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  1. Thanks. To be honest, I didn't really expect much to begin with, and only tried this as an experiment. Thanks for making this more clear, now that I think about it, it's just common sense, really.
  2. Hey, I'm actually two months into tulpaforcing but see very little progress (dont worry, im not giving up. Really, lack of progress is actually making me force more) and I stumbled across this video: Now I know this isn't the BEST place to ask questions about it, but the comment section section seemed a little inactive. That's why im asking here instead of creating a thread about it. So i've been concentrating on this video for about 10 minutes (it's really scary, btw) and i've been getting weird pressures in my ears. i would also hear "heater noises" and something that sounded like shuffling. Could this be related to my tulpa, or is it just the effect of the video itself?