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  1. Thank you for all the helps, really means much to me and I now feel like I really can get started. I'll plan everything out very well and keep a log of everything, my tulpa and world so on. Maybe you'll hear from me later on when I've got some more progress or about the world and all its details and things. Maybe I'll even share some of my logs and progress of how things go on the way. Kind regards, Quinn
  2. Thank you Lucilyn for your amazing reply. I will try my utter best to give all my positive thoughts on my tulpa and give her a kind and supportive character / personality. I also was quite interested in the appearance part you included, but you said you've dealt before with these ball of light / shapeshifting tulpas and how this usually goes, could you further describe this and what the cons of this method is. I was considering this because I wasn't certain about the appearance and it would be an easy way to change it. After reading your suggestions I am most likely to use a anime character as base guide line (Yume from Hai to gensou no grimgar). But how would a 2d anime character visualize? Would it be 2d aswell or would it be like a 3d kind of character, perhaps even just really realistic and humanlike. As for my wonderland I want to create a whole so called 'world' with its own rules, religion and so on. (I'm currently also going more in depth on a subreddit about worldbuilding). This is also were I would spend my lucid dream time and have my so called adventures. But would this world be able to 'live' inside my head, with all its details and so called NPC's. Because I am talking about a whole world maybe the size of planet earth. (I would start small with for example only the village my dreamhouse where me and my tulpa live, but in the end have whole races and biomes and cities) if for example I pick up a bucket from the city and drop it off somewhere else random, would it be still there after a week for example, like it's consistent. Thank you for your time and input!
  3. Hello everyone, I am Quinn, 17 years old with a busy live studying and sports. I have been into lucid dreaming for quite some while now (without much succes) and stumbled a few days ago upon this whole 'Tulpa' subject. I have been reading all kinds of things now and started to make my own plans but as many say, it's a lifetime dedication and not something too take too lightly. That's why I chose to create this thread with a bit of my backstory and ideas to gain some input from the more advanced and experienced people on these forums. Thank you in advance for reading and taking your time! First I have a question regarding my own mental state, I am currently dealing with a sort of depression and lots of negative thoughts, I try to keep myself busy in my daily life to keep these thoughts away but it doesn't always help, for example at night when I fall asleep I feel horrible, tired and depressed while crying. I also have seen some horrible gross and gore things on the internet. This is also one of my reasons to bring a tulpa and lifelong friend into my life to support me and one of the traits is going to be that he or she always supports me. But now my question is, can these negative feelings and thoughts influence my tulpa? Or perhaps the things I have seen, I don't want my tulpa to be badly influenced or be a so called negative and bad tulpa who will only pull me further into depression and negative feelings. So far for the negative things, now onto my ideas and more positive things! Which is far nicer and better. As I am really doubtfull about appearance of my tulpa, I wonder what would happen if I created a so called 'spirit' a globe of energy and such and without appearances so that I can focus on personality. And later on 'give' my tulpa the ability of shapeshifting. So we can together make like a 'main' human form that the tulpa will be using most but if not liked it can also change as it wants, maybe even into animals and such. This idea will also be useful for later ideas. Second off I always love creating fantasy worlds in my mind and one of my plans would be to create my own huge fantasy world with magical forests, elves, dragons, magic and so on. I wonder if it would also be a good idea to make like a cute magical cottage in a big forest with river and so on (my perfect house in my fantasy world) and make this my wonderland for my tulpa. I also want to combine this with my lucid dreams (far future plans but it's good to set goals, right?) so that in my dreams I can come in the house, we can both have like breakfast in the wonderland house and then go on adventures (my tulpa can shapeshift then aswell for example a big wolf and run around) and so on. And would my tulpa remember the same dreams and be lucid together with me aswell? Basically I want to have a whole different world/life inside of my head I can be in while lucid dreaming (maybe also just visit my visualizing during waking hours) my tulpa would also live there but would also be able to talk to me and visit me ofcourse to support me in daily life and such. Also would the world like continue on completely in my mind without me interacting, for example a war starts between races without me knowing or other events in the world and my tulpa would tell me about it when I visit again. (This is quite deep and complicated but would be so amazing, the power of the mind and brain are huge so I hope it's possible!) This was the main and biggest thing I had wanted to share and talk about but there are still a few other things for example, my dedication for lucid dreams is not so good and would my tulpa be able to help me with getting these lucid dreams? And I was also wondering if it would be able to create a place for my tulpa or imagine like a connection between me and this world and tulpa. And when my tulpa is in this place or I visualize a block between the connection of me and the world they won't be able to access my mind and talk to me in waking life for so called privacy. I don't want to like ignore and block everything and my tulpa for longer periodes of time, but if I want a day full privacy I can use this method to 'mute' everything and everyone else. I'd like to incorporate this then from the beginning so both of us get used to it or would there be a better method for this? Because I also read something about visualizing your tulpa in a bubble and then it wouldn't be able to talk to you, but I personally prefer the idea of my tulpa going to a place or the connection just temporary blocking so my tulpa can still go on its usual thing in the world itself. Thank you for reading this whole story and all my questions, it was quite a thing to write and probably read aswell. If you have questions on the matter or my ideas or suggestions go ahead and ask me! I am open for anything, like suggestions, input or the pros and cons of my ideas. Maybe if it's too big a thing and it won't work? I don't know but this is my dream and I am willing to work for it! I will hear from you in the comments and I'll respond as quickly as possible. Sorry for any mistakes or if things are unclear, English isn't my native language. Kinds regards, Curios dreamer Quinn