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  1. I don't know if this counts, but a scented candle I bought at the start of my tulpaforcing sessions really reminds me of Star when I smell it. (I dont get to light it very often so it just stands around but it smells nicely enough without lighting it) ((And obviously watching she show she is from does that, duh))
  2. Do you also do backgrounds / more than one person at a time (for example Me & Star) or is it just one character? And regardless of all of that, I might really consider this awesome offer... Do you know for how much longer one can commit stuff from you / you're going to do all of this?
  3. Lets see this as a small update, like... 1/3 of a Progress Report. I basicly just wanted to put out that I realized that I and Star don't share the same active times. Let's be honest, my sleeping scedule is... messy at best. After work i sleep like 2 hours and then stay up until 2am then sleep until 6/7am depending on what i need to do the next day. Unless someone calls me before 7pm and then I dont have the 2 hours and then i go to sleep earlier or not... It's a mess. (And I know it's also counterproductive to anyone wanting to be in mental top-form. Bad for Tulpaforcing and general productivity.) However I did reallize that while I am kinda sorta awake/around all the time sometimes, Star usually sleeps from around midnight to whenever I wake up, instead of following my weird sleeping pattern, which lead me to waking her up once or twice before or having to work with a totally powered out / sleepy star while I was awake, or the oposite actually, where I almost fall asleep at a random time during the day and she is her normal hyper self. -Which is weird, but very interesting none the less.
  4. I didn't mean that you would force them to be mute... I think I phrased this wrong in that case. I imagine it more like: The host imagines that he wants an animal companion in the traditional way. The tulpa created likes the idea and just stays what his/her host likes, because it's happy that way too. Also you can still interact and "talk" to real animals too which will sometimes understand what you say, it doesn't REALLY have to be a limiting factor in every way I think. (Sorry if it sounded like a horrible thing to do, but even if you still think so, it's about the existance of it, wether it's good or bad)
  5. Interesting.... Well this isnt exactly what I was wondering about, but a very interesting phenomenon none the less. Do you also behave differentally than you usually would? Or is it just a change that makes you look different and unable to speak? Does you host still get along with you as you guys normally would? If it is holding you back however, I wish you best of luck for overcoming this blockade in the future
  6. So while walking home from work I just realized, there is a lot of people with animals as Tulpas, both in the shape of anthro animals and just ordinary animals possessing human speech etc. Now I was wondering, is there people who have had, or still have a Tulpa which isn't capable of speech etc., and is not intended to learn any of that. ... I think I am phrasing this very weirdly so lets put this in a simple context. --- Lots of people have dogs or cats outside their mindscape in their homes or when they lived with their parents, and enjoyed them as a close friend. So instead of making someone to talk to or whatever they just make a dog in their mind, following the creation of the tulpa creation process, to have a permanent animal companion who doesn't speak to them but lives in their mindscapes just as a tulpa would with sapience and theoretical ability to switch and so on to make their lifes better. Or maybe just as a companion for their tulpa, because they have experience with animals helping people evolve as a person and in times of loneliness (Not just talking about a NPC here or a Servitor etc.)
