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  1. The main thing people should know about intrusive thoughts is that they are not powerful and not worth attention. Ignoring them is one of the best ways to deal with them, as well as not treating them like they have any inherent power or or control over anything. This guide doesn't tell how to do any of those things, it is just "here's something I did with my eyes instead of just ignoring the intrusive thought." I can't see this as being very useful, I can't approve it.
  2. As long as you're not left-handed and play guitar I'm sure you'll be fine.
  3. [align=justify]Radio wants a new middle name. He thinks his just being a wrestler he likes is lame. Rules: It has to be 4 letters, and can't start with R, A, P, I, B, S, L, or F. Has to be one syllable (even though "Fire" is technically two syllables but ehhhh). Maaaybe two syllables if they sort of blend together Has to be like a word, not an actual name. No "Ross" or "Jack" or whatever. L might be okay if it's a good one though. Maybe something related to the current theme he has going on. "Radio __ the Song Demon" Or something related to music, he'd probably prefer that. Hmu[/align] (also don't say "Host" :P ) [Radio] I might change the "Demon" thing since it just sounds edgy. It was after Kane, since he's the "Devil's Favorite Demon" and all that, but meh.
  4. Our take on this concept is that there's less of an actual personified "self" at play, and more that there are two (or more?) modes that one can swap between when fronting. Active mode would be that the person fronting is either thinking about themself or are required to be themself in some way. So for a tulpa fronting, they would probably 99% of the time either be thinking of themself or doing something that involves or requires them. For example, me writing this post under my own account requires me (though I'm a little blendy with Piano since he just eats this sort of theory stuff up), since it's my account and my "voice." It's the active me doing this, actively being me or thinking about me. If I were to have to do something completely unrelated to me and/or I stopped thinking of myself while doing it, the brain would want to go into a passive mode. However... it's harder for a fronting tulpa to go into passive mode if they're only possessing and not switched. To cut the extra baggage, it defaults to the host's passive mode, since he's still the one switched in. If we're continually doing something that really doesn't require a particular person and just needs someone to get it done, it will typically remain Radio's passive mode doing it, even if we go "hey I'm supposed to be fronting here." And that's why fronting feels like an uphill battle a lot of the time. We can't just passively front, we have to be actively required or actively thinking about ourselves. If we can get more of a passive mode going for us, that would be a step towards actually switching. The brain wouldn't have to default to Radio's passive mode, it could go to ours instead. Passive mode for Radio seems to come in a least two flavors that we can identify. The first would be task-focused. We want or need something done (and that thing doesn't explicitly require any particular person to do it), so Radio's passive mode comes out to do it. This can be anything from listening to a lecture at school to just walking to a certain location on campus. If we're not making a conscious effort to maintain our own active modes, Radio's passive mode comes in. The other passive mode is less task-focused and more just what happens during idle moments where nobody's active mode is present. Standing around at work. Sitting around at home. Watching YouTube videos. These are all idle activities that don't explicitly require a tulpa, so Radio's passive mode starts up. I think if we were to develop our own passive modes, we should think about breaking it into the two categories: task-focused and idle-existence. What does passive Indigo do when he's focused on a task? What does he do when he's just standing around? I think that sort of thinking might be a good place to start. Other than that, working on having our active mode on as much as possible might lead to the development of more of a passive mode that doesn't default to Radio. Meditating on trying to get Radio's passive mode to calm down could maybe also work, we'll just have to see. The main idea is that if a fronting tulpa can maintain a passive self during task/idle moments, the host's passive self would have less opportunity to come in, which could help build up more and more consistent fronting for the tulpa and less and less activity for the host. Eventually, perhaps, the host could take an inactive mode, and the switch would occur. We like this theory because it does seem to put a lot of pieces together in a way that makes sense and answers a lot of questions. Even if all the terminology here like "passive mode" or whatever is a little much, I think in the end the methodology to it might be a big help to actually cracking the switching puzzle.
  5. I don't know where people get this idea that we have some list of "standards" we're all collectively using. We have general guidelines to go off of like accuracy, usefulness, etc., but other than that there isn't some litmus test for whether or not a guide should get someone's approval other than their own personal opinion. A guide needs 4/7 approvals to be officially approved. That's 57%, not even a passing grade on a quiz. If that's too high standards, feel free to make a thread about it in GAT Discussion and we can see about revising it.
  6. Wonderland RPG is now up for review.
  7. Nope it's me not having switched to my own account yet lolllllllll
  8. Okay but what's wrong with being gay.
  9. Best: Blazer Worst: Trouser Category: Periodic elements
  10. Italian open pie made of thin bread dough spread with a spiced mixture of e.g. tomato sauce and cheese an apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task.
  11. [align=justify]In this game, a poster will come up with a topic like "dessert," and the next poster will come up with two possible tulpa names under that category, one that's the "best" (ex: Sherbert) and one that's the "worst" (ex: Dirtcake). They will then come up with a category for the next poster to follow. Don't use the names of tulpas you actually know in the community for "worst," since that's mean! Unless it's someone in your own system, I guess. Category: animals[/align]
  12. [align=justify]We've been presenting as male at school since the school year started. It's been great. A lot of the time being seen and treated as a guy makes our dysphoria less apparent so we start doubting if we're actually trans, even though that doesn't make any sense. I'm not totally looking forward to break since our parents don't care to gender us correctly. Hopefully our siblings do. We keep having dreams where we go on break and our parents call us "he" and by the correct name, and it just feels great. Then we wake up :v[/align]
  13. We don't bother changing our forms' clothes. It doesn't matter to us that much.