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  1. Great response, but I can't read it, staying out
  2. I have strong opinions, but I will not contribute.
  3. Last several pages of LOTPW pretty triggering
  4. Next time I walk next to it, maybe I'll take a picture
  5. There's a little frog statue next to a house I walk by when I take walks. It always reminds me of lucilyn.
  6. I appreciate Dragonball's ability to make me tear up no matter how many times I've seen it
  7. Yeah, Dragonball/z has a lot of wholesome slice of life like stuff in it too. I'm glad you could enjoy it so much and learn about it. I've watched dragonball and z in english a long time ago already, though now near the end of my first japanese watch through. There's a lot to appreciate if you can understand enough japanese to watch it raw
  8. Well I'm really glad you are enjoying it! The dragonball franchise is my favorite thing, so it's nice to see someone else enjoy it too
  9. Did somebody say dragon ball z?! lol I also love the great saiyaman saga, and goten and trunks are pretty adorable. I think you'll find they get more so as you continue through the buu saga, if you do
  10. I can get a big overwhelmed too
  11. Oh, well thanks for your reply. I'm glad my post was of a good size, then.