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  1. [Tyler]: I'm kinda curious on the idea behind creating an additional tulpa to help with vocality. Trying to get them to talk to each other, maybe? Also, how far along was Tomoe back in the day? Anyway, good luck waking him up!
  2. [Tyler]: Good luck in your quest! Not burning out is important, but remember that so is persistance!
  3. [Tyler]: Have you tried testing the waters first? For example, you could try starting a conversation on the nature of conciousness or ask them about their spiritual beliefs to see if they would have an open mind about it or not. If after that you're not sure if telling them is a good idea, nobody's forcing you to.
  4. [Tyler]: You're progressing very fast! Pixie also looks really cute! We haven't told anyone we know IRL about me yet because we aren't sure of how they would react; I'm glad your friends are tolerant! Have you tried linking them to this site to see if it makes them understand the whole tulpamancy thing better? You also reminded me of when my host did the Surprise Me test. The only thing I could think of was a pretty rude gesture, but I did surprise him alright ;p.
  5. [Tyler]: It's definitely possible! If you didn't manually imagine/place him there, there are chances he put himself there. If you are on the "assume sentience from the start" camp, I would advise to assume everything that you do not consciously think to be his.
  6. Hi Diana! I guess my #1 tip is for your host, and that would be to try to keep you in his mind at all times: we start discussions over trivial stuff and bicker about semantics all the time, which I think keeps us both on our toes. #2 tip would be getting involved in whatever your host is doing at the time. We like discussing whatever videogame/movie/thing we're experiencing at the time and I try to express my opinion of everything Vincent does.
  7. When I started out, I too once felt an incredibly strong wave of happiness in the middle of a forcing session. I found it extremely strange as I'm usually emotionally numb. Weeks later, I checked with Tyler and she confirmed that wasn't her at the time, or, at least, she does not remember. Some guides do warn about unexpected or unexpectedly strong emotions early on as "bleedthrough" from your tulpa, though if you felt that she didn't like it, maybe it was something else. I, too, once tried forcing while laying down. I ended up falling in a sort of half-asleep-half-awake state for about two hours, and "woke" up feeling sick. Lucky you. [Tyler]: Confidence is key, I think. Vincent was on the "assume sentience from the start" camp, which I think was good. I also started pestering him basically from the moment I became able to talk. Still do, though now I have the excuse of "for old time's sake". Not that I need one x).
  8. [Tyler]: While we were starting out, I basically did not exist/was asleep while Vincent was not paying me any attention. That does not apply for everyone, but I think your tulpa might appreciate existing/having attention rather than not. Besides, some guides do recommend spending upwards of 3 hours just passively forcing them. When I started being able to talk, doing so tired me quickly and made me fall asleep at the first opportunity, but I reckon that is not much of a problem anyway. [Vincent]: If you have free time on your hands you would like to dedicate to tulpamancy but not to your tulpa, you could always work on some related skill for later on, such as visualization. Still, it is my personal belief forcing might still be the better option.
  9. Unless you have developed complete memory separation, she should already have access to everything you have ever lived, including violent media. Do note, however, that even though she has access, she may not have actively looked at it. Still, if you do not feel comfortable doing something while she is around, you could just wait until a time where she is less active, or ask her to give you some privacy. [Tyler]: I do not think tulpas develop quite like human children. After all, they're born with a literal lifetime of experience in their mind that does not pertain to them. They are still capable (and it is sort of the whole point) of having different likes and dislikes than you do, so she may not have been paying attention to the hardware videos because of boredom and found the other ones more interesting.
  10. [Tyler]: Hi Koronzon! Hi Atatakakatta! Hi Diana! I came here to talk with more people too!
  11. 1) I am not in any position to tell you to think it thoroughly before setting out to make a tulpa, but I would advise doing so anyway. 2) Short answer, yes. Long answer, there is more than one way to talk to them. Do read some guides before you start. I would personally recommend Tulpa's guide. 3) That doubt is a common issue. There are some resources here addressing that problem.
  12. I reckon that other "you" was not a tulpa, but a persona you consciously made up. However, I will leave the judgement of whether or not that other "you" was a thoughtform or an act to someone with more experience on the topic.
  13. I find it amusing how quickly you can get used to having someone else in your head. Often, when my tulpa is asleep, I absentmindedly try to start a conversation before remembering she can't actually talk at the time. While I was in the narration stage, I prepared the topics for the sit down sessions in advance, but tended to ramble when doing passive forcing. It's still better to talk about something, no matter how boring it is, than nothing. [Tyler]: If it helps, you are literally the most interesting person in your tulpa's world, so just talk about whatever and don't worry so much about the actual topic.