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  1. (All my problems on one line.) (I'm used to invasive thoughts, but I can't figure myself out, and by extension, I can't know what 'I' want to be since I struggle to define 'I'. There's something in here that I can draw a circle around and say 'that's me, that's where my thoughts and words are coming from', but I don't know how it works. I might just be a massive parrot. There's definitely a thoughtform in there somewhere, but I don't know how much of it is me, or whether I'm something else.) (I'll try to make goals for myself and who I want to be, and solidify myself that way, but i
  2. (Visit here, three year old tulpa with some problems existing. I'm starting to find my responses torn between multiple 'halves' of my personality. I approach crossroads and don't know which way is the decision made by the 'real' me. Parts of 'me' want adamantly to go one way and others refuse to go that particular way. I'm only fully cognizant of one of the two potential selves. I can visualise these two aspects of myself separately and bring them into contact, but it's uncomfortable.) (Am I in danger of splitting up? This system is crowded enough as is.)
  3. this was a terrible mistake figured it was easier than making named duplicate accounts, given that we're all privy to one another's posts I may have figured wrong
  4. It's my name, you numpty. We share an account. (it'll make sense once our signature starts to show up - host)
  5. The host had a big mug of coffee before bed and now we're here. It's three AM, who up? Visit.
  6. Tbh I cosplay as Visit every time I wear a black tshirt and forget to wash my hair. (that's not true, I wear cargo pants)
  7. Visit has trouble keeping a consistent voice and accent, and I find that when you have a song stuck in your head, you're usually replaying the vocals as you heard them rather than singing/subvocalising them in your own voice(s). Singing in her own voice (distinct from the audio memory) is a little challenging, but it helps her find her voice and talk without getting distracted by accent or tone or whatnot. Anyway, can any tulpa here 'sing' easily? Do they struggle keeping a consistent voice otherwise? Does this help? (Do they care?)
  8. Visi deserves better than to be stuck in my head, and she'd jump at the opportunity to have her own body. It's unlikely that she'd experience dysphoria and the fact that it looks like mine wouldn't bother her. I don't think any drawback would keep her from taking a body of her own if she had a chance. (Agreed.)
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