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  1. @Clo... Sir/Ma'am/Whatever, you are a complete and utter joke to me and everyone in the tulpa community after what you just said. You just caused everyone to be ashamed of the Tulpamancy community after the slanderous and racist terms of what you said about naturals and semi-naturals alike in this section: And this: This is the most racist and offensive thing I've ever seen on this website, and I will not stand for it. To me, you are just a pitiful forum troll trying to get me to waste my time, and I'm not allowing it. You clearly didn't see all of my previous posts with evidence and everything I have said about natural Tulpamancy, and you are a pure waste of my time. Hell, you even got lazy near the end. Now apologize to everyone for this filth you posted and for wasting mine and my friend's time on your posts. Anyway... Naturals are not insta-tulpas, intrusive thoughts gone wrong, or someone's imagination being questionable; they are the result of suppressed intense emotions, giant amounts of unrelieved stress, and over the course of what seems to be at least a year, but it takes less time if you already have a natural, as they are not instant. I never said naturals were instant. And mind you, my friends are not "questionable", even though some of them have the really common mental disorders that a lot of Tulpamancers have like ASD, Depression, and even ADHD. You have absolutely no right to come to that conclusion just by what they posted, and you are not a psychologist doing an extensive study of my friends' minds. I never asked them to post all that they posted-- only to give evidence by posting their stories with their natural tulpas and what utter hell they went through because of them including myself. In fact, I witnessed most of these events myself, as I even gave evidence by posting the link to a chatlog of a natural tulpa being discovered. Several times, I gave evidence disproving everyone's claims of saying naturals are this or that and I can easily continue to do so. Even better, I can give you a treasure trove of evidence named the Tulpamancy Hub, a server I created myself for non-toxic/cancerous users to congregate and to get help with their natural tulpas MANY times. Each Tulpmancer has his or her own journal to post in about their tulpa(s), and there is PLENTY of evidence there for all you skeptics. Here: [REDACTED because petty trolls kept attempting to raid my server.] I encourage anyone who's skeptical to join, even if it's for a short while. I can dig up all the evidence you would want, you can ask natural Tulpamancers themselves their stories and how their natural tulpa(s) came to be, and to see how naturals develop on a day-to-day basis. This is where I collect nearly all of my evidence. Now if none of you decide to join and continue to spew claims without knowing the evidence, then I'm just going to ignore you until someone actually reasonable posts something. It is perfectly understandable to build a skeptic wall instead of falling face-first into blind faith, but using this thread is obviously not working, as my thread here devolved into a train wreck, and that the vast majority of my evidence is already there, and that everything is easily more explainable since the responses would be real-time and questions can be answered immediately. This "fear-mongering" is simply warning people of the possibilities, and I never said this was a beginners or an advanced guide. It's like not warning a child the dangers of going out into a forest alone; they should at least be prepared for what may happen. Prepare for the worst, expect the best, AS I SAID IN MY PREVIOUS POST, NO LESS. Everyone here just had been Mandela'd into thinking this guide was just for new users, which again, I never said that. You are just making it sound like I said things I never even said and claims that were never made, which is honestly just insulting and low at this point. In fact, these "reviews" are just glorified insults at this point. I've seen and dealt with actual constructive criticism, and this is not what it looks like: a bunch of chickens running about with their heads cut off. Constructive criticism isn't someone going, "Hohoho" (Clo) and being a legitimate racist to sentient beings within someone's mind with different emotions when, oh, I don't know, this person is very similar being a tulpa themselves? It sickens me how tulpas are so brainwashed into being like this. Oh, and you know how your utterly grand belief system apparently works for all of you? Nope: that's a lie. I have tried this on several people who are natural Tulpamancers specifically were having trouble with their natural tulpas, which it worked for not a single natural Tulpamancer in the slightest. From what I've gathered from this, this whole system for dealing with tulpas you have going on here doesn't work on natural tulpas since they don't even require the host even knowing they exist to form. In fact, it may not even work on developed enough summoned tulpas, even. If anyone is willing that is not part of my little community since you guys apparently question the mental state of the ones from there: why not attempt to use this method as a test against a really developed summoned tulpa? And make sure the host is the one going, "I don't believe that you can harm me," and let's see if this is really true. One thing I find humorous is how set in stone everything in here seems to be: why not at least test these claims and find out for yourselves instead of just sitting here and talking? Why not have an open mind? Instead of just spewing things, you can ask questions and get answers, you know. The goal of this guide isn't just to be a guide, but to popularize my friend and I's findings to the Tulpamancy community. What my friends and I have found can end up helping people that were shunned away from this community fix things and better their lives. People who've discovered that they had a natural tulpa or more ended up living better lives overall