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  1. Thank you all for your responses! I feel much better about using a simple form for my tulpa for the time being. Hopefully by the time they want to change it I will feel more confident about my visualisation. Your responses have been super useful :)
  2. Thank you both; you've really helped. I don't use forums much, so I hope I'm quoting you correctly. Yes, I know I shouldn't expect a tulpa to 'be' the character I imagine, but I just don't want them to be upset that I 'cheaped out' on their form haha. I can't see a chair, I just know what a chair is. I could describe a chair, but I'm not 'seeing' one. And that's just a chair; the same can't be said for a complex human figure like I would assume most tulpas have. (Well, except the ~50% of tulpas that are ponies xD) I assume you mean 'it won't be your tulpa'. I'm just happy if my tulpa's happy, as long as they have some kind of recognisable form for me to identify them by.
  3. I read a lot that a tulpa should not be based on a fictional character too strictly because it can cause identity conflicts. But how lenient is this rule? I have decided to base my tulpa's form on TARS from Interstellar, because I am not very good at visualising, and I feel like a big cuboid would be easy to visualise xD But will my tulpa be negatively influenced by this? I don't want a tulpa that can't feel emotion, or one that is upset that I chose a form based on how easy it is to visualise. Thanks in advance.
  4. I often see people advising that I should parrot/puppet my tulpa to force it better. Wouldn't my tulpa, once sentient, be annoyed that I was essentially impersonating them, and fabricating lies about them? Sorry that I'm dumb :P
  5. OK, cool, so I was just being ridiculously paranoid? haha ok sorry for being dumb D:
  6. A lot of guides I've read have suggested writing a short story about my Tulpa, to familiarise myself with their personality, and see how they react in certain situations, etc. However, I see a lot of people saying not to parrot/puppet my Tulpa, or base them on a fictional character, because they won't understand what is real and what was the fictional event. Am I just being paranoid, or what? I would be creating a fictional story about my Tulpa, and that can't be good for their perception of self, right?
  7. Is a personality sheet just a list of a Tulpa's traits, or is it a printed list of categories, or something entirely different? haha, sorry, I'm new to this
  8. I have decided to create a Tulpa, but all the guides I've seen say to give my Tulpa 'personality traits', while also saying to let my Tulpa be their own person. So to what extent should I control my Tulpa's personality? Sorry if this is a stupid question; I couldn't find it in the search bar.
  9. Hey! I'm NauseaBath (It's a gross name, but it's MY name, haha) I've been thinking of starting a Tulpa for a while now, and I'm certain it's the right choice, but I have a few more questions I'd like to ask first. So now I have an account you'll be swamped with my questions haha (I hope not lol) Also I don't usually use forums so I hope I'm putting this in the right place xD Yeah, so, hi.