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  1. I'm having trouble imaging this because its hard visualize all my fans in my wonderland. And I'm having difficulty putting this all together in my imagination. It will take time to develop the whole idea right?
  2. I was thinking about being a famous musician in my wonderland. How would i approach this?
  3. I don't know how large should my population of my npc's in my wonderland should be. For me and my tulpa Max. Any tips or idea's?
  4. What's the number of the population of your wonderland?
  5. Could you go into detail in what your wonderland looks looks like?
  6. Great information but when I do that what should I do in my wonderland? Like what activities should I do in my wonderland with my tulpa? Activities that will entertain me and my tulpa for a while.
  7. Everyday I try so hard to make a new wonderland with my tulpa. But I have a very difficult time staying entertained in my my wonderland and I find myself being bored of the whole wonderland creation process. Any one have any ideas on what I should do?
  8. I was wondering if their was combat in your wonderland for example. Being a samurai fighting bad guys or enemies in your wonderland. If you do have combat in your wonderland please share details about it.