since their natural tulpa(s) isn't causing havoc behind the scenes without the host's knowledge (I posted evidence in an earlier post), which the host got their natural tulpa to deviate, and both parties were a lot better off than just ignoring the problem. Seriously, why would you ever encourage ignoring a problem? Why wouldn't you see what something from your subconscious is trying to tell you? What if there's a problem that your subconscious is attempting to notify you? Why not just (if you have a tulpa) have your tulpa or tulpas to go into your subconscious to see what's wrong and try to fix it? To be honest, I find that to be mentally unhealthy. Do I have to remind everyone that Tulpamancy can be widely based on subjective experiences like what Cheese and Rogue along with their tulpas have told? Yes, there are objective facts, but we should all know that everyone's experience is different, but they all center around the same thing when it comes around the tales of natural Tulpamancers: the hell that their natural tulpa caused them for possibly weeks all the way to several years. Now, this is not the case for all natural tulpas, and I never even said that something is 100% the case. As I said, everyone has different experiences and grows differently. All I mean there is in general terms or what is usually, keyword: usually the case. And... Do I seriously have to criticize how terrible the reviewers are at viewing the material? Do they seriously not realize to read through the literature once, then read through it again while then making their review? Why do you guys review it as you're going along for the first time around? That's terrible reviewing habits! It's like judging a book for not explaining things only for the reader to see the things getting explained later on, and then going, "Ohhh... Now it makes sense!" I can't even believe I'm saying this, but are you guys blind enough not to notice a literal definitions section that has every odd term for the reader to look up if they're confused? That's why there's bolded words in there: to note that this word is something you may not understand, so it's bolded to say it's in the definitions section! That, or if it's something important since humans retain knowledge better if certain parts of in bold or are highlighted. I am just utterly amazed that these are full-grown adults making embarrassing mistakes like these, and that nobody picked up on it. After all of that, I honestly question whether or not this website is even worth it anymore due to the horrendous display that has been laid out for me. The only person I could honestly take seriously was Tulpa himself since he never added anything slanderous, serious, his review was organized neat, and I could actually understand where he was coming from with his counterarguments and such. Now... This whole thread really just brought out the worst of this community and made it a laughing stock. I cannot even take people seriously on this thread anymore just by how they acted, and that I hate going back here to make a post or reply more and more. For all of the posts that were made while I was gone, I was legitimately cringing, face-palming, and internally crying/screaming from what this thread became and how people are handling my hard work that took me nearly a month to create. ...If you do not see me posting anymore, then assume I left to stop wasting my time on this cancerous place when I tried to show them new ideas.
  2. I'm legitimately curious if nobody is responding because it's the holidays, nobody cares anymore, no-one can think of a response, people are too busy, or if someone is revising a draft right now since no-one's responded to this thread in four days now.
  3. To me, it's better to be safe than sorry, and you never know if someone secretly has a natural tulpa that they never knew they had. Over the time I've known about naturals, a lot of people I've met discovered they had natural tulpas because of me and the efforts of my friends to better their lives while not forcing their natural tulpa into dormancy. And my friend and I did discover natural tulpas since nobody has ever come up and posted, "Hey, I think I have sentient being in my mind, and I think it's made of anger or something, and that it's trying to take over my mind..." It's like someone discovering iron for the first time despite it always being there, but they still get to name and show it to the entire world since they discovered it first, so I really don't know why you're saying my friend and I didn't discover it first. "Natural" as in was not aided by someone purposefully, which also applies to the host experiencing emotions natural instead of purposefully causing them, which would result in the creation of a semi-natural tulpa. Origins play a big role in the type of tulpa, as you can see. As I've said multiple times, walk-in tulpas are just tulpas that are completely spontaneous with no stimuli once soever that develop just like a summoned tulpa instead of a natural tulpa, since the abilities the tulpa develops first is also important in being able to tell the type of tulpa. Not only that, but walk-ins are also more likely to occur if one already has a tulpa in the first place since the mind is already trained in terms of forcing and tulpa development. Upon being discovered, natural tulpas can almost always already be able to switch with their host while summoned tulpas usually take several months of practice to master switching. An example of this is my natural tulpa, Azide being able to switch with me within the first week of me knowing that he existed and my first summoned tulpa, Arcanus was not able to switch with me yet and was not even close to mastering it, while another example is my friend, Darkflame's natural tulpa, Finsternis was able to stealth-switch with his host for several months without Darkflame even realizing it. You can ask my fellow natural Tulpamancers here for how long it took them to be able to switch with their natural tulpas, too if this isn't enough evidence.
