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  1. • Day 7 • Nothing today. • Day 8 • She actually spoke to me today out of nowhere. It was quite promising and accidental progress. I wasn't even thinking about her. Had a rough day with my heart and chest. • Day 9 • It's only the morning of today, but I'm booked into the doctors for today to get my chest checked out.
  2. • Day 5 • School was too stressful to do anything, and slept at 6pm. • Day 6 • At night, I had a huge anxiety attack over everything in my life piling up. I think I will have to take a break from tulpamancing until I can physically and mentally recover from it, as I'm still feeling the effects this morning.
  3. • Day 4 • I hardly talked to her throughout the day. •Did the same tulpa meditation video as yesterday however got very distracted and only used it minimally, had it just play in the background •Got into a very deep trance and felt energy flow through my arms and legs and had my finger twitch and move a few times upon asking if Hope could do that for me • Video ended. Then began sitting on the fishing deck extension and talked to her very briefly about my day. I kept getting distracted in my thoughts but I believe that was because I did this at 11pm after a stressful school day lol •Tri
  4. • Day 1 • •Talking to a friend and she randomly came back from the dead/dormancy lol •She actually talked for the first time in forever and I've grown used to it now but at the time it was a little startling she was so present in my mind. • Day 2 • •Briefly talked to Hope throughout the day and the occasional visualisation. School generally gets in the way. •After some procrastination, tried meditating at night but got into a too comfortable situation aaand.. slept. However, before I slept I could test out the hand pulsing, and sure enough very distinct hand pulsing of yes and no. Could
  5. So, I've begun this to show progress on hopefully finalizing Hope's creation process that I started 26 September 2017. I then took a year break until 10 Feburary 2019 ^^ ▪HOPE ▪ female white fox in creation (semi-sentiency) • what we can do • (tested 11 February 2019) (inconsistent) visualisation of Hope random flashes of visualisation of Hope when not intending to blurry visualisation vocalisation yes or no hand pulses • what we want to do • (what I'm documenting!) different voice in vocalisation so it's easier to distinguish me from her clearer voice in vocalisatio
  6. Thank you Apollo! I may also start a journal to document these things.
  7. I'm not sure if how I hear my tulpas voice is correct. It sounds exactly like my own, quiet and in the back of my head. I can only hear her when I really focus on listening, and I feel sometimes I accidently parrot her responses. It's because her talking is very quick and very far back under my mental "layers" of voice and is hard to hear. Im not sure if this is promising, or is actually my mind voice having like multiple layers if that's normal?
  8. already?! oml! Literally only 5 minutes of tulpaforcing and you had a full tulpa?
  9. sorry if this is in the wrong area! I didn't think this would fit into questions and answers considering it's not really a question but more a want for advice so I've been active forcing, and visualising my tulpa.. i alao read jd's guide and I've determined I'm in the stage where I can see everything in detail but it's got a black transparency or darkness, both in the wonderland and my tulpa so I'm really close to full visualization like real life I've read what they wrote and I'm still not sure how to approach 'tearing down my mind barrier' so I can see everything in clear colour. Any
  10. I've been making really good progress with Hope, my white fox tulpa. But I feel like it's for the wrong reasons... My active forcing sessions only last 20 minutes each, but today I've done 2 (one in the bath and one in bed after a nap). I feel like I'm approaching passive forcing incorrectly as it is, simply talking to her in my head but getting distracted and it feels forced what I'm talking about when it's passive Anyway In my 20mins in the bath today I decided to use a yes/no and one option/two option method of communication with her where she makes one of my hands pulse more than th
  11. Hour 1 ♡ Hope ♡ Being created, not sentient ♡ White fox ♡ Possible bell collar(?) ♡ Possible human form What I hope for the future: ♡ Vocality ♡ Clearer visualisation I discovered tulpas about a month ago through a friend, and didn't think anything of it and just thought it was alright. I've been researching more into tulpae, and on Monday 25th at night I begun creating my tulpa. Hope, a white fox. I'm giving her freedom to have a human form and alternate her fox form, but for now im working on a simple fox. I've got no sign of sentience so far, no vocalisation, but it's only
  12. I've been narrating all day when I could remember in school to my tulpa about small things, just staring off into space and rambling in my head and directing my words to them by saying "hope, ________" would this work if I kept doing it everyday?
  13. Got into tulpas recently,, When people say narrating to your tulpa, I've tried doing that while just laying in bed or blowdrying my hair in the morning but how do I know I'm talking TO my tulpa and not just talking in my head to myself? Also, when narrating do you have to have your eyes open or closed, and if closed do you have to visualise them when narrating? And HOW do you visualise 6our tulpa? Like they're in the same room as you, or like in the wonderland? My mind's eye is quite blurry and gets distracted so my tulpa's form changes a lot to things I don't like, but my tulpa isn't sentie
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