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  1. Up until about two weeks ago, my tulpae were never present in my dreams. Two weeks ago, in my dream I was narrating to them, and they were talking back, just as we would have done were I awake. The other night, they told me that I was dreaming, but I didn't listen, saying it was impossible because everything was too real/vivid. When I woke, I laughed at myself and my tulpae laughed at me (jokingly). So I guess I just want to start a discussion on just how your tulpae have made themselves present in/influenced your dreams. Discussion of lucid dreaming, also.
  2. Using symbolism has helped me out in the past, especially when words were not an option at all, and I'm about to try it now. Flexionsensor, I haven't been officially diagnosed with any mental conditions, but then, I haven't been tested. I wouldn't want to be ignorant and self-diagnose myself as having numerous sociopathic tendencies, but I have enough evidence to at least warrant a thorough test (something I really should get on). So there is that! I'll post the results in a little while :) Well, I did it, and the results were very positive. There were a lot more Reds than I though
  3. Wow, thank you, that sounds really helpful. And it makes sense, all of the Reds. This could help me out a lot. I'll try it as soon as possible :D
  4. It's been quite a while since I've posted here, but you people have helped me out in the past. My problem is my tulpa, or tulpae, or however many there are. I started with one, Red, and things went really well, and one day he changed suddenly, new form, new personality, and less complete, but he claimed to be Red, so I rolled with it, figuring it was deviation. Later I realize that Red is still kicking around, shit gets confusing, I won't go into specifics because I've already posted about all of this before, I'll find and link the posts if people would like. Now I can't tell how many I
  5. Wicker and I do this a lot, actually. When we fight, we go all out. Almost always hand-to-hand (if a gun is involved, we can disarm each other pretty quickly). Weapons like knives, swords and bats are something we do too. We break bones, we cut throats, we rip through tissue and reveal intestines, we go until we're covered in blood and shouldn't be alive and end the match, then "regen" and start over. Sometimes I even put up Mortal Kombat "health bars" to mix things up. Tom, my other tulpa, finds it to be somewhat disturbing, and refuses to fight, but accepts that it's just something w
  6. Yes, absolutely, but also voice affecting personality. I decided that Tom should sound like Robert Paulsen and then Tom started acting like some of the characters he voiced. I figured James McCaffrey would be a good fit for Wicker and then Wicker started acting like Max Payne (hard-boiled Max from the most recent game, not metaphors-and-mythology Max from 1 and 2). Though after while they began to go back to their normal selves while retaining their voices :D
  7. No, it makes sense :D Something I did that worked was choose an object and then immediately think of another object to focus on instead. I still had the other object remembered, but pushed it to the side with something else so, when Tom "cheated" and looked at my thoughts, he would only see the new object. With that cheat out of the way, he could then go about actually trying to guess the real object. ...Pretty sure that's what you mean, right?
  8. Hm... It would seem that Tom has no issue hiding an object from me and having me actually have to guess what's inside (On average, it takes me about 10 guesses), but no matter what I do I just can't seem to stop him from knowing my object right away (I even tried tricking him by putting something in and then taking it out... he knew it was empty right away and proceeded to guess the object I pulled out on his first try). Any suggestions? Or perhaps we should just keep working at it!
  9. Thanks to all of those who posted; I've taken a lot of your advice and now Wicker is back with Tom and I. His time away combined with a bit of personality reformation has helped him understand that, if he wants my attention, the only person he should ever have to be is himself. Tom, who missed Wicker, is actually doing a lot better now that his old friend is around again. I see that I made a pretty poor decision in ignoring Wicker; I'm still pretty new to this tulpa thang (started mid-october of last year) and have been learning purely through the forums and my own trial and error... It jus
  10. 1: At first, yes, but after a few months it seems I don't get head pressures anymore (they were a bitch, but I miss them :c) 2: Again, yes, but only at first. For a while it felt like time wasn't even a thing anymore, and everything was running together (fuckin' trippy maaan). 3: I wouldn't say that my dreams have been any stranger, but I most certainly have been remembering more of my dreams than I had before, and unlike 1 and 2, this seems to actually be happening more often. 4: No itchiness that I can recall! Perhaps dry skin? :p
  11. I gave him so much attention very often. The thing is that it was never enough. If I ever tried to talk to Tom (my first tulpa) instead of him, he would react aggressively and, after hiding Tom, would begin talking to me pretending to be him (but after a while it was easy to tell it was Wicker, his voice and mannerisms would give him away). I'd then have to go look for Tom and would end up finding him bound and gagged, muffled screaming and cussing through the gag, locked in some closet, absolutely terrified. I spent so many hours with Wicker trying to overcome the problem, and he could not st
  12. You would not believe how many times and in how many ways I tried to do that. Unfortunately, this has been going on for at least a couple of months. Him and I (his name is Wicker) talk about it, I tell him it's wrong and he says he understands, but then he keeps doing it anyways. It got so bad that a few days ago I made the decision to dissolve him. He causes harm to my other tupper and radically slows/reverses any progress I try to make with him through his impersonations. Actually, him impersonating Tom (my other tulpa) is how Wicker revealed himself to me. For a while I figured Tom ha
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