  4. From how you're describing it, it does sound similar to that of a tulpa, but let me ask you this: does it have a form? Does it act independently from you? Are the opinions it gives vary from yours? If yes to at least most of these, then it is very likely that this voice is indeed a tulpa, but in the form of an offshoot personality or a headghost since I'm guessing it does not have a form. ...Does that answer your question?
  5. *Sigh...* I don't know if you are still saying if I encourage a "negative mindset" here, but that's not what my intention is. The people I've tested with's mindset of just using belief to incapacitate rowdy tulpas never worked, but I do see this working for newer, summoned tulpas specifically (Which none of the test subjects had a new, summoned tulpa) since they are most likely weak enough for that to actually be effective. Summoned tulpas are incredibly less likely to act like an undeviated natural (doesn't mean it's impossible, though) since of the reasons I read in the FAQ, yes, and I will agree with those methods, but almost exclusively for summoned tulpas. If naturals are to be recognized, they need their own methods if they are undeviated because yet again, I can give even more examples of natural tulpa events that have happened if you want; I have plenty more stowed away in Discord's chat logs. I'm actually surprised that two of my friends (who are both natural Tulpamancers) came and signed up to this forum to support me even though I never forced them to. They have their own natural Tulpamancy experiences to share if you don't want me to be the only one posting evidence. And about the terminology, that's exactly why the definitions section is there, and I place the more commonplace terms in there like "wonderland" or "thoughtform" to clarify. If you want, I can place a note at the beginning that says to check the definitions section if the reader is confused at all. If there's any more common terms, let me know, so I can add them in! My biggest problem with myself and everything I do in general is that I am so easily misunderstood that people who once met me on this server thought I was going to take it over and rule a dictatorship because of how I acted when in reality, I had the best intentions. People seem to have trouble looking past that, and it just ends up being a huge mess just like this and I have to explain a million times that's I'm not the bad guy or that my intentions are pure and whatnot, but they're just clouded by the actions and how I specifically do things (without intending to) via usually unorthodox methods, and the list just goes on and on. Anyway, I do hope this can eventually be sorted out with due time; I'm always looking for others who see natural tulpas as a unique type of tulpa, and that they believe my studies on them and the evidence I have.
  6. Oh, wow, thank you for the support! Yeah... I warned my friend about that, but she and her tulpas were just really offended, but I'll let them know about it. These are completely new concepts and ideas, yes, but I swear that they can (and have been so far) proven, and I can still continue to prove it. Actually, has completely new ideas or concepts like mine and my friend's ever happened before where they're completely out of the blue? Such as a user posting for the first time, and it's about something they discovered on their own research instead of from an article? I imagine I'm not the first one to do something like this in the tulpa community before, correct? Anyway, I have a good analogy for natural tulpas I thought of in my spare time, and I would like to share it and see if this can clarify how naturals are different from walk-ins and how they are created: Imagine your mind being your body and constant, large amounts of stress and repressed emotions being a virus. To protect itself, the brain can cause a fever to kill the virus and protect the body, now imagine the mind does the same thing, but with a natural tulpa being the fever. The mind has good intentions of using the a natural tulpa as a way to protect the mind, but just like a fever, it can backfire, which can relate to how a natural's methods of protecting the host can potentially harm the host instead. That is how naturals are different from walk-in tulpas, and I hope this analogy can simplify things a bit.