  7. The art here is so lovely I am almost tempted to ask for a picture aswell, but I don't know if I can either accept if for free or if it wouldnt be a waste as there is so much art of "my Tulpa" already. (It comes as a given when you have a character from a cartoon show as the source of inspiration, Star Butterfly in my case from Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil"
  8. Star now did it. She pretty much messed up my plan on recreating my wonderland in games like minecraft or software like blender... By beeing the most spontanious i've seen her act ever, in the most amazing way I've seen ever. ---- I was thinking like "Hey star, should we get a music room?" [i asked this because I now force 90% of the time using random music I like] I got a strong positive reaktion/response I told her she should make it I REALLY STRONGLY think about making it in the cellar, i tell her to get her wand.... She spawns a room off the side off our roof, like the one in the show, and I am already amazed (If also very positively confused as this went against my planning). Then i tell her to design it without me and I went for a little walk around the outsides of the house. Yup... I have a tower-esque room hanging from the side of my roof now. It kinda fits though, atleast I thought so before I entered it. Now entering this room was... very weird and different for me than all the other rooms I've ever made. First off all it took me a really long time to actually see half the things she made there as I am not too used to changes, but also I could just... feel the colors of the room (?). Overall it was a very weird but amazing experience. But what is that room now, you might think/ask. Well, imagine its a room which is sorta round but more like a octagon really. (Prepare for bad-english explaination) The room has 8 angles, 4 of them (Basicly all the horizontal lines) have 2 Subwoofers attached to them at around 3 meters height (using metric system, because I don't know any other) with most of the floor beeing covered by a giant carpet which double as a soft disco floor. Next to the wall is a kind of plant growing which is looking like a piano for some reason. On the opposite to the door is a huge pink fluffy sofa, to settle on for listening pleassure. To the left from the entrance is a small stage with instruments / a microphone stand which can be used however one wants (we already spawned Hatsune Miku in to perform to a song that came up in my playlist) On the right from the door however... We don't really know what to put there yet. Right now there is another sofa that could later on act as a control panel. Now onto the amazing features of the room itself, not only its decor. The entire wall of the room is a visualizer which will also display the color that I think of when I feel the mood of the current song. Which is a weird approach to seeing colors in my head that I couldn't come up with before this. The disco lighting is mostly taken care off of a random unicorn doll(?) thats attached to the ceiling moving in a circle motion and shining rainbow lights down from it's horn. Obviously her staff can interact with pretty much everything inside the room, easier and faster than I can infact. (I already asked her to borrow the staff to me for test purposes and it did indeed work better... if a bit more random) One example of her staff interactions could be that when she fired it at the unicorn on top, the unicorn began to puke rainbows down. (Which sounds A LOT more disturbing now, than it felt back then) I literally cried tears of joy when I saw all of this take place before me and it instantly became my favorite room in the house. I will spend a lot of time in there, and you can bet I will. ---- To another weird part, the entire time we didn't feel the need to fight, which was a lovely change for once and we just spend 30 minutes experiencing music on a awkwardly deep level. This has been great. Star is great. -Flopsi99
  9. First of all, since she sadly isn't vocal yet, there is sadly no announcing her attacks, which would be INCREDIBLY COOL but I gotta wait for that to happen. Another thing is, sure. You could go by the laws of the games, but the more open you design everything, the more possibilitys you have. I could just try to get you the whole story of what happend that day, even though I said I wouldn't... I guess a bit of story time wouldn't hurt though. This is pretty much exactly what I wrote to a friend of mine just after finishing: Aswell as I'll throw some more detailed information in here that I also told my friend. All I can say is it was extremally fun! (And I hope not too cringy to read, also ALL of this was rushed and written down in some minutes without much attention to grammar or similar so please excuse that) -Flopsi99
