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  1. -prepares saber- you're too dangerous to be kept alive
  2. Are people allowed in just to view the conversation about it? I haven't been around for a while so I don't know context, but a conversation about parallel processing seems nice to know about.
  3. or they consume a lot of colloidial silver
  4. A 5 dimensional cube is a penteract, I guess. I coincidentally looked that up recently but I had to again since I forgot
  5. Well I had a fun dream. I was my little rp character I talked about some days ago, but in the real world I guess. I guess I got turned into her, by the creator I think. A pretty vivid dream where I could fly good, though I only went around 20-30 mph. Flying is always fun, especially when everything is so pretty. It was like twilight hours. The immediate vicinity around my house (where I started) was roughly the same with some minor differences, but further away I got the more different it was, and instead of heading to ugly city, there was a really large and beautiful river and country side with really pretty sky. The creator told me they would consider putting my master into the world if I behaved well enough. Before I took off flying too far though, I randomly shot one of my most power beam attacks at a pizza hut to see what would happen. I don't think anyone was there so I don't think I hurt anyone and I didn't intend to lol. I just wanted to see if I could do it and if it would work, and surprisingly it did. I not only vaporized the whole pizza hut, I did the entire surroundings too making huge crater/rut. This is kind of shocking to me because in pretty much all dreams I've ever had before that I can really remember, if I try to fire ki, it at most will be a pretty light that affects nothing, and even that is difficult and unreliable. So it seems something in my mind has changed somehow, maybe
  6. When I tried meditating sitting cross legged, I just did it on a hard floor. I also am skinny but not tall. My legs would fall asleep so badly. Maybe if I had a zafu it would work, but I'm used to a chair now. I use to be flexible but I got lazy and am losing it. I actually doubt I can do a full lotus at all now let alone a few seconds.
  7. I'm sorry I put that idea in your head. I do hope you have better luck soon. I don't really see my tulpa in dreams either, but I don't actively try to. I worry more about being able to interact with her properly in real life for now, I guess.
  8. I can't meditate sitting cross legged in any form without my legs falling asleep, and I'm not flexible enough to do full lotus for more than a few seconds. I just meditate sitting in a chair. My back use to hurt keeping it straight like that for so long, but it doesn't anymore. Thanks. It went... Well I feel like the Z fighters in this video I feel experienced just about everything there is to except for what I wanted to. I didn't learn anything about tulpamancy or myself, and I don't feel like any purifications happened. Tripping for me seems to be different than it is for others, and it also only lasted 3 hours again, though it felt like 12. I just had weird geometric patterns covering everything on and off, everything breathing/melting, and colors being weird. Later on I felt like I had multiple limbs/appendages in other dimensions, and closing my eyes saw some really strange creature/creatures that look like they were made out of universes or realities, or something. I also felt like my stream of conscious split/multiplied as I could think like 4-6 different things at the same time. I remember a lot of tesseracts. Also concept of pain or pleasure disappeared and became foreign for me. I don't know how to explain it exactly, but after reaching that point the fear or idea of a bad trip went away. Though yeah, shrooms for other people seem to be introspective. For me I felt like I didn't have a mind and there was a black hole covering everything I actually wanted to do or experience/learn. So it was a very strange and interesting experience, but I'm not sure I got anything out of it, unless it is unconscious and I haven't noticed it yet. At the beginning of the trip I felt very nice and like everything about me is okay, then in middle the concepts of good or bad went away, but after they came back and the trip ended, I felt very sad and like there is something wrong with me. There more that happened as well but it is difficult to explain and I'm not sure it is worth mentioning.
  9. Interesting Well friend gave me 3.75 grams of shrooms. Goodbye, everyone.
  10. Okay Christmas is official dead. Even the angel who came to train the mortals to defeat him died. No boy or girl will ever get a present again, naughty or nice.
  11. His power level when he doesn't have to pee.... is... too.... high.... I need to convince him to take mor egg nog. Or something. when did santa learn NINJUTSU AAGAGHWAEHJKTHAWKLEYTH;WLKYHALEKY Edit: Santa Black is dead. Santa is alive. It took an Angel from Heaven to defeat him, though. Can the team defeat Krampus and his minions?