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  1. Thank you for all the helps, really means much to me and I now feel like I really can get started. I'll plan everything out very well and keep a log of everything, my tulpa and world so on. Maybe you'll hear from me later on when I've got some more progress or about the world and all its details and things. Maybe I'll even share some of my logs and progress of how things go on the way. Kind regards, Quinn
  2. Thank you Lucilyn for your amazing reply. I will try my utter best to give all my positive thoughts on my tulpa and give her a kind and supportive character / personality. I also was quite interested in the appearance part you included, but you said you've dealt before with these ball of light / shapeshifting tulpas and how this usually goes, could you further describe this and what the cons of this method is. I was considering this because I wasn't certain about the appearance and it would be an easy way to change it. After reading your suggestions I am most likely to use a anime char
  3. Hello everyone, I am Quinn, 17 years old with a busy live studying and sports. I have been into lucid dreaming for quite some while now (without much succes) and stumbled a few days ago upon this whole 'Tulpa' subject. I have been reading all kinds of things now and started to make my own plans but as many say, it's a lifetime dedication and not something too take too lightly. That's why I chose to create this thread with a bit of my backstory and ideas to gain some input from the more advanced and experienced people on these forums. Thank you in advance for reading and taking your time!
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