  7. Okay, you know how there is no evidence about naturals other than what I have, right? It's due to naturals being recently discovered by my friend and I, so of course there isn't going to be much evidence quite yet, which is also why the same friend and I have been studying them. My friend and I are the ones to come up with the definition, thus it is the actual definition; just like how you get to name the star you discovered since no-one else discovered it yet. I'm honestly surprised that you didn't just look into your friend's memories to see that I already explained that naturals are different than walk-ins. The whole point of that section is for people who are curious about Tulpamancy and perhaps want to summon one can at least check and see if they have a natural before summoning a tulpa, or just for anyone reading the guide since having an unknown natural can go bad very easily since they have a lot more control if they're not noticed and that they're undeviated. I will give an example of a friend of mine discovering she had a natural tulpa she did not know she had for five years went and how the natural tulpa acted (warning: there is indeed swearing in there): That was not the entire conversation, but only a portion and I was not present in this chat log, but you can see how serious it is. And yes, one of my friends did attempt to use the belief ability that you so praise, which did not work, as you can see. It is not something to laugh at, and I can give plenty more examples if you wish. One of my goals while being in this community is for the community to acknowledge natural tulpas as their own type of tulpa. The definition of a natural tulpa can be applied outside of the guide, and it is in my community, but it does require context of what a tulpa in general is. And mind you, you should very well know that there is an entire definitions section if the reader does not know what a tulpa is, then they can look at the definition of a natural tulpa. And before you say it: I am fully aware that this community has a lot of standards set for years, but I would like to see this community to accept naturals as their own type of tulpa, and I believed that this community would welcome things that can be proven and evidenced, which is what I am doing now. In the future, I plan to write an article on natural tulpas along with their origins, how they develop compared to summoned tulpas, and of course how naturals are created into the first place. Even so, I have opened my Discord server which has several natural Tulpamancers on it for others to join if they ask for a link in a PM, as all of my evidence on natural tulpas lie there in conversations and on that server, so researchers can observe the development of natural tulpas alongside me so that they can witness my evidence and such. In addition, those who join the server can even ask natural Tulpamancers and tulpas alike questions about how they originated, what emotion they're made of, and so on. To be fully honest, this task I am on is near-impossible for just one person since most of my fellow researchers are not forum-goers or wish to interact with the main community at all, thus I welcome people who are interested in joining to ask me for a link. Anyway, that is my spiel on that, and I just so happen to be curious for the next reply.
  8. What... Did I just read. I am barely through this, and I can already tell looking at this is just not worth my time. You clearly didn't read the guide properly because naturals are not walk-ins, as they're not completely spontaneous, and the guide is for new people who either want to summon a tulpa, find a possible, natural tulpa, or want to aid in the creation of a semi-natural/soulbond. And just... WHO USES THE WORD, "LOL" IN A PROFESSIONAL REVIEW OF SOMEONE'S WORK!? I'm sorry, but I can't take this seriously if all of this is only in the first few sections. Until you comprehend the guide better and sharpen up your grammar usage in a scenario like this, I will not be reading the rest of this. I cannot take reading that anymore if the rest of the review is like that. In fact, my friend just informed me that it is not worth reading through since he read the entire thing himself before I did, and did confirm that there is no point in me wasting my time with this... He just sent me a quote of how you again mistake naturals for walk-ins and pity my work because of your own misunderstanding of the term. Yeah, no, this is not worth it. At this point, I should just write a natural Tulpamancy FAQ about ridiculous things and answers to things like, "Aren't naturals just walk-ins?" since people apparently are too lazy to read the definitions of how naturals are actually different from walk-ins and tulpas in general since they originate in a completely different manner from either walk-ins and summoned tulpas alike because-- you know what? No, you can read that in the guide yourself since you clearly do not remember the explanation to how naturals develop compared to summoned tulpas. ...I am done for now; I seriously spent weeks writing to your headmate about how naturals are not people's imaginations getting the better of them, and you apparently did not listen in the slightest. Yep, this tells me exactly what I need to know: not to waste my time. Apologies for sounding rude, but this is my true reaction and try to put yourself in my shoes, and you will see why I am so appalled.