  10. She likes it rough! Beeing smacked all night long! Now, now, calm down. I am not going to tell you some weird tale about preferences of the adult level. (plz go eazy modo on me) What I really mean is general interactions, basicly what fills our daily forcing sessions most lately. --- Now what does that really mean, and why and what is even the point of this post? --- Star has become... very lazy over the last couple of times I wasn't able to force with her (which has been since last friday, which is a small success for myself). But Star, THE Star Butterfly shouldn't, no wouldn't be lazy, right? She is an interdimensional adventurer basicly, she can't sit around in a corner all day. So build upon the believe that she is adventurous but something is holding her back, combined with my held back desire of action in my life and finished up with the one PRs i have read (I don't remember the tulpaforcers name sadly, he had a dude falling down the stairs .gif as his profile picture) I decided to put lots of action without the danger of pain into my mind. And she seems to approve of this greatly. I am not going to bore anyone with the exact details of what we do sometimes, or adventures I have written down after forcing (Unless someone wants to know about it) but you can imagine it a little bit like mixing my favorite games (Like Mario / Zelda titles) with Dragon Ball - esque fighting. Or even fighting without any special theme somewhere in our wonderland or some other made up place. - And we have never laughed that much before together. She isn't even vocal yet but these moments have brought us closer a great chunk! (I can visually remember riding/bouncing up the mountain on "bobombs battlefield" (Mario 64) on the chainchomp i've freed and tamed) We actually fight ourselfs a lot in these aswell, and oftentimes we get fairly compedetive, so we both won already and got to a tie by destroying the world i made for that day... welp, these times are especially fun for us. (Our last "fight" was a compedetive patty cake game, in which the one who messes up gets to be punched freely, that night I reallized that she is a lot better at patty cake than I am...) It might be a bit too extreme, and a lot of people would get bored of this, and I know I will too, but until vocality this might be our favorite way to interact. -Flopsi99 ((Really pls go easy on that headline, it's what motivated me to write this xD)
  11. Hi. Your visualisation problem sounds a lot like mine, only that i think i can also see outlines of things, or atleast can imagine where these outlines would be if I saw them, so I can mostly trace most images/scenes/motions... While that held me back a lot at the start, I kinda just rolled with it after some time, it's a lot better than nothing after all. I think real visualisation just takes a lot more practise and patience with some people. You could maybe try to interact with your tulpa gesture based, for example a simple yes/no could be done by either nodding or holding up according signs (thats what I deal with atm) or anything you could come up with really. I am also still fairly new to actual tulpaforcing and didn't get all too far either yet, but I am progressing, so it can't be too bad if you believe into it. Or try what tulpa001 said and seek other methods that you're able to do/learn easier and faster, this forum is huge and you'll probably find something up your alley! Good Luck!
  12. I didn't mean to offend or anything, the "get your facts mixed up like this" was rather meant as a general example, and the "your" here was meant as whoever gets his stuff wrong, which seems to be me this time. I guess.... Again, I am not exactly natively speaking english so pardon my failures regarding this sort of stuff. Maybe me beeing able to tell is automatically, subconciously recognising the light levels outside, which should be different like you said? Or some internal clock-instinct like thing where i just know how long it would take until the next, even without actively knowing?... It's just weird overall. Meh.
  13. Well for me it affected me without me knowing the moon phases though. Maybe it doesnt effect nearly as many people as I thought it would... weird to get your facts mixed up like that.
  14. I wonder, in my past experience doing tulpaforcing that the state of the moon influences my tulpaforcing efficiency (or to put it direct, I can't force and produce any progress at all during full moon (I actually reallized yesterday and today that I couldn't get any progress and after looking up the moon cycle I knew what it was)). I have known that I react to different moon states in weird ways all my life, and my mom always told me that a lot of people react to natural things like that but I wonder, since you guys are basicly all about that moon, how you react to it and how you think it must be for others to have... bad expieriences with the moon affecting them. Or anything to this topic really.
  15. Sorry to revive your thread for something this weird/trivial but... I spontaniously wondered, why is it that you like the active act of watching rain? Lots of people I know mostly enjoy the sound of it or the general vibe coming off of a rainy day. But to those that like it visually there must be another aspect of enjoyment to this. Maybe the way it interacts with the enviroment? Is it just rain or also storm (or at least some stronger wind) coupled with rain, so you could see like leaves moving or similar. Also coupled with a storm could be thunder, or visual lightning? Maybe also how collected water interacts with it's enviroment? Like leaves collecting water then bend down under it's weight so it flows down or to see it visually travel through a gutter? Or does it maybe also have to do with the rain density? I personally feel like very light rain is more like a visual noise to my eyes and heavy rain can act like a sort of fog where its a little harder to see through. I dont know why I went this deep into rain-ology here... I guess I am just interested in peoples interests. Silly me.