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  1. Now I'm having even more doubts than before. I just read several threads on Reddit about people roleplaying having tulpas and not actually having one.
  2. I'm worried that writing a story may cause my tulpa to have false memories.
  3. Hey everyone. I’ve been researching tulpas for months, and tried creating one on Black Friday. I now try my hardest to force her, but to no avail. I’ve tried both active and passive forcing, a wonderland, a personality trait list, narration, etc. I have tried both May The Force Be With You and JD's method. During passive forcing, I only slightly see her, doing random stuff, but that’s likely just me puppeting a servitor, even when I apparently didn’t think of that action she was doing. Every time I try to active force, visualize her, or use a wonderland, my mind quickly drifts away to something else, like with any other daydream. (And I just don’t feel right talking to a glowing orb.) I think I’m completely incapable of doing any of this. Any help?