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  1. Eveecraft, thanks for pointing stuff out, but it doesn't contradict to what I wrote. As I said, plural experience is different for everyone, so I told my story and added some "average" from people I interacted with. If you don't mind, I'd love to answer on some topics in your post, not to argue with you, but for conversation's sake. Yes, tulpas can have different abilities than hosts or other tulpas in the system. My point was that if host didn't have a tulpa, they could've learned those abilities anyway. If someone in the system can do it - the other might learn. Obviously some can s
  2. Hey-hey! I wrote this article when I wanted my friends to meet my tulpa not long ago. It went smoothly and I shared it with few other systems who found it of a great help too. So I decided to share this with wider audience. Hope it can help you too! Suggestions and comments are appreciated. Link to Google Docs. Russian translation. The purpose of this article is to give singlet friends and curious people a thorough explanation of what tulpamancy and plurality as a whole is, how it feels and experienced from the inside. Hope it can help plural people explain to their friends what they go
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