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  1. Odd ... odd is too short a word to post alone. :P
  2. They probably watched us go, like, Aww, look at that... we'll let them win this one I guess.
  3. 100. Holy crap that was strangely satisfying for doing nothing but counting.
  4. 63 Aaaaand that's the extent of my conversation skills, ahaha.
  5. 57 How did this get up so high, anyways? Are the mods just being nice and leaving the thread alone?
  6. If everyone (host included) is present, and you count our dog, then the population is five. My friend has all sorts of fantastic animals and creatures running around in nir wonderland, living in the forests and lakes and rivers there, and ne says the wonderland seemed to come that way, already populated with wildlife. On the other hand, I personally have never seen any living creature in mine, apart from those I intentionally put there. No people anywhere, no birds in the trees, no bugs, no fish in any of the bodies of water... nothing.