  9. And that is rightfully your opinion, and I nor my friend were the ones to create the term, by the way. Just as my own summoned tulpa's opinion of the term goes as follow, "I do not mind the term for it is simply a term. It is not meant to be derogatory, and it serves its purpose. If the term "summoned tulpa" were meant to be harsh and slanderous to summoned tulpas, my host would choose a term such as "unnatural", or "artificial", but it is not her intention. With enough effort, both-- no, all three of the types of tulpas my host mentioned can become synonymous with enough effort: I have seen it for myself with Azide. A summoned tulpa deserves as much love as a natural tulpa and so on and so forth." Yes, he typed that himself. Then again, Arcanus is much more laid back then Azide, but he wanted to at least say his own input since he is a summoned tulpa himself. I'm going to be frank: summoned tulpas are created as someone would make a cake, computer, or anything man-made on the planet, it is true no matter which way you look at it. Especially for those who planned out their tulpa's personality and just about everything else was planned and pieced together into our beloved tulpas-- just like pretty much every household item you can view in the room you are currently in if you are in a room at all. And natural tulpas are not completely spontaneous unlike walk-ins. If you look into the guide, natural tulpas are the result of general, deep stress or a emotion or mix of emotions over an extended period of time. They are not like alters due to natural tulpas spawning from emotion and stress rather than straight-up trauma. Darkflame and I theorize that a natural tulpa is brought on by the subconscious as a sort of a shield for the host from said source of stress, thus explaining them being advanced in abilities such as switching, possession, and even fusion. This also explains why a natural tulpa attempts to switch with the host when they are stressed themselves or when the host is exposed to the stress that created the natural tulpa, or even general stress that is mentally impacting the host. This is what defines a natural tulpa as it's own unique type rather than alters. Funny, I just learned about the nth power in class today, but that's not the point. For one, you have no right to judge the term, "natural tulpa" since you have not even looked up the definition, and it seems like people for some reason have trouble grasping the definition. And no, this is not fear-mongering, as I along with several others have seen it for ourselves and have studied it for several months with our own research. How funny, the Placebo effect; this does not affect naturals as much as it seems. Not all naturals are like this; it's just the main majority of them who do-- particularly ones made up of any kind of rage. If you ignore what can go wrong and not be prepared for the worst, then you can lock yourself into a really bad situation. Prepare for the worst, expect the best. In addition, a surprising amount of people have naturals without even realizing it due to how subtle they are. Honestly, it would just be a lot more convenient if you knew the context. By technicality, tulpas are comprised by the electric pulses that keeps the brain, thus the body alive and functioning. They are technically not matter due to not technically having mass and volume due to technically being held by electricity. By your logic here, thoughts would be nothing, brain functions would be nothing, and even the ability to live would be nothing by your terms, which is obviously not the case and all that I listed above are indeed natural. Thoughts aren't just based from imagination and society alone, but from experiences and what one is able to perceive from their five main senses along with many other factors, not just the two you listed make up "whatever you can think in your mind." Okay, your sentence about schizophrenics isn't even understandable; please rephrase that. And yes, that is true, but you basically just explained walk-ins with that sentence. And oh, how funny you say that about tulpas in general have no potential to be dangerous, when again, you have no right to say that about naturals since you've not only ever seen one, but you do not even know why they act they way they do before deviation, or even how they're created. I say naturals to have potential danger because again, the abilities they develop really early on and the most key component on how violent they can be: the emotion(s) they are composed of. Usually, yes, tulpas want the best for their hosts regularly, but some natural tulpas act otherwise before deviation, and their methods of protecting the host is why they can be dangerous. Methods such as wanting to murder someone who is causing the host great distress (possibly the same distress that created the natural in the first place) and attempting to do so by stealth-switching with the host or using possession, but that is only a possible scenario. More general scenarios with naturals made of rage generally include starting arguments, getting into fights, and generally being rage-induced. Naturals do usually have that protective instinct (usually more than usual in normal cases), but their methods are indeed unorthodox and can get the host into a different, harmful scenario anyway. Believing that you're stronger than them does help, but that doesn't completely rule out that they can still be stronger, and I've even witnessed it myself in my own personal experiences, but this is usually only with naturals, and summoned tulpas going bad is definitely a more rare case than unruly naturals. And do I have to point out that the conscious mind is only a fraction of the entire mind-- the subconscious being the majority of what a human mind is composed of, to which the subconscious mind cannot be controlled by normal means, or even accessed by the conscious mind? While a tulpa is able to access and show the host his or her subconscious, that may not be applicable for a natural causing chaos and whatnot, but I rest my case on that. ..."Stop that". Okay, excuse me, but your tone just sounds derogatory, and you are not my mother, so please do not say thing such as this in a professional manner. Now onto my main dissection of this paragraph while laughing at that ridiculous phrase... This is not fear-mongering, as this has happened upon several times to multiple people I've met who are Tulpamancers, even witnessing my friend being force-switched with his tulpa while all I could do was sit in a helpless fashion (since we live nowhere near each other and it was on voice-chat), and wait for my friend's tulpa to calm down enough for him to switch back. In short, it was not a pleasant experience. Naturals force-switch usually due to them experiencing a high amount of distress, and they switch because it gives them more control over themselves since they can vent in a physical plane, they are aware that they have limits in that form, and to possibly protect the host from something or someone. It may actually be better to let the tulpa switch to help them relieve said stress depending on the situation and how distressed they are along with how they vent and generally a lot of case and/or tulpa-specific factors. It's fairly