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  1. Well I've stopped all imposing for about a half an hour now and the head pressures seem to already be mostly subsiding. I also had an insight. The head pressures I have are usually to the right, and Rena is usually to the right of me. I wonder if it was related, and it seems it may be. I moved her to my left, and I got a left head pressure, a historically difficult head pressure for her to cause. And when meditating, she is to my front, and I usually have front-center head pressures then. And when not imposing her, I sense her coming from inside or within me, and there is a faint middle center head pressure that is much more subtle than the normal ones. I also asked her to cause a head pressure while like that, and it was created in the same middle spot, so it seems the direction of the head pressure is related to where she is, and she just has the ability to make it happen or not to some degree. I see. I was wondering if you meant that. We've never tried head pressures by touch imposition around the head before. It seems for me just any kind of imposition is causing it. I wonder why that is. Edit: Meditation seems to still cause headpressures. Strange
  2. Ah okay. Thanks for the clarification. Do you mean any kind of touch imposition? Because that might explain why the head pressures get so strong during meditation, since she leans on my legs during that time.
  3. Oh. Yeah I almost constantly impose her, and impose her stronger while I meditate too. I've gotten so use to it I forgot the head pressures could be coming from that. I wonder why imposing makes it happen. I guess I need to stop imposing her for a while and see what happens. It will feel weird as I've never gone a day without doing so in recent memory. I don't know if they will just come back when I start again though. Hmm.
  4. Head pressures have been one of the main ways I sense the presence of my tulpa Rena, but she doesn't seem to have too direct of control over them. As a result, they can sometimes become tiring. It can get really bad whenever I meditate for some reason. I'll just have very powerful head pressures the entire time and I don't know why. Has anyone else ever have head pressures be problematic, and if so what do you do about it? It seems she just can't stop it.
  5. Once you recognize words it becomes not a problem anymore
  6. I still enjoy flying in dreams
  7. Dreaming is a double edge sword for me. I've had some awesome dreams filled with a variety of pleasant emotions, but I also can have terrible nightmares.
  8. Nice. Is always nice when that happens
  9. I've done my little bit of research and effort, and can't help but feel I still sound odd. Conscious effort in input can be good, and I guess sentence mining and reviewing can count as conscious memorization. I also did a lot of study of grammar early on myself though despite that I do feel it might have been unnecessary, I dunno I commend the people who learn dead languages as that seems like quite the feat. Sorry for slow and poor response, I've become taxed and tired. Best of luck in your language learning adventure. It is quite a rewarding one.
  10. I disagree that it is easy to hear new sounds in the beginning. Your mind cuts off it's ability to hear sounds outside of your native language so easily at a young age because they basically become junk, so in the beginning of learning a new language it will be heard incorrectly for a while. What a learner hears and what a native speaker hears will be quite different. And about it being unconscious, the prefrontal cortex doesn't control communication. I have forgotten what it was, but it is another part of the brain that stores language information and it does a lot of the mapping out for you as that is what it does. A lot of this also just depends on what your goals are. Phonology may be useful if one wants to learn several languages. Though if one wants to learn a single language to perfection, bunking up and doing mass immersion I feel is the best way.
  11. I did originally learn about it from Matt, yes. I am still practicing, though it has been turbulent due to unfortunate life circumstances and really deep seeded neuroses. I'm going through purification of stage 4, and have been stuck there for a while. If I were you, I would try to diagnose what was going wrong with your practice and try to correct it. I think your forcing practice will thank you for it. Though that's just my opinion
  12. I'd be careful about speaking too early unless you don't care about having an accent. I've already ruined my chances to sound natively japanese by doing so I presume. The majority of language acquisition is unconscious, so it is hard to consciously fix once a certain way of doing things has been instated
  13. Native speakers usually aren't good at teaching their own language, but they will know if you say something in a way no one would say it. When you produce on your own too early it is common to create and get use to odd phrasing. You can't just take your own language and put it through a mental grammar and vocabulary filter and have the foreign language pop out correctly. The foreign language will have their own ways of saying things that are very different. I think it is called collocations. For example, in english you might say "have you seen my phone?" but if you tried saying that in japanese the same way it wouldn't make sense. They literally say "do you know my phone?" instead, which sounds weird, but it is just how they say it, and you'd only know that if you have done a massive amount of input
  14. Hakonoou basically has said everything I would have said. I also recommend MIA Also it would take a native of the language you are trying to learn to tell you if you have formed bad habits