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  1. Once again, my thanks to the Tulpa and their hosts. Q.C., that blogpost from Sahirah was beautiful, exactly the kind of encouragement I was looking to pass along (and said with a lot of heart). Thanks too for Cruse's advice on parroting, I'd been worried about that but I've tried been a little more liberal with the acrobatics now so she gets a better feel for body, and too keep things interesting. This place has been quite helpful, will be sure to speak up if I have any other questions, or to report any major progress/breakthroughs.
  2. I pass along positive suggestions/stories from the forum to keep my emergent Tulpa informed during some narrations, and it occurred to me that the best advice i could give her would be directly from one Tulpa to another. Since a few Tulpa answered my last question, I thought I might give this another shot. Some wisdom from someone that knows EXACTLY the spot she is in; pre-communication, with a few clues here and there. So, to all those with fully developed (sentient/full communication in SOME way) Tulpa out there, what sage advice do your Tulpa have that us novice crafters can pass along to our little prototulpa? Something that may help them understand or better cope with their current situation until such time as they bob to the surface? Especially the early stages, which some have stated can be a bit scary/overwhelming for them.
  3. Valuable input, replies directly from Tulpa. That''s better than I hoped, thanks Kayleigh & Jaden (and your human conduits).
  4. Greetings! Would like to thank everyone in advance for all the interesting stories and great guides here. New to all of this, having just began forcing about two weeks ago, no obvious signs of anything at this point. Being patient, positive and dedicated… she's in that subconscious quagmire somewhere. In the meantime, I wanted to bounce a few questions off some of the successful creators here. In regards to the difference between our normal inner monologue we all have, and narration. I'm assuming the only distinction is that the narration is directed at a specific point within us (Tulpa), while the monologue is not? How does a Tulpa perceive this difference? Something akin to an overheard conversion, minus the inflow of energy? A distant echo? Nothing at all? Also, where daydreams are concerned, is it a similar case? Someone watching TV i the background while your doing something else? Nothing? Just some random thoughts I've had since the beginning, have a few others that I don't seem to see any/have missed threads for so I'll post them in time as well. These will be few and far in-between though, typing bad for my hands. Thanks again to all!