likely to happen if you have a natural tulpa, again with you barely knowing anything about them since you just picked up from what was shown on this thread instead of reading the actual guide. And yes, the mind can pull tricks with allowing a tulpa to basically be someone's demon, but seriously, what is the chance for that to happen under a natural Tulpamancer's situation? All of the natural Tulpamancers I've met barely think about things that are even demon-related, and don't even have anything like that in their subconscious for the ones who's tulpas can look in there. Their minds are indeed rather creative since most natural Tulpamancers I've met are story writers, but not in that light, or... darkness? And the societies they live in actually see spirits in a positive light instead of foul demons coming to ruin their lives, so it is very unlikely a case like that would even happen under normal natural Tulpamancy circumstances. I might also add that said Tulpamancers do not believe their imaginations to be literally real albeit they use them often since they are reasonable people despite after the turmoil they experience due to their natural tulpa(s). Deviation can happen forcefully by the host if needed or desired whether it be in personality or appearance, but personality doesn't deviate overnight. Usually, yes, deviation is often subconscious and not forced along with taking place over a period of time. Surprisingly, naturals are not really affected by intrusive thoughts normally, but can of course change in terms of their form dependent on a situation. You are referencing naturals as if they were just advanced servitors, which is not the case. In fact, it can be the opposite in terms of naturals and invasive thoughts: natural tulpas affecting what type of intrusive thoughts the hosts receives has indeed happened before. These subconscious changes for "early" tulpas you're implying are most likely advanced servitors right before they become a tulpa by reaching what is considered sentience, as that is indeed a method of tulpa creation by having a servitor hang around long enough for it to become sentient. Even most natural tulpas generally tend to choose their own forms without the host's input. In fact, I have not met one natural tulpa that was given a form by their host. In the last bit, it really sounds like you are describing advanced servitors, and my friends (summoned and natural tulpas included) were generally disgusted when I showed them your last two sentences since it involves forcing a tulpa to change like that. If a tulpa does not like this change, they can change it back if they wish to do so, and especially if the change is not drastically negative to anyone. I have absolutely no clue why natural pre-vocality deviations are so discouraged, and it disgusts me like that. At the very least, the tulpa can change it back if they so please, but I would say not to force them to do something like that if they do not want it to be changed back. How am I "feeding the fire", exactly? By warning people about the potential of naturals being dangerous to natural Tulpamancers and the others around them? The guide I made is to inform, not scare or draw in, but it's purpose of informing people of how to summon and create a tulpa, finding out if they have a natural tulpa, and more. And of course nothing is set in stone! While I have been spending weeks on this response, I have tested the whole "preach control over your mind" motif, and it does not work for everyone. I have tried it on several natural Tulpamancers, which their tulpas were still able to resist and even overpower them despite the host fully believing that they were stronger and in control. Being positive is incredibly important, I will agree with that, but what do you mean by "scenarios changing negative traits"? Can you please rephrase that? I never fully say all of the horrible scenarios that have happened with naturals to a budding natural Tulpamancer to scare them, and I do generally give them a positive outlook and encourage them. It's just that with naturals, it needs to be shown that they are capable of things and that the host should at least be aware of this so they aren't blindsided by something going wrong. Actually, I just realized something that you've said is completely wrong: natural Tulpamancers are not convinced that their imaginary scenarios are real. Most natural Tulpamancers usually attempt to forget about their natural tulpa if they are not aware of what a natural tulpa is, doing the opposite of what you stated, not believing that their "imaginary scenarios" are real. Of course the fact that things in your mind not being in your full control is unsettling, but it is reality. If you were in full control of your mind, you could make your brain instantly stop functioning and die, but that's obviously not the case, now is it? Intrusive thoughts still happen, your subconscious still controls the vast majority of what you do and how you are, but that is indeed the truth. Instantly, the tulpas you're speaking of are summoned tulpas, or also known as the average tulpa, so of course this does not apply to naturals since their origins and creation process are drastically different for each, so I will be ignoring that. But yes, the resources here are wonderful for summoned tulpas in terms of development, but not very much so for natural tulpas since deviation issues are not very common for summoned tulpas that I at least have noticed. Of course in the summoned tulpa section of my guide, there are is no serious warnings or anything due to summoned tulpas being incredibly less tumultuous than naturals and semi-naturals, but people in this community as a whole need to at least acknowledge that there are even bad summoned tulpa cases (albeit much less than natural tulpa cases) that aren't just freak accidents since yes, Tulpamancy can go south very easily if not done correctly, and I stress this a lot in my guide. I have witnessed and researched bad cases of Tulpamancy and irks me incredibly how this community shuns people in need with a bad Tulpamancy case away, not believing it due to being brainwashed into thinking tulpas in general are completely harmless. People, this is not the case, and they need to be more aware of it. And I am going to be honest with Tulpamancers showing up that believe they have