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    My tulpa is a dragon. Not very surprising from the username, I know.
  1. As good as that sounds, I think my sense of logic will prevent me from doing so. I made this thread before Thanksgiving (after in Canada? XD) because I figured we would all be busy with actual Thanksgiving.
  2. Alright, so I had a marvelous idea whilst eating dinner today. What if we just had a thread for Thanksgiving? Here's the idea: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An introduction: Introduce yourself and your tulpa(e). You don't have to use your real name. A good idea would be to describe your tulpa(e), but this is not required. Your tulpa may give their own greeting of course, if they can talk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A dish: Here's the fun part. You need to bring a dish to the table. There can be repeats (who doesn't like more mashed potatoes am I right lads?). Now, it doesn't matter what the dish is. It could be something normal like ham, or a delicacy of your design. Like a food from your wonderland. Keep in mind that your "wonder-food" (for lack of a better term) should probably be described fairly well, like taste, and texture, etc. We could all use this as an exercise for imposition/visualization. (Alcohol is allowed) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After introductions and food giving, feel free to chat and stuff. Its Thanksgiving. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay I'll start. Hi! I'm DragonHost and this is Whiteout (she can't talk yet). Whiteout is a mainly dark blue dragon, with blue eyes, straight white horns and spikes along her back, white wings and under scales, and her size varies depending on situations. As I dish I brought a whole bunch of Mac' 'N' Cheese. It is my favorite dish of course. And let the food-themed chaos begin.
  3. As a matter of absolute favorite games, I would have to say the original Spyro trilogy. Although, when I feel the need for a challenge, I like some Dark Souls. I feel that playing 3-dimensional games helps with my visualization skills.
  4. Someone mentioned tulpae on /x/. And curiosity did the rest.
  5. Thanks! I have to go on a camping trip :( but it should be a nice little way to narrate about nature and stuff to Whiteout.
  6. I'm not sure if this is a repeat thread, but I feel like I should post a cute little thing that happened earlier today. I was reading to Whiteout (my tulpa, of course) while listening to some calming music, because I find it to be the most comfortable way to narrate for extended periods of time (which is not to say narrating is hard, I just like reading). The clock hits 4:00 PM and I stand up, stretch, and mindshout (just talk loudly in mind voice) "Happy One Week Anniversary Of Existing!" (I couldn't think of any other phrases that would fit. Sue me.) Afterwards, I was feeling particularly dumb so I pulled out a D20 (I carry dice around. Sue me again) and say "A roll for Whiteout" audibly. I guess I didn't care if anyone heard me. My room is pretty soundproof anyways. After saying the aforementioned phrase, a rolled, and landed a flat 20. Now, I narrated (prattled) to Whiteout more than half the rules of D&D (nerds gonna be nerds! Sue me a third time), so we both knew that some good times were gonna roll towards us. I snickered, and got a wave of happiness from Whiteout, which was heartwarming. It made my day really! Sorry for being a wall of text :D
  7. I wonder: will there ever be an "end" for this thread? Or will no one truly "win"?
  8. I saw a post on 4chan, then looked up information about tulpae. Simple, really.
  9. Thanks for the help! I'll probably wear warmer stuff too :D
  10. I have no fear of (seemingly) innocent forum games! I think...
  11. So I've been in the creation process for about a week now, and I'm in the narration phase. I have a nearly constant moderate head pressure, and the following alien feelings are what I believe to be my tulpa responding to stuff: Moderate Pressure: All is good Intense Pressure: Something bad is happening Happy Feels (out of nowhere): She likes something Now, I was eating lunch (at school) and today there was Italian Ice for a "fruit" option (flavored accordingly). I took a small bite (half a spoonful) and instantly received an intense migraine for about 30 seconds. I am not usually susceptible to brainfreezes/headaches. Can I get some clarification as to what happened?