose of the thread is nonetheless reinforce the belief that we might be different after all, since we can't determine it yet (I'm hoping to be able to in the future). About the pain, that's nice to hear. If anything interesting comes up, remember me! Which once again demonstrates why tibetans had tulpas. But I have some questions for you, about memory modification/deletion. How (and why) you are able
  16. It's nice to hear that. Most people think that there is absolutely no differences between a tulpa and a host, but it sounds like an anti-racist propaganda or something, there is no need for us to be exactly the same, with or without the switching, since we are equal in almost everything already. Whatever our differences are, I don't think we should deny the existence of our differences, but accept them as our differences most likely exist. What actually matters is if you can ignore the pain and do something else without losing your focus to the pain, like, you don't need to hold you
  17. That would be nice and weird, since LSD is an hallucinogenic, and seroquel is an anti-hallucinogenic. But I think this is of the "jurisdiction" of the thread "Tulpa and Drugs", Seroquel is probably more useful for the purposes of this thread.
  18. Haha, no. The idea of this thread is to try to use tulpas to change an idea we have purposely into another, like from "I like apples" to "I hate apples" or anything like that, not accidently, like what happened to you.
  19. Then, believe it or not, you're not a special snowflake and someone else had this idea before you did. Here's an example of one that thought of using such devices before: http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Real-world-interaction-via-neural-device?highlight=device And the thread that I mentioned is this: http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Tulpae-and-EEG-Devices?highlight=device As it is, it seems that I really thought you were a special snowflake that was here suggesting to use an EEG device and then did it, but oh well, you also thought you were one by thinking you were the only one to t
  20. I wouldn't care if it happened to me. Being too much into my wonderland, even with the side effects, shouldn't be that bad. You could try "cooling down" before leaving your wonderland, like, say your tulpa a goodbye or something, then start visualizing a void, and then visualize the room your're in, like you are teleporting from one world to the other, then try opening your eyes. If this doesn't work, I'd say to you to endure it, it can't be that bad.
  21. A bit more elaborated: I have a thread on self-imposition in which Onicron posted, it was basically that he would get out of the body and his tulpa wouldn't enter it, as such, he would enter a imposed tulpa-like state, which by what he experienced and reported, seemed exactly the same as astral projection (Minus the metaphysical stuff, just reconstructing the world from what you know and think it is). Which means that if one can achieve astral projection, most likely switching is going to come easily (and vice versa).
  22. This, if I remember correctly, was already suggested in the thread Proof of Tulpae, or maybe it was just me thinking of this, but anyway, it is something we can only hope to achieve in the future. Nothing we could do right now besides waiting.
  23. Isn't that an amphetamine that makes you lose weight? You guys are seriously trying it all. Thank you. I'm going to see if I can get some here. Dude, send me some if you don't want it.
  24. Oh, I know that. It was the first time I saw it mentioned in a guide though. That's really interesting, but I wouldn't say it is an inaccessible muscle, since I know that one method to "treat" some types of strabism is to block the eye that work well and let the eye that doesn't free, so the kid has to work his way out of strabism to be able to see a thing, making his bad eye go into the correct position. It is really interesting, but it's still possible for a host without the help of a tulpa to do.
  25. Don't forget to report your results if you try! What happens will most likely determine what we think that occurs during switching.
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