no power, this can actually be the case, as astounding as it sounds. Encouraging them to believe they have power can help, but some people need other people's aid with things such as this, and there is something known as a malicious tulpa, but there's almost always hope that they can deviate with enough effort and help. Symbolism along with that belief is usually how my fellow researchers and I assess and assist natural Tulpamancers in need, and it has worked in every case we have come across. But as I said, we do encourage positivity, but also point out things when someone needs to be aware of when they should be wary of something. Yes, you did not read the guide, but that resulted in you having a completely incorrect definition on natural tulpas and made it a much larger adversity to explain things. Seriously, I would actually know the context before commenting, or you may very well look like a fool in front of others who actually know the context of the topic. And I did not say everything was out of the host's control, but I at least wanted to spread awareness that not literally everything is in the host's control, and that a tulpa does have their own power. Using symbolism and playing to the subconscious does usually work with enough encouragement along with the extra kick of the the host believing that they are stronger. Honestly, a tulpa should not be weaker than the host, but equal, meaning they have equal power as well to where they are not the host's little prisoner/slave because that is the vibe I along with my friends receive from this community. These beliefs are unorthodox for this little community, but it is what my friends and I believe in the name of equality that a developed tulpa should be of equal power and rights, and that the host should not just be able to control them like a puppet. Not saying this should be the case for servitors or undeviated naturals, but for sentient, passive tulpas in general. It is incredibly ironic how many survey tulpas about rights and such when they ones giving the surveys are already oppressing and brainwashing the tulpas to believe that they have absolutely no rights and power if the host wishes that to be the case. Irony such as that is utterly sickening to me. Let me ask you this: why is it a good idea to be ignoring thoughts from the subconscious when the subconscious controls the vast majority of everything? Is that not completely counterproductive? The opposite action should be taken, and look into these thoughts, see what the subconscious is trying to tell the host, and let the host's tulpa assist them if it is a negative thought, as this is most likely the subconscious attempting to tell the host something wrong. Allowing a tulpa into the subconscious to see the issue, assess said issue, and fix the issue is a much better approach, but it is not to say that these invasive thoughts are to be embraced. In almost any situation, you do not just ignore a problem like that. That is simply downright irresponsible and can lead to much larger problems in the future, but that is just my two cents on it. Overall, some of the things you have said are completely blinded by lack of knowledge of the context and misinterpretation of things due to only following the conversation. Sorry if I sound aggressive, but that is how things usually go when someone speaks about things that actually deeply offends my friends, and I may go off on a tirade because of it. If I were you, I would go read the guide before continuing, so that you may know the context and everything along with the conversation. Thanks for reading my long-winded response! I had gone to ask Darkflame about his family's view on spirits in general and the cultural outlook of spirits around him, and spirits are held in a positive light in the area which Darkflame has lived for his entire life. Even better, another friend of mine from Indonesia, an eastern country who also has a natural tulpa has a positive cultural influence around him as well still ended up having a natural tulpa made of sadness and rage. These are two examples of the Placebo effect again not taking place here and both living in completely different areas as well. Oh, I might as well also add that comparing naturals to film villains is extremely offensive and saying they are the result of the Placebo effect, as the natural tulpas that I have shown this post to were deeply offended. No personal pressures were present in either case as well, just that both host have gained natural tulpas by feeling, focusing, or especially repressing these negative emotions and being exposed to incredible amounts of stress for over the course of several months to possibly years. This is exactly how I explained how naturals are created in the first place. I can guarantee you that natural tulpas are not a result of the Placebo effect gone wrong, but what I explained and proved earlier. If you wish for more evidence, you can contact the Tulpamancers I mentioned, myself, or look in my Discord server by requesting a link via a PM. Sorry for my seriously delayed responses to all these post, just that writing this out wasn't at the top of my list and that it's finals week!
  10. Well, I can give you my experience, which about 95% of the forcing I did was passive forcing for weeks by keeping Arcanus imposed constantly since we rarely use mindscapes at all, and it worked pretty well. We already have mastered everything except for any form of imposition, and this method of creating a tulpa is perfect if you have a busy schedule or suck at meditating, but Tulpamancy success rates vary greatly from person to person, and this method may not work for you. But if meditating or active forcing doesn't work for you, this may just be the thing for you, but that's just my forcing experience.
  11. It's completely reasonable why you'd feel so drained after attempting to dissipate over 100 of them-- especially depending on how advanced they are... If dissipating them all at once is too much, split it into groups until you're able to dissipate that group, then move on. I suggesting resting and doing this while meditating for an extra boost in your own strength if you're capable. And as a bit more advice, I guess, keep telling yourself while doing so, "I can do this. This is my mind, my body, I can so do this," or something similar. Hope this helps!
