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  1. I'll give it a try in the morning. Thanks again! Also, Silent Hill>Resident Evil
  2. Thanks for the response. I still have some questions. (I've decided to stop jumping from forcing method to forcing method and just settle on hypnosis every day to get some real progress) What do you mean by "feedback" in your guide? I read it over a few times, start to finish, and I still don't get it. Also, do I really need to literally visualize myself every step, or can it just be telling myself it's working? I'm terrible at visualization, and was hoping to use the hypnosis to make my visualization better. Thanks again!
  3. I'm sure this guide is useful, but I can't remember all the steps once I sit down and start relaxing. =( I assume having and reading the instructions as I go will be kinda pointless?
  4. I think we'll try this out. Thanks for the advice. =) We'll give it a few tries and report our results.
  5. I recently learned hypnosis and, as with all my other non-lucrative skills, I am quite good at it. I have hypnotized several people, including many IRC goers. Purlox suggested I revive this thread, so PM me if you want to be hypnotized..... Dear Celestia, what have I gotten us into....
  6. If a tulpa is as real as the host, why are they not equals? Also, if you start using insults and antagonism one more time I am reporting you.
  7. I reject your definition of being real; there is no way to know for sure that anything we experience through the senses is real, including our own bodies. Let me quote that brilliant philosopher, Renes Descartes: Note that this excerpt is preceded by his statement that this thought experiment starts by assuming that all knowledge may be a lie (think the false world in the Matrix). "I have convinced myself that there is nothing in the world — no sky, no earth, no minds, no bodies. Doesn't it follow that I don't exist? No, surely I must exist if it's me who is convinced of something. Bu
  8. Seriously, though, a mod should move this thread to ot, progress report or st least change the thread title so it's describing the topic of discussion.
  9. Why do you think you can have your own general?
  10. I live near some really, really, crack-in-the-middle-morning-dangerous neighborhoods. I can honestly say I'm surprised this has yet to happen to me.
  11. Just be glad he (or she?) Is doing this kind favor at all.
  12. . I'm gonna request a drawing of Pinkie. She's humanized; not a pone. For visualization purposes, I guess one clothed and one tastefully nude? I'll give a detailed description Around 20-year-old human woman Warm, excited, sincere smile Pink hair, down to middle of back, fuzzy slash curly Blue eyes A few cheek freckles Cute button nose Around five foot six Hourglass figure, but with healthy level of "meat on dem bones" Innie belly button "Birthin hips" Breasts, I dunno, C cups, but can adjust if proportion calls for it Smooth skin Regular arms, longish legs Pink nails Clothing A necklace tha
  13. I think the perceived risks and rewards of interactions change considerably depending upon type of communication, especially considering the comfort of internet anonymity.
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