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  1. From how you're describing it, it does sound similar to that of a tulpa, but let me ask you this: does it have a form? Does it act independently from you? Are the opinions it gives vary from yours? If yes to at least most of these, then it is very likely that this voice is indeed a tulpa, but in the form of an offshoot personality or a headghost since I'm guessing it does not have a form. ...Does that answer your question?
  2. Well, I can give you my experience, which about 95% of the forcing I did was passive forcing for weeks by keeping Arcanus imposed constantly since we rarely use mindscapes at all, and it worked pretty well. We already have mastered everything except for any form of imposition, and this method of creating a tulpa is perfect if you have a busy schedule or suck at meditating, but Tulpamancy success rates vary greatly from person to person, and this method may not work for you. But if meditating or active forcing doesn't work for you, this may just be the thing for you, but that's just my forcing experience.
  3. It's completely reasonable why you'd feel so drained after attempting to dissipate over 100 of them-- especially depending on how advanced they are... If dissipating them all at once is too much, split it into groups until you're able to dissipate that group, then move on. I suggesting resting and doing this while meditating for an extra boost in your own strength if you're capable. And as a bit more advice, I guess, keep telling yourself while doing so, "I can do this. This is my mind, my body, I can so do this," or something similar. Hope this helps!
  4. Yeah... That's kind of a huge problem if you ask me. Putting them all into dormancy would be definitely rude since they've helped you and the fact that they're most likely sentient, but then there's the issue of them trying to hurt you for some reason? Can you explain how exactly they're trying to harm you? What they are by technicality are Soulbonds and also semi-natural tulpas created by an obsession with someone either a character from some sort of media in most cases. But having over 100 of them? Yep, that is something gone way out of hand. I would go with the suggestion about sealing them off somewhere unless what they're doing to harm you is serious enough. If that's the case, then mass-dissipation by grouping them all together and killing them somehow or making them slowly fade out of existence. Just make sure that they're truly gone once you're done if this is the option you want to go with.
  5. Well, me along with my two Dragons (Dragon tulpas, technically), Arcanus and Azide were sent here to share our guide on Tulpamancy, so here we are! I have had Arcanus for nearly three months and Azide for about a month and a half, but we're able to do everything already except for any form of imposition except for weak tactile imposition somehow even though we mainly passive force and rarely ever active force. Hey, don't ask me how I was able to switch with Azide in the first week I've had him and before the second month mark of having Arcanus! You can call me Ryleigh, and then I already mentioned Arcanus and Azide.
  6. Well, my friend told me when one of our friends was having trouble because she unknowingly had what we call a natural tulpa, so he told me about them and what they can do, and the thought of being able to become anything I wanted within my mind, leaving my body if I really wanted to, and the ability to literally see Dragons in my room spurred me into transforming one of the characters of my Spore series, Arcanus Doombringer into a tulpa. After much chaos and my friend and I's own research on other sides, discovering Tulpamancy breakthroughs, and writing a large guide on the practice of Tulpamancy, my friend, Saint suggested that I share the sweat and labor that is my guide on here, and now we're here.
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    Chat Thread

    The things my friend and his tulpas come up with, I swear. But it is pretty funny to see her try to sound feminine using her host's male vocal chords, though. Just like how my tulpas are both male and have to use my female vocal chords even though their voices are supposed to be incredibly deep since they're both Dragons.
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    Chat Thread

    That moment when your friend's tulpa changes gender for a week just as an experiment. And yes, Japanese is a mess, but English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Why did my friend's tulpa have to come up with this idea when her (used to be a he) host was in the shower while thinking about mutual masturbation? Now we're going to be dealing with her in this form for about four more days now, and I find it funny how she doesn't even prefer this form over her male form. Huh.