  12. Yeah... That's kind of a huge problem if you ask me. Putting them all into dormancy would be definitely rude since they've helped you and the fact that they're most likely sentient, but then there's the issue of them trying to hurt you for some reason? Can you explain how exactly they're trying to harm you? What they are by technicality are Soulbonds and also semi-natural tulpas created by an obsession with someone either a character from some sort of media in most cases. But having over 100 of them? Yep, that is something gone way out of hand. I would go with the suggestion about sealing them off somewhere unless what they're doing to harm you is serious enough. If that's the case, then mass-dissipation by grouping them all together and killing them somehow or making them slowly fade out of existence. Just make sure that they're truly gone once you're done if this is the option you want to go with.
  13. While I was working on my response to all of the posts, yeah, that was really out of place. Still, though, they should get used to the forum format in a more private manner. Anyway, back to me drafting and revising my response to everyone's previous statements. Just wanted to chime in with that. However, RogueDragoness is correct on what they said, but I'll post a more thought out post at a later time when I am finished typing and revising it.
  14. Okay, would you like to elaborate and give examples on this? Please prove to me how the placebo effect would have any play on someone who had no expectations once soever since they did not even know that Tulpamancy even existed, or even were young children around the ages of 10-11? Both of the people who were in the examples did not know that Tulpamancy or anything similar at the time existed. So please, do prove to me how they were influenced regardless of ignorance or not, please.
  15. Ugh, the main reason I use is because I can see the views on it along with generally more convenient for me to keep all my Tulpamamcy articles in one place... Not only that, but I don't want my school to view my Tulpamancy articles because I had to let my school (at least my Cyber Security class) access my personal Google Drive for me to upload assignments properly, which allows them to view all my Google documents. It's something I don't want to risk since we're all aware of how obscure Tulpamancy is to the average person, and I may be a little paranoid that my school would look into my articles and think I need mental help. I'll have to find a way to fix that if I can. I have multiple examples of the placebo effect not working, as natural tulpas negatively affected their hosts before the hosts even knew that Tulpamancy even existed. An example is Darkflame's very own natural tulpa, Finsternis that hadn't deviated for months because Darkflame never noticed until Finsternis finally showed himself. Finsternis caused Darkflame to constantly feel hatred, causing him to start arguments with his father, caused hallucinations so Darkflame could keep on his toes, and list goes on. This stayed like this until Finsternis finally deviated via a system Darkflame designed himself to build a bond between him and Finsternis. Darkflame describes Finsternis in what he calls his "early days" is depicted as, "He [Finsternis] hated people, he wanted to kill several people, constantly tried to manipulate me. As well as succeeding in getting me not to trust my family members, as well as lash out at them. Not to mention the thoughts he would cause me to have. As well as stealth-switching with me, and trying to move my limbs to attack someone." Another example is a friend of mine, Borealis and one of their two natural tulpas, Guang. Not too long ago, actually, Guang was incredibly sadistic and was generally in a bossy and negative mood. As how Borealis described Guang before they even discovered Tulpamancy goes as follows: "He's [Guang] tried to make me jump off of boats, dive headfirst into the canal, slam into walls, etc." This happened over the course of several years before Borealis even discovered they had natural tulpas to begin with. There is no possible way the placebo affect had any power here, as the two hosts listed didn't expect anything because they didn't even know tulpas even existed at the time. If you need more examples, there are more on my Tulpamancy Discord server that the majority of Tulpamancers there have natural tulpas, but these are just two examples for the sake of being concise. I already have evidence from my own server of at least a few of the studies Darkflame and I conducted, and I will have to organize them and have others test them out themselves to prove these claims. It's going to be a problem with how slow the community is right now, however. I may have people on my server test the claims and provide my findings here, but it may take time... Especially how some of the things that you pointed out that are "new" is difficult to prove unless you witnessed it for yourself-- especially observing hosts and their natural tulpas in a normal environment. I welcome anyone who'd like to conduct observations on my own Tulpamancy server to witness natural tulpas and the struggles both them and their hosts have to deal with during deviation, or I can also drag out excerpts from the server on a natural tulpa's progress on deviation. Either way, it is going to take a long time for Darkflame and I's studies studies to get noticed and evidenced, and I am fully aware of that. If anyone is willing, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could assist me in getting my work tested, or if they themselves or know others who are willing to help me get started in this community would be a great help! As in reality, I'm pretty lost on here and this is a massive change from where I was before I even published my guide on here. Change isn't my strongest point either.